Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Krafty Cow Tea Rooms Burnley

I first stumbled across this cafe on facebook and thought that it looked like a great place to take Lily. There aren't many places to take children in the town centre and so when I found out that the Krafty Cow tea rooms was child friendly it was definetly going to be the place I popped for my cups of tea from now on. 

I firstly nipped in to find out a little more about what the cafe is all about. I was super impressed to find out that they had loads of toys for Lily to play with, that they had a play group and that they also did plenty of crafts with the kids. I walked out with a leaflet which headlines "FANCY A BREW & CAKE? GOT THE KIDS? NO PROBS!" and so planned to head back the next day with Lily.

I love everything about this cafe which is fairly new to the town centre. As you walk in your welcomed by the lovely owner, who greets you and your children with a smile. You can take a seat by the tables where there is drawing and colouring for your child to do. Or get comfy on the snug couches with many colourful and fun pillows thrown on it. There is a tiny pillow on the couch and so far each time we have been in, Lily has grabbed this pillow and said "my pillow". 

After having made your choice of the many wonderful cakes and drinks, you sit back and the first thing you will notice is the amazing decor of the place. Colourful, exciting, charming, fun and full of character there is so much to see from every wall to the weird and wonderful things hanging from the ceiling. If you are amazed as an adult, then a baby is bound to spend hours looking around the room at all the different colours, contrasts and shapes. The room is also full of crafts, from things you can buy to the art work the children have created at the Krafty Cow. The randomness of the things placed around the room really make me feel at home here, it has a great feel of a place that is somewhere for everyone to feel welcome. 

One more plus point to it all is that there is places that Lily can go and play. I really did feel like I could sit back and not worry about Lily causing trouble, or being bored. She has choices of drawing at the tables, a chalk board, play dough, and plenty of toys and books. 

Our first visit was brilliant and I just knew I had to come back. So I planned to bring Lily to the playgroup that they do here. 

Play group is on Thursday mornings from 11am until 1pm. Its free to come in and let your children play while you enjoy a drink and have a natter with other mums. There is also a matt put down with baby toys for the younger visitors to play group. When we arrived to play group, Lily decided she wanted to play with the baby toys first. She just loves babies and was quite happy to be around them. She then decided to spend the rest of her time mostly playing with the play dough. Its great that there is a table she can sit up to and play at while in the meantime I can enjoy a nice beverage.

Talking of beverages. The choice at the Krafty cow is amazing. You could settle with a nice cup of tea which are served in dainty little tea cups, and maybe a nice lemon drizzle cake to join it. Or you could go all out and have some rainbow cake or one of the amazing and creative cupcakes they have to offer. Cakes always vary at the Krafty Cow but there will always be something exciting on offer. 

This time at play group they had the amazing rainbow cake and the cupcakes. They were just so cute and looked so sweet, but at the same time such a naughty mummy treat! I resisted a slice of cake this time but instead let Lily have a chocolate brownie. I was going to share with her but she pretty much devoured it all. I actually can't believe she ate so much of it. Healthy eating totally went out of the window here.

There isn't just cakes on offer though. You can sit down and eat a yummy panini or sandwich and there are also child sized picnics with sandwiches, raisins, a biscuit and a drink.

This time at the Krafty Cow, I also didn't stick to my normal drink of tea. I decided that I just had to try one of there Unicorn milk shakes. Whats one of those I hear you ask? Well they are the most magical, sugary, sweet, sparkly milkshakes in existence. They cost £4 and most definetly NOT JUST for the children. Although they would also be amazed at them. 

The Unicorn Milkshake consists of - 
- A flavour of milkshake, EG strawberry, mint, chocolate. 
- A layer of blueberry of strawberry sauce at the bottom
- A layer of cream on the top
- Sprinkled with star candies and edible glitter and more blueberry sauce on the top and down the glass
- Unicorn ears and horn made from icing. 
- A side of candyfloss and rainbow drops. 

It is simply amazing. The best milkshake I have ever seen and I was so happy to get to try it. I had a mint milkshake and it was so delicious. I think the sugar is totally the reason i'm still wide awake even now. Just take a look at this magnificent drink!

So after gaining my sugar rush for the day. We decided we would head home. We will definetly be back though and I plan to make play group a regular thing now.

There is a few more things I want to mention about the Krafty Cow. Its not called the KRAFTY cow for nothing. The cafe really does support crafts and so it holds special craft nights for parents and children to come and enjoy. The most recent was designing your own Unicorn. (Can you see the unicorn theme here)??

The night was held last week and children came and got to get creative and get hands on designing and making there own unicorn. I went along to take a few photographs and see what the craft classes were all about.

There was a huge table of all sorts for the children to use on there unicorn and there was help and encouragement from the cafe owner towards the children making them. It looked great fun and the children came out with some wonderful results.

The classes vary and to attend them you need to book and pay in advance. The Unicorn design class was £12 a child. You can keep track of what events are happening on the facebook page. 

There is always something going on at Krafty Cows and not just for children. Here are a few more things they do during the week. 

Tuesday - Knit and Natter - 12-2pm 
Wednesday - Group with Pauline who does crafts and knitting. Card making is every last wednesday of the month. 
Friday - Coffee Club 10am-12, a place to socialise and meet people
Sunday - Free Painting and Sticking for kids! From 12pm. 

The tea room is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is on 16 Boot Way in the Burnley town centre. 

Head to the Krafty Cow Facebook page now to find out more. 

We can't wait for our next visit! 


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