Monday 29 May 2017

Mummy and Me - May 2017

This month it hasn't been an exciting month photograph wise for me and Lily. Although we have done lots, I still haven't managed to get some photographs of me and her doing those things. But I did find 2 photographs from a day out I had at the start of the month. Lily was particularly cuddly this day and so I got some lovely cuddle photographs. In the second she has fallen asleep on me and these kind of cuddles are still one of my favourite cuddles. These type won't happen for much longer and so need to get as many photographs of it happening as possible. Next month I really must remember to make people take photographs of me and Lily. Hopefully the sun will be out more next month and will get lots of lovely days out. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Cuddles are lovely
    I hope it's sunny too

  2. beautiful photo's lily looks super happy with mummy and a yummy ice cream xx

  3. Beautiful photos, I love it when my children are Cuddly. Usually when they are tired, I also feel sad when my son hugs me as he's taller than me and reminds me he's not my baby any more, even though he always will be in my eyes xxx