Saturday 13 January 2018

18 Things for 2018

I don't really do New Years resolutions, for me I believe you should try and use each day the best you can and always be thinking about improving things and planning things. But that said, since I have had Lily it just doesn't seem to happen. The last year for me has gone in a flash, and although some great things have happened, I really don't feel like I did much. 

I was tagged by Hayley from Winging it with Two Boys to write this 18 things for 2018 post and I thought it would be a good idea to do it. This list for me isn't a new years resolution list but something that I can look back on throughout the year and try and have a reminder of things that I would like to get done. 

So here are 18 things I would like to try and do in 2018.

1. Go on more days out with Lily
Since being back in Burnley I must admit I have been less enthused than usual to go out and about. I think one reason is the colder and much wetter weather up here, and another that the transport just isn't as easy to use as the south. (and much more expencive). So we really haven't been for as many trips out as I would have liked. But this year i'm going to really try and make sure we do something at least once a week. Even if it just Soft Play which is round the corner. Im sure if I searched around there are plenty places for me to take her on days out.

2. Organise my time more
This sort of joins with the above. With organising my time more and making plans, it makes sure that me and Lily can go out more and do more things. 

3. Organise my income and work on getting more in
So it is coming up to that Tax deadline and as my first year of self employment and earning from the blog I have realised that I was totally unorganised with logging down all of my payments. This year I have already put systems in place that means that I don't have a big job on my hand at the end of the year. 

4. Do weekly stretch and pole fitness classes
Im super excited as Monday I attend my first stretch and pole fitness class. I have done pole fitness before and it is really good for you and tones you up great. But I haven't done it since having Lily and I do miss it. So it is something I plan on now doing weekly. I also joined a stretch class which I will be attending before it as I am getting older now and i'm not as flexible as I used to be. I think there is less chance of causing myself an injury if I stretch before hand too. 

5. Drink more water
I really really really need to do this one. I really don't drink enough. I actually hate the taste of water so rarely drink it and I know that is bad for me in so many ways. I did have a bottle which I used to put lemons in but that broke and since it broke I went back to not drinking the water. So first thing first is to get myself a new bottle!

6. Aim to have SOME early nights
This one is so much harder to do than it sounds. By the time I have put Lily to bed, eaten dinner and settle down I am never ready to have that early night. I stick on a film with my partner or start to binge watch a TV show and before you know it, it's 1am. I say get SOME early night as I do need some me time and sometimes nights are the only time to get it. But I really do need to try and have some nights where I get to sleep by at least 11.30pm. Which I know to some people is probably late but that is early for me. 

7. Take Lily Swimming 
I actually really enjoy swimming, but Lily isn't so keen so far. So this year I do really need to try and go more often. I said this last year and we went once!! Which is so bad. We have trampolining passes so maybe I will aim to do both that and swimming at least once or twice a month. 

8. Get rid of Lily's Dummy 
I realise this list isn't all about me and a lot about Lily but she is the main focus of my life right now and generally takes priority. She isn't going to like this one but at some point this year I need to get rid of the dummy. I am dreading it and she is really hooked on it. She only has it at night and maybe for an hour in the morning but then as soon as I take it from her in the morning there are tears. It is going to be a tough one. She is currently sleep walking and having night terrors at the moment though so I am going to wait a little while longer yet. 

9. Do some creative photo shoots
I really miss photographing people and the odd shoots I have done this year I have really enjoyed. I always enjoy taking photographs, even if they are just of Lily or some products. But this year I really want to shoot more and get some fashion shoots booked in and get creative in the studio. I found some great locations for shoots last year but then never shot at them. I must make more effort this year. 

10. Take a Photography Trip
This one is a long shot, with Lily being young I don't like to leave her to long. But would love to take a weekend somewhere and get some more street photography shot. Even if it is just somewhere in England. 

11. Start up my Photography Tutorial business 
This is something I have been thinking of starting properly for a while now. I have taught a few photographer friends in the past and so now i am thinking of doing it properly and making money from it. I have always loved teaching and the way I see it, there is more people trying to get into photography than there are photography jobs. I would offer private tutorials and do group sessions. Do location teaching and hire out my local studio. I need to get a facebook page started up for it asap. 

12. Organise some Events
I really miss working in events, before having Lily it was something I used to do often. Mostly organising fashion shows. I really enjoyed that job and haven't done it for years. But it is something I could easily do if I put the effort into it and I may start by doing a charity event. I did one a few years ago for the princes trust where I did a hair show in the streets to raise money. I will definitely be blogging about it if I do.

