Tuesday 13 June 2017

My Photography Post - June 2017

As well as working hard being a mummy to Lily, one of the other things I do is photography. I shoot lots of different things, fashion, weddings, photo journalism, though at the moment not getting much time to shoot. 

To keep my head in photography I have decided to do a blog post a month all about my photography, you can see Mays post here

Last month I bought myself a new camera. I wanted something smaller but had great shooting capabilities that are similar to my large SLR that I find impossible to travel around with. I got myself a Olympus OM-D M5 II, second hand from a friend. It still set me back a good £650 but it was well worth it. Its such a great camera!

So because I now have a smaller camera that I can take with me where ever I go, I have managed some trips out and taken some photographs this month. There isn't really a theme to my photographs this month, more that i was experimenting and getting used to the camera. So here are this months photographs. 

1. My Cat Vessen - He was lead on my bed one day and normally I find my cats impossible to get decent photographs of but this lazy morning he happily layed there while I got to grips with my camera and got this photograph of him. 

2. My Pregnant Friend - Im sure she won't mind me placing this photograph of her here. She asked me to come round and do some photographs of her and her bump. This was one I got that she loves.

3. The face in the wall - Please tell me i'm not seeing things. 

4. The Witches Finger - I found this creepy area in the woods, and there was an arch way and also loads of sticks propped up just like they would be if you were to burn a witch at the stake. Then I found this piece of metal sticking out of the arch way. It just reminds me of a witches finger. 

5. Mushrooms - These are great for photographing if you can find them. I just loved the way the formed a line up the tree and loved the wonderful orange colour of them. Again, I see a face in the last mushroom. 

6. Heart of Blackpool - I managed to grab this photograph literally moments before the tide came in and swallowed it up. Blackpool I love because of the character of the place. I am going to have to head back and grab more photographs.

7. Blackpool Tower - This tower never manages to not impress me. I think for any one northern it is the first thing you think of when you think blackpool and it always reminds me of my childhood days out to blackpool where we had to try and spot it from the car on the way there.

Thats all for Junes Photographs. Hope you like them. Im going on holiday in July so when I come back hopefully I should have some lovely photographs from their for you.

All Photographs Copyright to Cassandra Mayers Photography 

Which of the 7 photographs do you like the most and why? 


  1. The face in the wall
    Superb shot
    Just reminds me always to look closely -you never know what you will find

  2. This looks like a great camera - I love those last 2 photos of Blackpool!
    I've been thinking about getting a new camera for ages. Mine is so big it's difficult to carry it around all the time.

  3. I can't see the face in the wall!

  4. I like the photo of your cat best but the Blackpool tower one has got me super excited for my trip there soon x

  5. It takes some lovely photos, you have clearly got a talent for capturing photos. Out of the 7 I like the cat one the most, because well I am mad for cats lol x

  6. Love that your new camera has allowed you to be more spontaneous with your photography as you can grab and go! Loving the Blackpool pics the most.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  7. Your shot of Blackpool Tower is gorgeous! Definitely one we were always looking out for :) I love the photo of you friend and her bump, too, how beautiful ♥

  8. Aw that photo of your friend is beautiful! She looks radiant. :)

  9. Aww what a lovely cat you have! I absolutely love all your pictures, you have a great eye :)

  10. Beautiful and eerie photos, I can see the face/skull in the wall too xx