Saturday 19 August 2017

Review - Learn my ABC by Oskar & Ellen

Lily is now getting to the age where she is starting to learn her ABC's. She currently only recognises A, but she has started to recite the Alphabet and says A,B,C,D. 

When I got the chance to review a toy from the One Hundred Toys Store. I decided that I would love to help Lily with her Alphabet and so chose this Learn my ABC handmade material book from Oskar and Ellen. 

From looking at it on the website, the thing that stood out to me the most was how it opens up and then can be hung up so she can see the alphabet at all times. I also really loved how there was little animals in the pockets which would help Lily to relate the first letter of the animal with the letter she can see on the book. 

When it arrived I was really impressed with the quality. It is really soft and also quite big to say it is handmade. It comes all closed up really neatly like a book and has Learn My ABC hand sewn into it. The colours are also very vibrant. It is closed up by little velcro straps at the top of it. 

As I opened it up the first thing that stood out was how beautiful it was. Each little pocket was a different colour with an animal sewn on the font and a letter. It was all sewn so neatly and up to such a hugh standard. Inside some of the pockets were little animals. These are also created beautifully and were very colourful. They also squeaked when you pressed them. I was a little disappointed to only find 7 animals out of 26 as It would have been nice to have an animal for each so Lily could learn all the alphabet a little better through relating the animals to the letters. But at least there are animals sewn on the front of each letter too. 

Lily started quite interested in the toy, and started to pull the little animals out. But she actually got a little frustrated because the animals were attached to a ribbon and so couldn't be fully pulled out. I think this is perfect for if you have a smaller child more around the age of 18 months, as then they don't get lost and the animal stays with its letter. But for Lily I think it would have been better if she could have fully pulled them out. She did enjoy pointing out the different animals to me and when she did point them out I showed her the letter and said "Yes, L for Lion".

Apart from when I have encouraged Lily to play with the book and we have gone through the letters toggether and animals, she hasn't really taken a huge amount of interest in it. The toy is recommended for children aged 18 to 24 months and so I think Lily may have liked it more when she was younger. But it is up in her bedroom so she can see it, so hopefully she looks upon it and starts to see the alphabet more.

For the benefits of Learning this toy is great. For a child aged 18-24 months its a great way for them to start seeing and recognising the alphabet and the bright colours will encourage them to want to do this. Then when they are a little bit older they should already be recognising some oh the Alphabet. I wish I would of had this a year or so a go when Lily was between the age 18-24 months. 

Over all this is a really special kind of toy and with the quality of it it really will be able to be something you can keep and then pass down. It also makes a beautiful gift that any parent would love to see their child receive. 

This ABC book costs £35.95 and can be bought from Oskar and Ellen section of The One Hundred Toys website. 

Do you think this would help your child and their ABC's? 


  1. It's quite cute and clever. But I do know that some schools don't like them learning the letter names. They prefer them learning the sounds to make phonics and reading easier. Might be worth asking her nursery about what your area does. Or introduce the sounds along with the names. And don't worry if she's not interested. The EYFS doesn't even really mention letter recognition until Reception or late Foundation.

    1. But, at the same time, our 2 year old children like to sing the ABC song, so go with her interests.

  2. Love the little animals so interactive

  3. It's fab I def think it would. Fun way to learn

  4. I love this and what a super way to learn the alphabet - such fun!

  5. This looks perfect for any young child learning their A, B,Cs.

  6. Love this! Looks classy as well as being educational - would look amazing in any play room or nursery x

  7. Aren't they BEAUTIES
    PERFECT to make learning fun

  8. I think the book would help children to learn their A, B, C's. Though as you say the age guidance seems appropriate. Using it at a young age would interest the child, and provide long term use of the toy. It is also very pretty, as so colourful.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Awww its so cute,I have to get one for my girls xxx