Saturday 1 July 2017

Num Noms Series 3 Starter Packs Review

I think Lily and I are a little addicted to Num Noms. They are so collectable and the wonderful range of scents and cuteness of them makes you want to collect them all. 

So knowing how much Lily and I love them, Num Noms sent us 2 starter packs from series 3 to review. 

We got sent Glazed Donuts and Fresh Fruits.

Lily was so excited to be receiving more Num Noms for her collection and shouted out NUM NOMS at the top of her voice and ran to get them from me. She wanted them opened straight away and also wanted to take them out of the packet herself.

We started with the fresh fruit set. Inside was a fruit tray, a folk, 3 num noms and an eraser. The 3 fruit flavours are Melon, Banana and Strawberry. You can smell these as soon as the packet is open and they smell great!!! But to get an even better smell of them you just have to put them to your nose and give them a good sniff. The wonderful thing about Num Noms is you can collect them all to make wonderful flavours. They also stack on top of each other inside the fruit tub.

I just love the colours of this pack. The blues and pinks and yellows are so vibrant and there little faces so cute. If you have never held a Num Nom before then you will just love the soft plastic they are made from. They feel all squishy in your hand.

After Lily had smelt all the fruits ones she then opened the second pack which was the glazed doughnuts. 

Inside this pack was a cup (for dunking your Num Nom doughnuts in), some tongues, 3 Num Noms and a stamp. The doughnut ones smell so good and 2 out of the 3 really smell doughnutty. One is very over powered by the strawberry icing that is on the num noms head but it still smells great. They are so much fun to stack on top of each other. The little stamp is lovely with a white dusting on top. You take the little lid from the bottom and it stamps out orange doughnut shapes. Which also smell like doughnuts when you sniff the paper!!! Lily really loves going stamp crazy with these stamps.

Lily really enjoyed trying to lift the doughnuts with the tongues and place them in the cup. She would also offer them around to me and her daddy and ask us to sniff them and then sniff them herself. Its great that she now knows what to do with Num Noms and understands that they all smell different.

We are so happy to be adding this bunch of Num Noms to our collection and can't wait to expand the collection even more. 

You can see more about Num Noms here on the Num Nom website and also buy them in most toy stores. The starter packs retail for £8.99

Are you a fan of Num Noms? Which flavours are your favourite? 


  1. We love all the num noms doughnutty is our favourite

  2. I'm fascinated by num noms :)

  3. My niece would love these. They are very cute

  4. I think they are cute and very collectable! Also, having the different scent makes them great for mystery game play.

  5. We love num noms - can't get enough of them in our house :D:D

  6. My granddaughter would love to play with these but with so many to choose from I am not sure where to start!