13. Do more baking

So I bought myself a Kitchen Aid Mixer a year ago and all it has done so far is sit in the corner looking beautiful. I can't use my old excuse of not having the room to bake but I just haven't given myself any time to bake recently. My first step is to buy my self a baking book that uses the kitchen aid to make things, so then I have no excuse but to use it. Hopefully I can share some of the things I bake on here with you. 

14. Spend more quality time with my partner 
Me and my partner don't often get the chance to go out. But that doesn't mean we can't spend quality time together. I want to try and get most of my work done early so then in the evenings I can spend time with him and watch a film. Although that being said, I would love for us to go to the cinema more often and so I may have to try and find more nights that the babysitter can come round. (What do you think mum?) 

15. See my family and friends more
I can't believe this year has flown and there are some friends and family I have only seen once. I really want to make more of an effort this year to meet up with friends and visit some of my family members more. Though I have this year loved being closer to my parents and seeing them more often. 

16. Walk up Pendle Hill 
This summer I am determined that I will head back up Pendle Hill. It is the hill that is quite nearby and is quite a climb. I do remember that last time I went up it I was tired half way up and I was much fitter back then. So I wonder how I will manage this year. Either way, I will make it to the top and bring back some lovely photographs for you. 

17. Treat myself more often
As I write this, I realise that I spend pretty much the year doing things for others. Mostly Lily. But I think it is important to do things for myself too and so I want to start to do exactly that. Starting with a well earned spa day! 

18. Start to think about Baby Number 2
About a year ago, I wasn't even sure I wanted a second one. I went from wanting 3 children to having one and not feeling like I wanted another. But I think that is just a case of not feeling ready. Well now I am starting to get the baby itch, starting to get a little broody and I want to start to think about when to give Lily a little brother or sister. I have just turned 31 and I always wanted to have my kids before I was 30. So as the number creeps up, so does the desire to have my next child. Exciting news, but don't get to excited just yet as it could be a little while before I am announcing any pregnancies. 

It was great to write this list and I look forward to keep reading it back to myself to encourage me to stick to what I have written. 

What is the one thing that you would like to do in 2018? 

I would now like to tag Jane from Hodge Podge Days and Rebecca from The Coastal Mummy to tell us 18 things they would like to do in 2018. 


  1. i'd love to save money, get really organised and finally start a business x

  2. Have a nice peaceful stable year. The last two have been frantic with my husband health. The bright light is our eldest son marriage and the new Grandson him and our DiL have given us

  3. Become more organised, and have some quality time with Loved Ones.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Saving properly for next Christmas will be on my list this year. It's great to do a list. I will also be working more hours in 2 weeks so I need to be more organised!

  5. Fab ideas for 2018. We are also doing as many days out as possible but as cheap as possible (so winning tickets and applying for free ones) which goes hand-in-hand with saving for a house deposit - off to a flying start for 2018. Hope you are too xx

  6. I would love to spend more time with my grandchildren!

  7. Sounds like you'll be busy. I love the idea of this list. I want to be fitter and healthier

  8. Go on more Days Out with Lily :- Seems like a good idea. Though obviously you will need to work around any other commitments, such as nursery, etc. You mention the weather, it can and does impact on opportunities, as in the Summer, a day in the park can be wonderful. Saddened to read that there are difficulties regarding the use of public transport. Maybe you could consider options :- plan for when opportunities may open up. Such as better weather. Family or friends maybe offering to assist, if they have a car and drive, know of any group trips, coach trips, etc. Best Wishes!

    Like yourself hopefully opportunities for us for days out, may increase as the weather improves.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Great ideas, I'm hoping to pass my driving test this week to be able to take my children on more days out when daddy is in work, you really should make sure you do the photography ones as you definitely have a skill there from your previous photo posts xxx

  10. Organise my time more :- Something I'd also like to do. Time seems to fly at times. Though with commitments, responsibilities, etc :- There is a need for a "go with the flow attitude". I always try to see to the priorities :- People, family and friends, etc. Though at busy times, there is always the need to ensure sufficient rest, relaxation, etc :- In an attempt to recover and recuperate.

    Some quality time is important for us all. Therefore there is a need to be aware. Avoid situations which can be over - tiring. Ensure others are considerate, supportive, etc rather than selfish, self - centred, etc. Reciprocation is considerate, kind, compassionate, and allows us to manage / cope, etc. Whereas those who are self centred, takers ( do not reciprocate, do not share, materialistic, etc) may just make use of others, which is really abuse / abusive.

    " Live and let Live" Kindness is healing, loving, compassionate, etc.

    Best Wishes with your aims /plans.

    Rachel Craig

  11. Finish my book. This is the year!