Wednesday 20 September 2017

Getting Prepared for Autumn with Children

It's the start of Autumn, one of my favourite seasons. I can already feel the weather getting cooler. But that means that soon to come will be the crunchy colourful leaves and it will be time to get out and go for some nice long Autumn walks.

So I thought it would be great to make a list of all those clothing essentials for Children that are going to be perfect for Autumn time. 

1. A Nice Warm Jumper/Cardigan 
If your anything like me, the first thought of cold weather and Im super excited to get into a nice warm jumper. The thought of getting to pick out Lily some super cute jumpers really excites me. You also may be like me and your child still have lots of wear in some t-shirts and so a nice fasten up cardigan would be perfect to put on over the top of them to keep them warm.You have plenty of choice of styles from half buttoned up cardigans to hoodies. This one from Esprit is perfect as it is fully buttoned at the front, is made from a soft fleece, has cute little pockets and a hood which is perfect for those Autumn walks. 

2. A Warm Coat
Usually a warm coat is something that lasts quite a while, also something that is needed for quite a while. Lily is starting to grow out of hers and so I shall be looking into getting a new one for her soon. Something I definetly will be thinking about is how waterproof the coat is. It rains a lot here and its very easy to get caught out in it. Lily also loves having pockets in her coat, she loves to collect things on her outings and pop them into her pockets. 

3. Hat, Gloves and Scarf
These may be something you use nearer the end of Autumn but that all depends on where you live. Living in Lancashire you find that we get a lot of cold days in autumn and there may be days where it can get really cold. I love nothing more than a brisk cold walk on the beach in autumn and a hat is definetly needed to protect the ears of our little ones. I usually buy a variety of hats, you can start with something a little thinner and then by the end of Autumn start using a nice thick one. Gloves are great for days out collecting things, after a while of carrying a bucket and picking up things like leaves, little fingers are sure to get cold. Then scarfs, there are so many varieties now, from long scarfs, short scarfs, snoods, bandana scarfs. As well as providing warmth, these are also the perfect Autumn accessory to make any kids outfit look stylish. 

4. Thicker Pyjamas 
As the days get colder, so will the nights. Its time to put away all those cute short Pyjamas and opt for some ones that are long sleeved and long legged. You could also add extra blankets to help keep your child warm at night but I find that Lily kicks her blankets off so much that some warmer Pyjamas are essential. 

5. Warmer Footwear
Wether it be for long walks, muddy walks, or even a day out to the shops, warmer footwear is now going to be something i'm looking at. I feel like Lily's summer sandals hardly got worn and so i'm feeling like I still want to put her in them, but looks like I need to ditch them and replacement with a pair of warm trainers, boots or even wellies for the wet days. 

It looks like I better get shopping soon!

What Essentials will you be buying for Autumn? 

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  1. We've already bough their autumn/winter coats from Zara and their wellies from Next but will need to buy new gloves, scarves and hats

  2. We need to get new costs and winter boots ��

  3. Will be looking out for some practical and warm anoraks. As Autumn can be wet and windy.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I will be getting a hat, gloves and socks

  5. We always invest in a winter coat
    and wellies

  6. Yes it is definitely time for shopping. I find buying footwear for the children less fun than buying other clothing.

  7. Autumn looks as if it has landed today here in the south - pouring with rain and leaves falling off the trees in cascades. It is definitely time for autumn shopping! Thank you for your hints.

  8. Really like the red anorak shown in the above picture.

    Rachel Craig

  9. I get my five year old daughter a waterproof all in one every year otherwise she gets drenched on the school run, it also keeps her uniform clean as she loves waking through the grass and puddles xXx