Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mid Month More About Me - June - My Fears

Each month i'm going to write a short post which is a little bit more about me. I might write about hobbies, favourite things, things I hate, places I love. But each month it will be a post where my readers can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.

I actually missed last months post because I could't think of somethings to write about. Im not always brilliant at talking about myself.

This month I decided i'm going to tell you all about my fears. I actually wrote about fears on the blog quite a while ago and spoke about a few fears I have but mostly talked about why we get fears and how to deal with them. You can see this post here

But as confident with most things I am, I actually am a big scaredy cat and have lots of fears. So here they are. 

1. Spiders (look away now if you hate them as picture below) Oh no, too late. Yes i'm terrified of spiders. You will generally see me not wanting to go near them and making the bravest person in the house put them outside for me. I have gotten a lot better recently and some smaller spiders I can have around the house. But big ones like this house spider... well thats big enough to eat me and it needs to leave NOW! I have a funny tale of when I was alone in the house and had to get rid of a spider. I don't condone in killing any animals or creatures and that includes spiders. So as it ran along the floor I grabbed a plastic take away container and quickly put it over it and jumped back up onto the couch. Phew. Im safe haha.... but wait, this spider is not having it and it wants out. It actually moves back and then runs really fast into the take away tub wall and moves the tub along with it. I screeched each time it did it haha. Yes. Im a wuss! This was a spider recently making my home its home. 

2. Small Confined Spaces  - I tend to panic if I am made to go anywhere to cramped. Im a tiny person but the thought of doing something like caving and having to crawl through tiny holes really makes me panic. I doubt I could get stuck but just the thought of it is enough. 

3. Heights - You know what, I really wish I didn't have this fear. I love the thought of going high places, looking at the view. I think my fear is more of falling than going anywhere high. I struggle to go up spiral stair cases and I panic when I am somewhere that is to high. I generally freeze and struggle to walk. I even struggle with ladders. When I went to prague one year, I went up Prague tower. It took me at least 4 attempts to persuade myself to go up. But I got in the lift and I did it. But when I got to the top and looked down, that was it. I clung to the sides and could barely walk or let go to take photographs. I managed one or 2 pictures and then had to get back down from there.

4. Horror Movies - I could class this one as a fear. As I really refuse to watch ANY horror movies. I have watched a few when younger that just made me not sleep for nights on end. I fear if I watched one now I would be worse as my imagination is just as crazy. The worst one I have ever watched was Nightmare on Elm Street. I still fear the scene where she gets dragged around the walls of her bedroom and if I see anyone dressed as freddie then thats it, i'm outa there! 

5. Flying - Its more the fear of crashing and dying than the actual flying itself, but the thought of being so high up in the air freaks me out. I mean really you have a few of my fears in one. Your in a confined space, very high up. Imagine if I ever bumped into a spider up there, or worse, Freddie Krueger. But I have managed to do it on my own when I went to prague. I had a huge panic attack before we set off and I sat at the edge of my seat the entire time but I made it and did it and i'm always proud of that.

6. The Dark - Yes this is normally something that small children are afraid off. But its something I have never managed to get over. If I am in a room and all the lights go out then I panic. You won't see me running into a pitch black room. I even hate passing rooms that are pitch black dark. Our spare room door has to be closed at night just so I can walk past it to get to the bathroom. I also sleep with a lamp on. I simply cant sleep without it anymore. It freaks me out that its dark when you close your eyes and then you open them and its still dark. I even avoid dark places like London Dungeons because i'm not keen on the idea of walking down dark corridors. 

I think thats it for fears. I used to be scared of snakes. and although you won't see me cuddling a large 6 foot long snake i'm not scared to be near them and I will hold smaller snakes. I overcame this fear when I was about 17 and held a small corn snake. It does show that some fears we can get over if we try. But I think some fears really are hard to shake from our system. 

If you have some strange fears or your child has a fear, make sure you pop over to my post where I explain fears, what causes them and how to help them. Click ME to head there now.

What are your fears?
Have you ever gotten over a fear? 


  1. Cockroaches -once found a whole nest in my school blazer after I took it out of my wardrobe -every time I see one now it makes me panic

  2. I don't like small spaces either. My dream is to own a house with a lot of empty space. That would be perfection in my eyes

  3. I don't like small spaces either, I did an obstacle on a run last year where you had to crawl through an area full of balls and I got quite claustraphobic, hated it x

  4. These are also totally legimate fears, and I totally understand! My little guy is claustrophobic. Also, I'm scared of the dark too. We have a nightlight in our room, and I say it's for when the little ones come into our bed, but I could no way sleep without it!

  5. I hate flying too. I wish I could overcome it as I really want to visit Iceland!

  6. Most of these I am absolutely terified of as well, and just reading about it gave me a chill down my spine lol

  7. Aaarrgghhh I missed your warning about the picture of the spider! I have a huge phobia of them and come out in a hot swear just at a photo. I know it os irrational but I can't help it. Kaz

  8. I have fears of snakes I cannot watch them in a book or tv. It freaks me out and gives me nightmares.

  9. I am terrified on wasps, I nearly crashed my car because a wash flew into the car when I was driving x

  10. Letting people down, I can't stand the thought of letting people down xxx

  11. You seem to have a number of fears. Though seems that you have used your logic to reason the issue/s and tackled addressing them.

    I had a dislike, avoided sitting on a train facing backwards. Then I thought what am I going to do if someday the trin is busy, and no forward facing seat. I was a teenager, and gradually desensitised myself by gradually spending more time seated on a backward facing seat. Till I managed a full journey, and knew I could undertake the task if / when needed. I felt proud of my achievement.

    Rachel Craig

  12. A great idea, bloggers always post about family so it's fab to get to know the lady behind this amazing blog, I fear flying, so much so I've never bought a passport as I have never wanted to travel, I also hate being in crowds, I used to fear spiders and moths but since moving out of my mums 10 years ago when I was 18 with a three year old son who was scared of them I've had to face my fears, if they are small I will pick them up and throw them out the garden, if they are big il catch them in a glass, if they are high up I squash them, and because I do this Megan who's 5 isn't scared of them, and I'm hoping Mollie will be the same, my son is 13 and is scared of them though xxx