Wednesday 9 August 2017

Hatchimals Glittering Gardens Review

We are already a fan of the Hatchimals in this family with having seen them on the Tv over and over again last Christmas, seeing them in the shops and also hearing every child asking for one. So when I found out we were getting a very special new Glitter Hatchimal I was very excited. I couldn't wait to show Lily and knew that she was going to love it. 

The Hatchimal Glitter are very simular to the normal Hatchimal, only the egg glitters and the Hatchimal has a new sparkly design. 

The Hatchimal arrived and in the box it felt like I was holding a huge easter egg. Only the cute picture of 2 eyes staring back at you on the front of the box showed me it was definitely not chocolate inside. 

The exciting thing about Hatchimals is that you don't know what you are going to be hatching. The Hatchimals come in different colours and so it is a total surprise who comes out of the egg. 

The egg itself I love. It really does feel like a real egg. You almost feel like you need to be careful with it incase it breaks and your mother instincts take over as you hold it gently and cary it slowly. As soon as I got it out of the box, you can see 2 eyes light up from inside that shine through the egg shell. 

Lily adored the egg. She knew there was something special inside that she had to take care of and she started to look after the egg. She gave it cuddles, stroked it and somehow even knew to keep it warm and put it under the covers in the bed with her. It was really sweet to watch. You can hear the Hatchimal makes noises inside the egg to tell you what it wants and you also have to look at the colour of its eyes as each colour means a different thing. 

The Hatchimal is meant to start hatching after you have given it enough care. It is meant to take around 15-20 minutes before it will start to hatch. But it felt a little more like 10 minutes to me. Maybe because we were enjoying it so much. All of a sudden a tune started to play and you could hear something was about to happen. 

All of a sudden you start to see a little shell break and hear a loud tap. The Hatchimal is rotating in its egg and bashing its beak against it to hatch out. The cracks all start small but soon bits of shell are flying out everywhere and you start to see what colour the Hatchimal is as well as see its little beak poking through the shell. I have actually only just stopped finding bits of shell on my floor. I will admit there was lots of shell mess everywhere during this, but thats all part of the fun of it.

Soon the Hatchimal has broken the shell enough for you to help and pull the top off the shell revealing who was inside. Ours was a little purple Hatchimal. It looked so cute sat in its egg with its head poking out. The instructions tell you clearly when he is ready to be removed from the shell and he plays a tune to let you know. You then need to grip your Hatchimal strongly and give it a really big tug. I was frightened of breaking it, but don't worry. You won't. Just pull! 

The hatching part really was exciting. I felt like I wished it would have lasted longer as I think the taking care of an egg and letting it hatch is the thing that makes Hatchimals stand out and different to other toys. But maybe a child may have felt differently as they don't have as much patience. Now that part was all done. It was time to play with out new little friend. 

Lily calls it her Baby Owl. She obviously see's resemblance's to them. I think it looks more like a baby dragon. It really is adorably cute and the little sparkles do add a really nice touch. Lily got straight involved with playing with her Hatchimal. It was really sweet to watch her take care of it. Although Lily is only nearly 3 years old. She seemed to know what was wrong with the Hatchimal by the noises it makes. For example when its cold it makes a brrrr noise and so Lily gives it a big cuddle. Another way to be able to tell what is wrong with your Hatchimal is by looking at the colour of its eyes. There is a manual that tells you what each colour means and what to do to make the Hatchimal feel better. For example, rub its head. 

Eventually the more and more you play with your Hatchimal it moves onto the next level from Baby, to Toddler, to Kid. We have managed to play enough to get it to toddler level and we knew it had reached this stage as it sang happy birthday to itself. Through out the levels it does so many cute things. Sneezes when its poorly, says Weeeee if you move it around fast, sings and dances to music that it plays itself, and also says I love you. Im sure to expect much more at the next level. 

This toy is lovely and such a great idea for helping children learn how to nurture and care for something. Its super fun and It definetly has brought delight to Lily. In fact she has been taking it to bed with her each night, although I insist it has to sit at the end of her bed as its to hard bodied to cuddle. 

Hopefully Lily will carry on to love her Hatchimal. If your child has been asking for one. I don't think they will be disappointed and make sure you check out the new Glittering Garden Series of them.  

What do you think your child would love about the Hatchimals? 


  1. My daughter Megan would love one of these but the price is absolutely ridiculous for what it actually is xxx

  2. I haven't bought one ye but looks good

  3. I think my daughter would enjoy how glittery it is. I honestly think it seems like it would get annoying (but I never had a Tamagotchi,so the appeal might be lost on me). I will say that Lily looks so sweet interacting with it.

  4. My daughter would love the build up

  5. Awww your taking really good care of her new baby Hatchimal, I love all the photos.

  6. My daughter is too young to ask for this

  7. This is amazing, reminds me of those dinosaur eggs you put in water and they grew.

  8. Very cool. My kids would like the build up to it cracking

  9. Very cool. My kids would like the build up to it cracking