Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Lily's First Day At Nursery

So today was the day. Lily's first day at nursery. I must say I have been more excited about it than anything. Excited for her to be starting such a thing that is a big deal and part of her growing up. 

Last week she had her settling in days and they went a lot better than expected. The first day was an hour long and I stayed with her. We took a photograph on the doorstep to show her first trip to nursery. She was very excited. 

When we got there she was really shy and didn't want me to leave her side. She played a little and then we went home. The first thing she said to me on the way home was "Mummy, I like nursery". Which was a good start. 

The second settling in session I stayed with her for half an hour and then left her for half an hour. She seemed fine when I snook off and didn't mention me at all apparently. It made me feel a lot better about leaving her for the third settling in session. 

The third one I had to take her there and leave her like I would be if it was a normal day of nursery, though she would only be staying for 2 hours. I expected her to be upset, or ask me to stay. But she just wandered in and started to play and then gave me a hug and said goodbye. Apparently her first 2 hours there were great. She played with the toys and didn't ask for me once. The only thing was that she didn't eat much lunch so I had to give her more when she was home. 

Today it was her first day of nursery. Lily has been really excited to go. She understood the concept of it and told me this morning that she would be going to nursery to play, mummy had to go to work and then mummy would come back. It was an early start to the morning, we left the house at 8am and sometimes Lily doesn't even wake up until 8am so it was very different being out of the house by then. We set off with her little back pack on and her little legs walked so speedily. You could tell her was super happy to be going.

When we got there she got me to take her to a seat and sat down ready for breakfast. There is where she said bye bye to me and blew me a kiss. She didn't make the slightest bit of fuss. 

It was a long day at nursery for her today and she was there from 8.15am until 5.30pm. I have wondered what she is getting up to, and most the day been hoping that she is okay but my main concern I have had for the day is wether she ate or not. Lily can be quite fussy at times. 

So I picked Lily up at 5.30pm. I expected to be greeted with a big smile to see me but instead there was tears. I think they had been building up because she had been seeing other mums pick up their little ones and so wondered where I was. So when I arrived she just let all her tears out. But it sounded like she had a great day and what was my main concern didn't need to be one as she apparently ate really well. 

When we got home Lily had calmed down from crying and she showed us her certificate that she got from nursery. She had been painting and did handprints for her special certificate. I also had a special certificate for her out of her book which I gave her. So we then got this lovely photograph of her holding them. I photoshopped out the nursery name for privacy reasons. 

Lily said she had a great day at nursery and also when I asked her if she wanted to go back next week she said yes. Hopefully next week I will pick her up with no tears. 

How was your child's first day at Nursery? 


  1. Awww I'm sure she had a good time she will settle down in no time. Seeing you turn up just gives her reassurance everyday that you will always come to pick her up x

  2. Dreading having to do the settling in thing with my boy... Hes really clingy

  3. My daughter who's now 8 really surprised me when she went to nursery she left me, no worries at all, my 2 year old is headed off to nursery in september she talks about it all the time but I'm so worried, I'm a super emotional person so if she starts blubbing I'll be stood outside the school gates blubbing when she's out of sight. Lily sounds like she's doing so well at nursery, I'm hoping for a similar experience!

  4. That's really good that she seems to have settled into nursery, I don't have kids but I can't imagine that it's easy to leave them there x

  5. Looks like she had a great first day! They grow up so fast, don't they!?

  6. Looks like she had fun! Hopefully one day, I'll have all this to come xo

  7. The first day is such a big event, but hopefully she'll love it and there won't be any more tears.

  8. Aww she couldn't wait to go could she, My oldest Connor hated nursery and after three weeks of tears I gave in and pulled him out, Megan on the other hand couldn't wait to go but I think it helped Connor went to school so she couldn't wait to go to be like him, Mollie is 9 months and I'm dreading my last baby going to nursery xxx