Friday 12 May 2017

Photography Post May

As well as working hard being a mummy to Lily, one of the other things I do is photography. I shoot lots of different things, fashion, weddings, photo journalism, though at the moment not getting much time to shoot. 

To keep my head in photography I have decided to do a blog post a month all about my photography, you can see April's post here.

This month I decided to head out with a lens I haven't used for ages. The lens is a different kind of lens called a Lens Baby. You can move it around and it does some really cool effects. One thing I have never shot with the lens before is a toddler. I have used this lens for fashion and still life and thats still not easy to do, but wow, toddlers are almost impossible to get a focused photograph of. They move around too much as you know. 

But I wanted to give it a try so Lily and I headed out to the local park to see what we could find to take photographs of. I really love still life photographs when you find strange looking plants or random little things that are out of place. Like a leaf growing inside a tree trunk, or a feather that has fallen on a plant. I think I would have found a lot more hidden gems if I didn't have Lily with me as she isn't always up for exploring too far but Im happy with the few little things I found on the way. 

So here are my photographs for May. 

Which of the Photographs is your favourite and what do you think to the effect? 

All photographs are copyright to Cassandra Mayers Photography


  1. They are all amazing
    I love Lilly paddling in the stream (no6)

  2. The close up of the wellies splashing in a puddle

  3. The flower picture is amazing but even for my eyes its too vibrant

  4. I love this effect! Makes the main subject really stand out.

  5. I love the one with the puddle, got the whole of the splash