Wednesday 16 August 2017

Mid Month More about Me - August

This month I have been treating myself a little and decided to buy myself lots of new makeup. I am not a huge make up wearing and to tend to stick to the same products. But lately finding myself more adventurous and trying new things. For example I have only just started to darken my eye brows. 

I probably wear makeup about once a week. I am really not one of those people who can't leave the house without it. Firstly, I am no expert when it comes to makeup. I have no clue about what suits me, and i'm really no good at putting it on. Times when I have tried to put on more makeup than usual, I end up looking like a clown and removing it all again. Secondly, I feel claustrophobic with too much make up on, I love letting my skin be able to breathe and so that is another reason I hardly ever wear makeup. I must say though. I hardly ever get spots or greasy skin or dry skin and I put this down to the fact that I don't wear much makeup. 

So I thought I would let you take a look into my make up bag today, to see what a mum who keeps her makeup basic uses. 

Firstly lets talk about concealer. I barely wear any. In fact the only brand I use is MUA and it is very cheap and does the job good enough for my skin. As I said, I don't get spots so I don't really need to cover up to much. 

Next is eye shadow. I usually use a lot of bronzes and golds and reds. I do have a pink that I like which is MAC and that is a dark pink with a shimmer appearance to it. Lately I got sent this palette from Urban Decay which is perfect for me. It has all the colours that I would wear, the one I have been using the most so far is called Dirty Talk. It does go on a lot lighter than I thought it would though, so I sometimes also apply Ember with it. 

Next up its Eyelashes, Eye Liner and Eye Brows. 

I have been using the same Eye Liner pencils for ages and always get them from Avon. My mum works for them so they are easy for her to get them me. I usually use these glimmer stick type ones. They are a lot easier than having to sharpen a pencil all the time and seen as I don't wear makeup often, they do last a while. Mascara I am really not to fussy with. My eyelashes are tiny and so I have never really found that Mascara does much for me. I am currently liking this GOSH one though. Eye brows as I said before I have only just started doing. I hardly have eyebrows as they are very blonde so the first one I tried ended up looking to dark for me, but then I have settled on this benefit one which seems to do a good job. 

Now for Lips. I don't often wear lipstick, BUT I buy lipstick a lot. I seem to have a slight weakness for buying red lipsticks mostly. I am actually on the hunt for a really deep dark red and I have still not found one dark enough. So I actually do own more lipsticks than in the photograph below, and as you can see, some I have never even used. The one I use the most ends up being my Max Factor Matte one, (third from the left) or my Shiseido one. 

That is about it for what I would apply makeup wise. So the last thing is taking my makeup off. I used to go to The Bodyshop and buy expensive facial wipes to remove my makeup. I loved them because they were so refreshing to clear my makeup off with. But £6 a pack was a little to expensive and so I spotted these in Home Bargains for £1 a pack. I have never looked back. They are so refreshing, take off all your makeup and leave your skin feeling great after. 

So that is my usual makeup look and products I use. 

What are your Go To make up products? 


  1. I usually wear a little makeup for work. I think my foundation is causing spots (and doesn't look right), so I'm trying a light powder with a bit of concealer. I do like having something on my lips, usually a berry shade. You're being so daring with your makeup.

  2. I hardly ever wear any; maybe on a special night out. I too have no clue! but I do love what you have......

  3. I don't wear make up often unless its parents evening or a night out which are also rare, but when I do I like quality like these xXx

  4. I don't wear much, but I won't leave the house without a little makeup on.

  5. Very light makeup user unless I'm off partying
    Love no 7 as I it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin

  6. I love my estee lauder foundation and mascara