Saturday 2 September 2017

Monthly Book Roundup - What We Have Been Reading in August

Its time for my monthly book round up again. Each month I write about new books that I have introduced to Lily at bedtime and what we think of them. We always read around 3 books a night and most nights we end up reading the same ones with a few odd ones read in between. I find reading the same books helps Lily relax and not get over excited at bedtime but she does grow fond of the stories each month and is happy when I pull out the stories she enjoys.

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Again we didn't have much of a theme this month, we have so many books on our book shelf to get through and so we are working our way through those. 

Here is this months selection. 

1. Tiny Tantrum by Caroline Crowe 
I won this book in a competition and as soon as I received it I thought perfect. Lily doesn't have tantrums much but she does have some. So I thought this was a great book to help Lily learn about not having to have tantrums. The story is about tiny who has ALOT of tantrums. But as soon as she has one, a monster comes out and teaches her that she doesn't need to have a tantrum. Though at the end the monsters end up having a tantrum and this time Tiny teaches them that they don't have to have tantrums. Its full of fun, jokes, rhymes and giggles and Lily really loved the monsters in it. I would definitely recommend this book if your child has tantrums. The book is not to short either and so is great for a bedtime story. You can buy this book on Amazon. 

2. Snow White - a Campbell Book 
This is a really great short version of snow white. It is also a book where you have to move the sliders to make things happen. As a lot of our books were long this time it was really nice to read this shorter version of snow white as a extra story. Lily is never happy with only one story at night time. Its not the best for bedtime, as they have to sit up to do it. But luckily Lily is at the age that after sitting up she will then lay down and go to sleep. Lily really loved some of the movements that snow white made in this. Her favourite was making snow quite go to sleep, and then wake up again. You can buy this book from stores such as WH Smiths. 

3. Tabby Mctat by Julia Donaldson 
You may have guessed by now that we are big Julia Donaldson fans. We have a huge collection of her books and pretty much each month read a new one. This book I picked up at a car boot sale. It was one I hadden't heard of before but I knew with our love for Julia Donaldson and Lily's love for cats that we would enjoy this one. I was right and this was our favourite book of the month. The story is about a Mctat and his life. He was a buskers cat, but one day the busker got hurt and they got separated. Mctat got a new life and eventually him and his cat wife had kittens. But he really missed the busker and had to go find him. In the end, his little boy kitten ended up becoming the buskers new cat so then Mctat could stay with his wife. The rhyming of this story is brilliant and it made it really enjoyable to read, if not a little difficult at first. It is quite a long story and so is a great one for bedtime. I really would recommend buying this book if you are a Julia Donaldson fan. You can pick this book up from most book stores. 

4. Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle 
When people think os Eric Carle, they generally think of the Hungry Caterpillar and dont realise he actually has more books than just that one. I was guilty of that. But actually he has quite a few books and Mister Seahorse is one of them. This wonderful story is about all the male fish in the sea that carry the eggs instead of the females. Mister Seahorse is looking after his eggs while he makes his way through the sea. On the way he meets lots of different types of fish carrying their eggs. He tells them all how much of a good job they are doing and carries on his way until his eggs hatch and his babies all make there way into the sea. I really enjoyed this story and I think its a great thing for children to learn that its not always the mother that is in charge of taking care of the eggs and babies. This hardback version of the book we have also has pages of acetate that has plants on and when you turn the acetate it reveals a fish underneath. This was a great addition to the book which Lily loves. I bought this story from a car book sale but you can pick it up on amazon or order it in at any highstreet book store. 

Which of the books do you like the sound of? 


  1. We have tabby mctat it's a great book

  2. Mister Seahorse. Seems a great book for youngsters and families.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Tabby Mctat sounds great. We do love animals /pets, so likely to enjoy reading the book.

    Rachel Craig

  4. we love Tabby McTat!, i have to confess i didnt realise eric carle had written anymore books, i will definetly look out for this!

  5. Shameful I know but Ive not read taby cat or mister seahorse. We have the alice in wonderland book in the same series as this snow white one.

  6. Megan loves seahorses so she would love us to read mister seahorse xx