Wednesday 7 June 2017

Hape Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle and Maple Blocks Review

We were contacted to see if we wanted to review some exciting new toys. How could we say no?? 

The toys were both wooden toys and I am such a big fan of wooden toys. I knew Lily was going to love them. 

The toys arrived and they were a puzzle in the shape of a rabbit, and some colourful looking building bricks. Both toys I would say are essential for a child to own. Can't beat puzzles and building bricks. Lily was super excited to get them. 

Here is Lily with them pulling her "Cheeeeeese" face. 

The Hape George Luck Puzzle comes as 7 colourful pieces that all fit together to make a rabbit. They are made out of a really good quality wood and are painted nicely and so smooth to handle. Aimed for children ages 24 months plus, its the perfect level of puzzle for Lily. She didn't find it too difficult but also didn't find it too easy. I found that she concentrated really well on it and eventually with a little help from me she finished the puzzle. After you have finished you push a little hole at the back to pop all the pieces back out and start over again. Lily has actually really enjoyed playing with this puzzle and I would say that at only £6 it would also make a perfect gift for a child. 

Next up was the Maple Blocks. Lily loves to build and so I knew she would love to play with these. We emptied them all out and Lily started to make towers and build with them. She also loved that they all really colourful and could tell me each one of the colours. The colours that were selected for this toy are all the primary ones and so ones that children like Lily would either know or be learning. There are 50 pieces in this set and some really great shapes from rectangles, cubes, triangles and arch ways. The blocks are all made from a really nice quality wood. The finish on them is super smooth and they aren't heavy blocks either which is good because all children love to knock down what they have built. If you are looking for a set of blocks for your child, I would really recommend these as they are really decent blocks. The other great thing about this set is that they come in a handy storage bag which has a drawstring to keep them all inside. I was wondering where I would store them but then saw the bag and though perfect! These are aimed at children aged 12 months plus. 

If you are interested in buying either of these toys then you can find them at the links below. 

George Luck Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle £6 - Click Here 
Hape Maple Blocks £14.40 - Click Here 

Which of the 2 above do you think your children would like? 


  1. Both toys look good, and would be enjoyed by the children.

    Rachel Craig

  2. They look great
    Lily is certaintly enjoying herself

  3. My daughter will enjoy the blocks.

  4. Wooden blocks are simply the number one best small childrens toy in my opinion...they get hours of fun out of them whether it's playing with them as intended or just knocking them over ;)

  5. These are amazing and the good thing about wooden toys is they are lasting and can be handed down

  6. Wooden toys are built to last the years. I love that you can do so much with building blocks!
    note to Lily: you are a beautiful girl and you are growing up so quickly.

  7. I love wooden toys. They look great and you know the quality is going to be great as they will last to be handed down. We have some wooden blocks and my daughter loves them.

  8. My daughter loves puzzles and blocks

  9. Aww this is so cute, just like the photo of Lily trying it out, she looks really happy to be testing this one, wooden toys are always better xxx