Thursday 21 September 2017

Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers House Review

Lily's only recently discovered her love for Disney and therefor her love for Minnie and Micky mouse. Minnie mouse is often her go to teddy that she spends most nights cuddling up to and so I knew that she was going to love the Minnie mouse Happy Helpers House that we were getting sent from IMC Toys to review.

I was just as excited for this toy as I was to give it to Lily. On the box it looked amazing! 

But as soon as I opened it, my heart dropped a little at how much construction was needed to put it together. My partner (who happened to be the one who got given the job to build it) laughed and said that you may need to be a qualified construction worker to build it. It really did take some time to put together and my partner who IS NOT a construction worker did manage to do it in the end. But I would recommend putting it together when your child is not around as it does take some time. The second thing to take time is the amount of stickers that need to be stuck on. I did this job and it took me ages BUT it did look amazing when finished. 

The next morning I gave it to Lily and she was amazed at it. The first thing she said was "its so pretty" and she is right, the house really is pretty. It also has so many play options. There is the bedroom that comes with 2 beds. A living room with Tv and sofa, a kitchen with opening drawer and stove top, and an office room on the bottom floor with 2 office tables. The main doors open up and close and then there is the lift that needs 2 AAA batteries to make it light up and make noise when a character is placed inside. 

It also comes with wardrobe, and vanity table and over 20 accessories. Then of corse it wouldn't be much of a play house with out some characters. So there is a Minnie and Daisy duck included. Both of these characters bend so they can sit on the chairs that are in the house. 

Lily has really enjoyed playing with this toy. Her favourite thing to do was put them in the lift and make them go upstairs to bed. This toy leads to your child using such imagination when playing with the characters. Lily had some full on conversations happening with the figures. 

If your child is a disney fan then I would really recommend this toy for them. 

You can buy the Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers House at Amazon, Argos and many other stores for £49.99.  

Is your child a disney fan? Would they love the Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers House? 


  1. Yes, absolutely.

    Rachel Craig

  2. This is lovely. My daughter loves anything Minnie/Mickey!

  3. My daughter loves Disney and she would love this

  4. I have yet to meet a child who is not a Disney fan. The bow on top of this pretty house really sets it off. Lovely.

  5. Looks fun. We love Disney

  6. So cute know a little girl who will love this

  7. Yes my Megan absolutely loves Disney from Minnie mouse to frozen to moana to toy story xXx

  8. This is very cute. My youngest niece would love it. I would have to build before showing it to her, though. She can be very impatient.

  9. How cute is this, this would be a great gift idea for my best friend's 2 year old.