Wednesday 12 July 2017

Mid Month More About Me - July - Places I would Love to Go

As your reading this I'm away on holiday. This is the wonderful view from my window of the flat we are staying. I took this photograph quite a few years ago now on a lovely family holiday there and now we are back! I just love taking my holidays in Weymouth but there are some other places I would like to visit and like to take a holiday or travel to. 
So I thought for my mid month more about me post I would tell you all about the places I would love to go. 

1. Italy

Top of my list is Italy. Italy is definitely a big place and there are a few places I would love to go and see. But the top of my list is Rome and Pompeii. I just love my history and so to go and see the colosseum would be amazing. Then to see the huge volcano in Pompeii that over shadows the town that was ruined and where the casts of people trying to escape the volcano eruption still remain. I know I would definetly have my pick of history there and also a wonderful choice of amazing buildings and structures there to photograph. 
Another thing that makes Italy at the top of my list is how beautiful some of the areas are. There are so many landscapes to see when you get out of the city and also some beautiful beaches if you head to the shore. 
Last on my list would be the food. Im a huge italian food fan and so would so love to be eating italian food in Italy itself. Then for dessert of corse I must try some ice cream. I think that will be Lily's favourite part for sure. 

2. Egypt 

I have heard some bad rep about going on holiday in Egypt but I still think that it is one of the places I would love to go more than ever. Growing up, Egyptology always interested me and I have been fascinated with things like the pyramids and the huge statues and buildings and palaces that the Egyptians used to build. After seeing so many photographs I think that its somewhere that I would just love to be myself, to take in the scale and size and think back to all of the history that happened there. 
I would also head to the main Egyptian museum there. The Egyptian parts of Museums has always been my favourite part of most museums and so I would love to see what amazing artefacts they have on show. 
Out of all buildings, the one I would love to see the most is Aby Simbel. It has 4 large statues of Ramses II sat out side the front and I love how it is just a door way in a big mound of rock. It is one building I have always loved the story off and is a must see for me. 

3. Barcelona 

I really do love a good city to walk around. Especially one that has plenty of old and new. Barcelona isn't to far to get to so it definetly needs to be on my list of places to go. As you know I do love taking photographs and I think that this is one place I would love to take photographs of. I would probably class this more as traveling than a holiday. I really love the look of the buildings there. One that I have always loved the look of is the La Sagrada Familier which is such a huge and strange looking building. 
Barcelona is also well known for its medieval streets and colourful architecture and walls. I think this may be the next place I will head for a week of photography. 

4. Greece 

Sun, Sea and Sand is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of greece. The beautiful beaches and views on the shore just look so inviting. I must admit that the sea always looks so blue in pictures and also so tranquil. I really do need a relaxing holiday and this is one place I would love to go for one. But again of corse there is the history that I would like to explore, and you can see amazing things like the Epidaurus Theater. I don't think I could sit back on a beach for the entire week and not explore. As well as down by the shores, greece has some lovely high places that you can enjoy a nice walk to. Exploring some of the rocky hills and seeing the views is something I have always wanted to do and not even my fear of heights would stop me. 
Food is another thing that interests me about Greece. One type of food that I haven't really tried is greek food and so I would be really interested to see what is on the menu's at some of the restaurants there. 

5. Iceland 

So we have gone from hot to cold. Can't get much colder than iceland. But I would love to spend some time there. I love the idea of being all snug indoors looking out of where i'm staying knowing its cold outside. It gives you that extra cosy feeling. There is lots of great places to visit with again amazing landscapes with waterfalls and ice. I do love a nice walk, the bigger the better and walking keeps you warm. If I ever do make it to Iceland, the thing I would like to do the most is head to the Blue Lagoon Spa. It looks amazing!! I love a spa anyway, but one where you can see the steam coming from the natural water and admire the beautiful views around you. Well that beats all swimming pool spa's any day. 
One more thing that Iceland has to offer is a chance to see whales out in the wild. I love whales and they have always fascinated me. Its one animal I have never seen and would only ever want to see in the wild. 

Im really glad that I made this list now. It really does encourage me to one day try and get to these places. Its always going to be nice to have this list to look back on and read and remind myself that I really want to visit these places. 

Where would you mostly like to visit in the world? 


  1. I've been looking at Iceland

    An incredible place to see

  2. So many, lots of places in America and Hawaii. Japan too! Oh and Australia!

  3. We loved travelling in Italy; so many unique places to see off the beaten track.
    I would love to visit Iceland; and many more places in America.

  4. I've always wanted to go to America, mainly California

  5. Italy is at the top of my list! We went to Egypt for our Honeymoon and it was amazing!

  6. I'd love to go to Pompeii. Having been to Ephesus,this is definitely on my places to return to list. It was mesmerising!

  7. id love to go to japan its my dream, love the culture, technology and art

  8. I would love to go to Italy, especially Rome.

  9. I have always wanted to visit Italy too, my partner would love to visit Iceland to see the northern lights but its to cold for my liking xxx