Wednesday 14 June 2017

Nom Nom Kids Review and Giveaway

Nom-Nom Kids is another wonderful brand that I met for the first time at the Baby Show. Their display was so colourful and it attracted me to take a closer look. 

Upon looking I spotted their handy little food pouches and wanted to know more. Nom-Nom kids make wonderful reusable food pouches that are perfect for weaning babies, for toddlers, and perfect for big kids too!

Nom-Nom Kids agree'd to send me some pouches so then I could give them a try with Lily. 

They sent me a pack of pouches for 6 months plus and a pack of pouches for 2 years plus. They also sent me a pack of reusable snack bags to try. 

You can see why these caught my eye at the Baby Show. Everything about them is so playful and colourful. I just love them!

So a little bit about the food pouches. The idea behind these is that you can fill them with what ever you like. Smoothies, Soup, Yogurt, Baby Food. They are designed for on the go. So the perfect thing to slip in your bag when weaning your baby or the perfect snack to go in a lunch box. In each pack there are 4 pouches. The 6m+ ones are 140ml and the 2 years+ ones are a little bigger at 200ml. They are all washable and re usable and so something you can use again and again. Both sizes have different designs. The 6months+ one is animals and the 2year+ one is monsters. They all come with red lids that get screwed on.
I really do love the designs. As well as the colours they are so child friendly with happy smiley faces. 

On the back of the pouches there is a place to write whats inside it, and the date that you placed it inside so you can monitor how fresh the contents are if you are storing them away. I love that on them you can write your child's name and also there is a tick box for what needs to happen with the food inside. Its such a clever idea as then if your child is taking one to school or maybe your home nanny is using them, they then know exactly what to do with the pouch. Brilliant idea! Nom Nom Kids also sell a little pen that is perfect for writing on the back of them that wipes away easily. 

So for Lily to try the pouch I have placed some yogurt inside. At first I was like "how do you get the yogurt inside" then I realised that the side of them has a ziplock and thought oh how clever and what an easy way to fill them. So I opened up the pouch, put in some yummy yogurt and easily sealed up the side with the ziplock. I did wonder would the lock do its job and keep it in, so I gave it a little squeeze and yep! It did. The pouch also has a fill line which you fill to so then the ziplock will close.

Unfortunately Lily was having one of her fussy days and wouldn't eat the yogurt. I think in the past she may have tasted something she didn't like from a shop bought pouch and it has put her off what may be lurking inside. But I wasn't going to put the yogurt to waste and unscrewed the top and enjoyed the contents. I did wonder if the little fruit pieces inside the yogurt would get blocked but they didn't and the yogurt was easy to get out and eat.

After finishing it I then took it to the sink and washed it out. It was very easy to wash out by hand. They can also be used in a dishwasher (which unfortunately I don't have) The only thing I did find was they were tricky to get dry. I had to place them on top of a glass so they stayed open and the moisture got out. 

These pouches are brilliant and by using them you would be saving so much money and saving the environment by not throwing away so many shop bought pouches. 

The 140ml Animal Design Pouches for 6m+ are £10.00 and the 200ml Monster Design Pouches for 2years+ are amazingly one £1 more at £11.

The next thing I was eager to try with Lily was the reusable snack bags. I really loved the design of the monster on the front and love that they are great for taking snacks out and about but also aren't to bulky.

On the back of them you can place your child's name so then when they go inside there lunch boxes, they don't get lost. It also has a little picture of a monster and a bin showing you don't throw these away which could be an easy mistake for a child care worker to make. The pouches open at the top with the same ziplock. Which tightly seals the bags making everything inside stay fresh and biscuits stay crunchy. Lily never finishes her snacks and so these are perfect to store what she leaves over, keeping them fresh for next time. There are so many different types of snacks you can put inside these. Fruit, Veg, Nuts, Raisins, biscuits, crisps, rice, and even chocolate if you are feeling generous enough.

I decided to first try Lily with some biscuits. I know Lily would be happy to use the packs with biscuits so it was a great way to introduce her. Lily got so excited to be having her biscuits in a snack bag rather than on a plate. She chose the blue monster first and sat at her table eating the biscuits out of them. She loved the blue monster design with how he is putting his hand to his mouth and started to tell me how the monster was eating the biscuit followed with "Nom Nom Nom". Super impressed that she made these noises as it just shows how well thought about the product is from design to brand name.

The second snack I tried with Lily was raisins. Lily isn't a huge fan of them and so I wondered if having them in a snack bag would encourage her to eat them. As soon as she saw me getting the bags out she got excited and said "mine". So I got out some raisins and she watched me empty them in. I sealed up the bag and we decided to go into our little front garden to eat them. She sat on the wall and I opened the bag and gave them her and she sat there and ate loads of them all while saying "Nom Nom Nom". Im really hoping that the bags can encourage her to eat more things that she isn't to keen on eating.

The pack of snack bags contain 4 of them and they are £5.50 a pack. 

Here are a few more key points about Nom-Nom Kids Products. 

  • Freezable
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Heated with hot water only, NOT microwave safe
  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • PVC Free
You can head to the Nom-Nom Kids Website to find out more or buy yourself some incredibly handy pouches. 

Our Competition is now closed! Sorry if you did not win! But good news! I have 20% discount for my readers! If you would like to go and buy yourself these products which I recommend that you do. Then head to the website and enter the code LILY at the check out. 

Win 3 Nom Nom Food Storage Packs


  1. Raisins, fruit, biscuits, crisps and nuts.

  2. Spencer Broadley15 June 2017 at 06:51

    My sons love salad and fruit so a mix of thos with some California raisins and a treat of a small choccie bar

  3. Snacks like fruit, cereals and homemade vegetable crisps.

  4. Apple slices, cereal, cheese bites, baby carrots

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  6. These look great for little ones to have all sorts of healthy snacks on the go. Then you wont have to buy expensive single packs when you're out!

  7. Apple slices and raisins ate a favourite

  8. Yogurt and smoothies in the pouches and dried cereal, raisins and carrot sticks in the bags.

  9. apple slices, raisins and carrot sticks.
    Yogurt, smoothies and custard.

  10. i would put yogurt in the pouches and chopped up fruit in the little bags

  11. I would put in a mix of fruit or breadsticks. So much you could put in which is great

  12. Fruit purree and yogurt


  13. Mango and cucumber... I know! :)

  14. Suzanne Jackson1 July 2017 at 16:13

    fruit and carrot sticks

  15. Mostly yoghurt and fruit purées, although part of me is tempted to see if they'd work to make squeezy 'bottles' for sauces and houmous!

  16. Lots of chilled fruit smoothies!

  17. banana malt loaf, strawberries, organic crisps

  18. I would like to put some salad in them...cucumber, sweet peppers, tomatoes and celery.

  19. I would use them for fruit and vegetable pieces that I cut up for the children.

  20. Fruit and yoghurt for my daughter's lunch box as her favourite yoghurt comes in a big pot so this would be ideal x

  21. Grapes and Melon. These look great!

  22. Pauline Burroughs15 July 2017 at 07:51

    These are great! I think I'd use them mostly for yoghurt and smoothies

  23. I would put fruit slices and yoghurt drops

  24. Raisins, apple and carrot sticks.

  25. yoghurt and oat smoothies, and definitely little snacks like fruit crisps, cucumber stars and the like! Gotta have those fun cut shapes!

  26. Cheeses and pasta, and fruit and yoghurt, thanks

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