Saturday, 9 September 2017

Nuby's New Thirsty Kids Cup Review

Nuby have launched into action their new Thirsty kids Cup and we got to be one of the first to try it. 

They have a super new plan to defeat thirst and dry mouths by providing the world with this super new cup! 

Running with the theme of joining Captain Quench on his mission, along with the brand new cup, lily was sent a super hero outfit! 

And so we decided to head out to the park for some super hero action, keeping the thirst away by taking our new Thirsty Kids Cup with us. 

Lily thought that dressing up and running around was SUPER fun! But soon she got thirsty and to the rescue came the new cup! Lily has had no hesitations drinking from this cup unlike some she uses and she loved it straight away! It holds a great volume of water and so DR DRY is definetly defeated when it comes to this SUPER new cup!

The drinking cup we were sent was blue with pink and purple circles. It has a soft grip section around the middle and the rest of the cup is see through so then you can see how much they are drinking. 
You drink from the cup using the straw which has an extra thicker soft silicone spout to drink from. It also has a nice large handle so they can carry their cup. 

The clever thing about this cup is the way it closes so then it becomes non spill. You flip the lid down and it all closes up. This is easy to do and even Lily can do it herself. Then when you want the straw out again, you just click the button on the back, which again is really easy to press. The straw flips out to action really fast and you are ready to drink again.  

I have tried a lot of cups and bottles with Lily and this I must say is the best one we have had and my favourite. My two favourite features are the flip up action from the button and the fact that it holds a huge 360ml of liquid. 

These cups are aimed at children 18m+ and can be bought from the Nuby Website at £7.99

If you head to your closest Boots store they are currently selling them at a launching price of £5 and so if I was you then I would head down there asap and take advantage of this offer!!! 

Do you think your kids would be SUPER happy about a cup like this? 


  1. Fab superhero 😀 looks a great cup

  2. The launch price is great loveley review and the model is rather cute!!

  3. Really have a fab little superhero there with Lily!!
    The cups are great too

  4. I love this cup - perfect for your little superhero!

  5. They look really good, I thought my days of baby beakers were over after Megan, then I fell pregnant with 7 month old Mollie on the pill, I wouldn't change her for the world but it's mad how quick you forget everything you need for a baby xxx