Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Baby Show at NEC Birmingham 21/05/17

So Sunday was one of my highlights for last week. It was the day of The Baby Show. I always love attending The Baby Show and seeing some new brands and popping by to say hello to some of the brands I already love.

I usually head to the London shows but this time I decided I would check out the NEC. I have a pregnant friend who I knew would love to go so as soon as I made the suggestion, That was it, We were going!  

When we arrived I made my way to the press room to drop off out coats and then headed straight into the large room filled with pregnant women, babies and exciting stalls. 

The first thing me and my friend did was make our way around all the many stalls there. To make sure you see everything you really need to be organised and try to start at one end and work your way to the other. There is so much to see and so the earlier you can get there, the better. 

We first treated ourself to a Made for Mums Goodie Bag. It was only £5 and was filled with brilliant goodies such as Cbeebies Magazine, Infacare Bubble Bath, A Nuk First Stage Cup, a Bottle, Wetwipes and lots of other goodies. This is a must buy item at the Babyshow as in total the goodie bag is worth £35. 

As we were walking around, me and my friend spotted someone blue walking towards us. It was non other than Iggle Piggle. I wish I would of had Lily with me as she would have been made up to meet him, but as she wasn't we decided to grab a photograph with him instead.

I wasn't planning on buying too much this year. Last year I bought Pjs from Zippy Bib and some books from Campbell books for Lily. The year before that I went all out and bought a Cot Bed and sleeping bag for Lily.

I did end up looking at the Campbell books stall again, and again I went away with a book. This time the book was called Monkey music. I couldn't resist as it was only £4. Then I bought some Body wash and bubble bath from Childs Farm. Again I couldn't resist as they are one of my favourite brands and also had a deal of 2 bottles for £10. 

Thats another great thing about The Baby Show. The deals, the sales, the prices are just brilliant. If you are expecting then its the perfect place to grab all the essentials you need all at a bargain price. 

After lunch I headed to the stage to watch a talk. Talks are going on all day but there was one in particular I really wanted to go and see. That was the talk with Milli Hill who is the founder of The Positive Birth Movement and has recently written a book. Her talk was all about how to get positive about giving birth. 

If your pregnant and Milli Hill is a new name to you then you need to find out all about this lady. She is just wonderful! 

Not only will you be ready to push the baby out. But you will be ready to push all the negative thoughts about giving birth away and replace them with positive ones. 

The Positive Birth Movement is something that I have been passionate about since I found out about it in 2015 when Lily was only a few months old. I instantly became a fan of the facebook page and took upon it to post pictures of me and Lily when she was first born along side other happy positive mums. 

So to hear Milli speak up on stage was great. Her tips and advice for the pregnant women there were brilliant. If there was any fear about giving birth in that audience then at the end of the talk there wasn't. Im not pregnant but even I felt ready and prepared to have a positive birth.  

I got chance to meet Milli after her talk and i'm really looking forward to helping her and The Positive Birth Movement spread the positive word of birth. 

All there is left to do now is tell you about the wonderful brands I met that day. I always love to give a shout out to Nuby. Always great to see their stand and new products. Was nice to see Toffee Moon who I worked with around a year a go on the blog. Always love visiting Funky Giraffe and Zippy to see there wonderful rainbow coloured display of bibs and I just had to show my friend how soft the Cuddledry towels were. 

I also met Taste N Tell again who have given me a pack to review on the blog. So look out for that coming soon. Also Pourty kindly gave me a toilet seat and stool to review. Also Check out these Nom Nom Kids reusable snack bags that I got given! They are so cool! Can't wait to try them out and take photographs for you all to see. Also a big thank you to Funky Giraffe for my cover all bibs. They are brilliant. 

We headed out the venue at around 4.30pm, but before we left we got given amazing filled blogger goodie bag. It was full of amazing baby essentials and a book from Campbell books which Lily is going to love! I want to say a big thank you to all brands who popped a little something in there.

Over all it was such a great day. My pregnant friend was amazed at how much of a great day it was and loved how many little testers and freebies there are to pick up on the day.

I got home and photographed all I came home with. What an amazing haul. All of these brands were exhibiting at The baby Show, so you can see the wonderful range of products you can pick up there.

Im not sure when my next trip to The Baby Show will be. Lily is 2 and a half now so unless I find a pregnant friend to drag around with me then I may not be going for a while. Who knows, the next time I attend I may even have my own bump.

The next Baby Show is at Olympia London on the 20th to the 22nd of October. Head to The Baby Show website to find out more. 

Have you ever been to the Baby Show? Would you like to go? Is there a Baby Brand that you would love to see there? 


  1. You had a fab time
    Never actually been to one

  2. wow love the reusable snack bags they are fun for children xx

  3. Looks like you had an incredible time and managed to get an amazing haul - so much new stuff! ♥

  4. The goodie bag is a definite bargain. I do like the deals you can get at these events makes it very worthwhile x

  5. Sounds like you packed a lot into your visit - so much to see and do, isn't there? x

  6. Sounds like a really great day! I too love Childs Farm products x

  7. That's so cool! Never been to a Baby Show because I'm not at that stage in my life yet, but I like these kind of events, they are very informative and perfect for networking!

  8. It looks like you had a good day at the Baby Show. And you came home with so many goodies!

  9. These trade shows always look like so much fun, sounds like a great day out! xo

  10. I have never been but I am aware what fantastic events these are. I would have loved to have met Iggle Piggle!! Kaz

  11. It sounds like you had a great day! I wish I had gone whilst I was pregnant now. That goodies bag is great for £5 too! xx

  12. I've never been to a baby show, they sound fantastic, the made for mums goodie bag sounds a bargain, Megan would have loved to have met Igglepiggle piggle too, Mollie is 9 months today and loves in the night garden but I'm not sure how she would react to a 6 foot character, I love child farm products too, they smell divine and are perfect for my children with their eczema xxx