Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lily's Officially Potty Trained!

This blog post is generally going to be me talking a lot of poo!!!!...

No, I mean it... I really will be actually talking about poo! But I will try and spare you the yucky details! 

Potty Training. It really all happened a lot faster than I thought it would as I thought we would be at it for months trying to get Lily to use the potty. But thanks to the help of The Potty Training Academy and My Carry Potty she is now officially potty trained and I would say wee's were a matter of days and poo's only weeks. She now always asks to go for a wee and always happily uses a potty without a treat after it to. She is even great on days out and asks me to go for a wee and can generally hold it until we are out of the shop and can use the potty. The My Carry potty has been great to take along with us everywhere we went and also was great to seal the wee inside it until you found somewhere to dispose of it. I think it took a lot of stress away for me not having to panic about carrying a potty full of wee through a town centre to a near by toilet. 

Poo's were difficult at first because she does struggle to go at times and so has developed a slight fear. She does leave it until last moment and generally we have to try and sit her on the potty at the right moment. I really should be awarded a mummy prize for managing to get her there most the time and only have one accident left on the floor! It was tricky!! But she really surprised me this week and has actually gone to the potty and sat down herself and gone. So its a huge improvement. 

Lily has been getting a sticker on her chart a small piece of chocolate and a small toy from her magic reward box that come in the Potty Training Academy pack. It may seem a lot, but as I said, with her being afraid to poop I did want to make sure she was rewarded for it.

As this week she improved and started going by herself. I decided it was time to put her name on her Potty Training Academy Certificate and give her her ultimate i'm potty trained gift in the form of a new toy. Not all parents may feel that their children need such a gesture but for me I feel like she really has achieved something and also been so good with it to. (She generally likes to make things difficult for me haha) So here she is with her certificate and toy looking ever so pleased with herself!

The next job will be night times, but i'm in no rush for that. Again I think it will be something I will do when she is ready and showing signs she can go through the night without wetting herself.

When we are ready, I will be sure to get out the book and DVD that came with The Potty Training Academy pack as that does have a part in it about potty training at night time. 

You can read about how I potty trained Lily here.

Did you find potty training easy? Would you ever consider using a pack from My Potty Training Academy? 


  1. Awww Congrats Lily well done your a star now <3

  2. Well done :) my boy potty trained easily and I'm hoping that my daughter will too :)

  3. Ah well done to Lily and you
    You both need a pat on the back

  4. Ah well done Lily. We are on day 4, it's going well so far though

  5. Well Done ! Lily and Mum. Lily looks so Delighted. A great achievement. Yes, I would consider using a pack from My Potty Training Academy.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Well done, I need to start training my daughter but im putting it off until we move house. Lily looks so happy. Lovely photo