Tuesday 29 August 2017

Mummy and Me - August

I have no idea where August has gone. Its meant to be the summer weeks of fun and I had planned to take Lily out lots of places but its seems that august just came and went and we really didn't get many non rainy days to do anything. 

I actually think back to most of August and apart from swimming, and trips to the park, and soft play houses, there hasn't really been to much excitement.

I am kind of glad it is the end of the month so I can start a fresh and hopefully have a much more exciting time in September.

So as for mummy and me pictures. I haven't really got one this month. Which is really sad. I have taken many pictures of Lily having her fun, but there was no real opportunity to take pictures of us toggether. Not that Lily has really wanted to pose with me lately. Every time I point a camera in her direction I have to catch her in the right mood to get the photograph. 

We do have plenty of mother and daughter moments though, I do love story time at night when she is loving giving me big kisses and cuddles and its all calm. 

So this months photograph kind of sums up this month... nothing special. I wanted to get a nice picture of us enjoying story time but she wasn't having any of it.
Technically Lily is in this mummy and me photograph, just she is hidden under the blanket. 

Fingers crossed to a better September. 


  1. Lily being camera shy, maybe she was also tired. Best Wishes!

    Rachel Craig

  2. I think I need to take more photos, looking back I only have one photo with my Son and me on. I have having my photo taken but I think he will have nothing to look back on if I never take any

  3. Might sum up this month nut look at all of your wonderful pictures
    Next month you'll have loads

  4. Was she asleep at night with the covers over her? That'd give me a fright haha. Here's to a better September #MummyandMe

  5. It's kind of nice to have the easy months. I've been working, so it hasn't been much different.

  6. I know how you feel, I had loads of plans with the kids this summer but not managed to get much done, time just flies by and stuff just gets in the way!

  7. I'm really rubbish at getting photos of me with the kids!

  8. I wonder how your Mummy and Me will be for September. Would Lily be more accepting of someone taking a photo of you both as she is playing with a new toy, exploring the play park etc.

    Rachel craig

  9. It must be a girl thing, Megan will take selfies on her tablet, vtech camera and my phone but if I want to take a photo of her she pouts or hides, my son is the same too xxx