Wednesday 26 April 2017

#NationalStationeryWeek - Fun with Stamp Marker Pens

Its National Stationary Week this week and so couldn't let it go by without introducing Lily to some new stationery. 

Lily has lots of different pens, pencils, felt tips and crayons and so I wanted something different. This is when I came across these stamp marker pens. Lily hasn't really used stamp pens before and so using them would be a new concept to her that instead of sliding the pen across the paper to make a mark she would have to stamp the pen down. 

The pens all came with a variety of colours and shapes. Most of which Lily could easily recognise. She was really excited to see a sunshine, a star and an apple. Other shapes included are a heart, arrow, smiley face, flower and moon. The pens are also really nice and chunky for little hands like Lily's. Some shapes did seem to stamp better than others. I think the sunshine did the best job. 

Lily really enjoyed playing with these stamps. It did keep her quiet and she made 3 or 4 pictures out of them. Using them as a normal marker at first to create shapes and then stamping down the pen to make the stamp. At first she didn't understand that you had to press down to make a stamp but as soon as I showed her she picked it up straight away and was doing a great job. Here she is making her pictures. 

Lily loved these so much that I thought I would offer my readers a chance to win a pack. So i'm giving away 3 packs, one on each social media platform. So head to my twitter, instagram and facebook page for your chance to win. 

I would love to see your children's drawings so when you enter the competition feel free to share them with me so then I can RT them and share them with others. Don't forget the hashtag #NatStatWeek 

Ends Monday at 9am. 

Click the links below to enter - 

Good luck.

What have your children been using for #NationalStationaryWeek? 


  1. I'm sure I had some of these when I was a kid. Feeling all nostalgic looking at Lily's fabulous drawing!

  2. My son has something similar :)

  3. Lily has done some wonderful drawings xx never seen markers like these before xx

  4. Megan would love these stamper pens although I've had to confiscate and hide her felts as she has gone really naughty drawing on my sofa, cushions, bannister, her bedroom walls floor and bedding, she never did it when she was younger, now she's 5 she's gone wicked, she had free glitter nail varnish with a magazine last week which now won't come off my sofa xx