Friday 8 September 2017

Lily asking Why?

When they are babbling, and making no sense. You really can't wait for them to be able to talk. Oh the wonderful conversations you will have, and hearing your child learn new words is just brilliant, then there are the times they make you laugh by coming out with something funny.

I couldn't wait for Lily to talk, but there was one part of talking I really wasn't ready for. That is the one little simple question WHY? 

It is currently Lily's favourite thing to ask at the moment. It also seems that no matter how many times I answer the question she still asks... WHY?

This is how a conversation would go... 

Lily - Where's the train? 
Me - Its on its way? 
Lily - Why?
Me - Because its going to come and pick us up

Lily - Why? 
Me - So we can go out for the day?
Lily - Why?
Me - Because it will be fun

Lily - Why?

I must admit I do find it funny but sometimes she is asking why for things I really can't answer any more than I already have. 

I think in the future I may ask her WHY back and see what she thinks. 

Did your child go through this stage? 


  1. Yeah definately they asked why constantly. 😀

  2. My daughter goes through this - I just start ignoring her! :P

  3. All the TIME!!!
    It can wear you down! But I just answer and if I don't know I say so!

  4. I love this stage, the best answer is why do you think? It either stumps them for an answer or gets them thinking why for themselves xxx