Tuesday 8 August 2017

Flip Out Blackburn

Last week Lily and I got to attend the opening event at Flip Out Blackburn. We were going to be one of the first to try it out and we were very excited. 

Flip out Blackburn is one of Lancashire's largest trampoline parks which has 140 interconnected trampolines. It also has the world largest stunt box area and the best ninja warrior course. If that is not enough, it also has the only Lazer Maze area in the North West. 

When we got there we were both given some bright green socks with grip to go bouncing in and then shown a video with some rules. The level of safety regulations in the park is quite high which is a good thing that I hope continues throughout their opening. Children are told to only jump on their own trampoline and not one that other children are jumping on and that also not to try and do tricks they are not able to do.
We also had to sign a waver which practically said we were entering and jumping at our own risk. Sounds a little scary but I guess if you do plan to go, you need to be prepared that accidents happen and so take care of yourself and your children. It does state that under 5's need to be supervised by an adult and in my personal opinion I think this should be higher and at least the age of 7. 5 and 6 years olds are still too young to keep in mind the rules when having fun and may need to be told at times. There was a few times when bouncing that an older child came a little bit to close to Lily's trampoline and jumped on the same one she was on. 

There are then some lockers to put your things in. Don't do what I did and not take anywhere to place the key. Preferably you would need to wear clothing that pockets zip up to keep your key nice and safe. 

When we got in there I was very impressed with the size and Lily headed straight to the smaller trampolines which are for under 7's to get jumping. There really is so much space and so many other things to do their that haven't been mentioned. Like the football pitch with a trampoline in front of the goal. The basket ball hoops with trampolines next to them and the warrior walls with foam pits to knock your contender into. 
There is also a DJ booth which was playing really funky music and the place is decorated so colourful and funky. Also if you need to take a break there is a cafe which has a balcony where you can over look the trampolines. 

Lily had so much fun. She was bouncing from one trampoline to another. As there wasn't many children at this event, there was loads of space for her to move around. At one point she was the only ones on the big trampolines. She just loved chucking herself into the foam pit and spent so much time throwing them around, burying herself and trying to crawl through them. 

Even I enjoyed myself this day. I haven't jumped on a trampoline since I was a kid and so I was having so much fun bouncing after Lily and we both were at one point on separate trampolines having a really good bounce at the same time. 

We didn't try the Laser maze or the Ninja course as Lily is a little bit too small for those areas yet but I hope to back with my partner and would love to give it a go. (and most likely fail) haha

Overall we had such a great day out and I will definetly be taking Lily back there again. 

To find out more about the Flip Out Park in Blackburn or to book tickets, head to the Flip Out Website. 

Would your child enjoy a place like this? 


  1. I think most children would enjoy Flip Out. I believe that there are other Flip Out's at various venues. Great that you both had a good and safe day out.

    Rachel Craig

  2. It looks like Lily is having a wonderful time, my son loves our local trampoline park, I have to tasks Megan soon she would love it xxx

  3. This looks so fun. My daughter would love it. I'd love to see what the ninja warrior course looks like.

  4. My nieces said they had the time of THEIR lives at flip out Blackburn
    They want to go again
    my 3 nephews are going Friday night for part of their dad's birthday treat! They've paid for him to go!
    They are clever pretending it's all about dad ! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  5. My daughter went to a birthday party at somewhere similar, I think trampolining parks are a great idea, great form of exercise