Thursday, 13 April 2017

Mid Month More About me - April - Hand Cream

Each month i'm going to write a short post which is a little bit more about me. I might write about hobbies, favourite things, things I hate, places I love. But each month it will be a post where my readers can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.

This month its going to be about a thing I love. Actually I think you could call this thing I love something of an obsession. 

I am totally and utterly in love and obsessed with.... 

Hand Cream. 

Wow bet you thought it was going to be something really exciting then. But nope, simple hand cream is enough for me to get super excited over. Though is it really that simple. No! Did you know you can buy sooooooo many different makes of hand creams that all have different after feelings on your hands and all smell compleatly different with tons of different scents available. Well if you didn't then i'm about to enlighten you about hand creams. 

Here is my collection. Do you think I have enough? Anyone would think that I had more than two hands with the amount I own.

So thats 16 tubes of hand cream just for one person. But I just love the stuff and I just can't resist buying new makes and I truly love a bargain and so cant resist buying any I see a sale sign on. 

But I will say, I do use it a lot. In fact I can't cope with out it anymore. I HATE my hands feeling dry and each time I wash my hands, or even get them wet I have to then put hand cream on. So if you know what its like being a mummy and constantly cleaning up after a little one you will know your hands constantly get wet. Washing their hands, their dishes, their paint pots and lately been rinsing out her potty at least 10 times a day. So the hand creams are definetly getting their use. Sometimes I actually start to run Lily a bath, I initially feel the temperature of the bath water. Then leave it running. I straight away after drying my hands apply hand cream. Then 5 minutes later, I test the water and mix it up with my hands, dry my hands and again on goes the hand cream. Then of corse I have to bath Lily. My hands are constantly in the water for a good 15 to 20 minutes and then after I can barely touch her towel because my hands feel dry. So after drying her. On goes the hand cream again. 

I have hand cream by my computer desk, hand cream in the bathroom, hand cream by the kitchen sink, hand cream in my baby bag. I really don't go anywhere without it and the times I have forgot it i've snook into a Bodyshop and borrowed some of there tester cream. So yes. Obsessed much??? 

I haven't yet used all the hand creams above. As you can see there is 2 unopened packs of Crabtree and Evelyn. The Seascape box is unopened yet and I haven't used the Baylis and Harding creams yet. So Im going to tell you about the ones I have tried incase maybe you would like to try them yourself. 

First up is my favourite as you may be able to tell from the amount of use its had. The BodyShop. Even though I have all this hand cream I always make sure I have at least 1 tube from the body shop. Out of all the hand creams this one leaves my hands feeling the most nourished, fresh and not at all dry. Not only that but it only takes the tinniest bit of cream to have your hands feel amazing in minutes. Then it also soaks in really quickly. There are a few different scents that BodyShop do. My favourite is the almond hand cream. But as you can see from the photograph I have compleatly run out of that. I only have one point that I would make about these creams and that is how they changed there lids on the tubes from a flip top to a screw top. When your hands are covered in hand cream it makes life a lot harder to screw a fiddly lid back on that knock it closed with your palm. Im currently using the Wild Rose hand cream which is in my bedroom and used when i'm not in a rush and the small plum tube is in my baby bag for on the go. I would 100% recommend you try the Body Shops hand creams if you haven't already. 

Next up is Grace and Cole. This one is kept in my bathroom and so gets a lot of use after washing hands. Its pump on the top makes it so easy to apply cream and go and so as this is the time I use it the most. Sometimes with this cream I do have to apply more after using it. It all depends on how dry my hands are feeling at the time to if I needed more. The best thing about this hand cream is the smell. Oh I do love the scent of Grapefruit, Lime and Mint that it leaves on my hands after. Its really good value for its money at only £6 for 500ml and its really lasting me a while. 

Next is the Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Cream. This comes very close to being as good as the BodyShop. My hands feel great with only a small amount of hand cream on it and you only need to use it once and your hands feel perfect. It also soaks in really nicely. They do some really great scents of this cream though so far I have only tried the citron, honey and coriander and it is amazing. I keep smelling my hands after to get the scent of it. I am glad I love the smell as I have 3 tubes of it to go through. Again as much as a screw lid looks great, it can be really fiddly to put back on after you have used the hand cream and I wish it was a flip lid. 

Last but not least is the Soap and Glory hand cream. This I got bought as a gift and I will admit It wouldn't normally be something I would go for as the title of Soap and Glory doesn't appeal to me and also its girly pink appearance doesn't make me want to buy it. But upon using it I actually like it. The scent is really nice and it definitely does the job I need it to. I also like that it has a flip lid so its easy to use. This is the hand cream I actually used most recently, about an hour ago to be exact and the scent really does stay on your hands for a while which is nice but also it does leave a feeling to your hands. A slight over smoothness feeling, which to some people they may like but for me I quite like my hands feeling a little more normal. I guess people wouldn't think that there is such thing as to smooth but in this case I feel there is. Non the less I use this quite often and have it sat by my computer desk right now. 

I really can't wait to try the rest and also maybe discover some other hands creams I may like. There have been some in the past I've felt are sticky, and some that I have disliked the smell. So I don't like all hand creams..... just most of them haha. 

Could you recommend a hand cream I may like?

Have you tried any of the above? 


  1. Years ago I went through a spell of using a lot of hand cream, many varieties also. I believe at the time Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream was effective. Now in later life I have found that I am prone to areas of dry skin, particularly in the Winter - time. My GP ( General Practitioner) prescribed Doublebase gel. It seems that as we age we are prone to areas of dry skin, or so I have read recently in a booklet on Adults with Eczema.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Can't believe you have so many-i must say I have 5 or six in different places around my home
    Love Seascapes and The body shop ones

  3. Omg I love the Body Shop hand cream too! My fave is their hemp hand cream, it's amazing! Nice collection! ;-)

  4. I absolutely love the body shop - look like some other great products too :D xx

  5. Body shop hand creams are the best.
    They smell absolutely fantastic, great choice hehe!
    My favourite is Strawberry *dribble*

  6. I lovr the Crabtree & Evelyn brand. I use the avocado oil one. Its fab.

  7. I hate my hands being dry and you are right, body shop do the best ones. I like the hemp one but the smell takes some getting used to

  8. My wife has really dry skin, and has been trying so many different hand creams... But I don't recognise any of these, so I'll have to get her to take a look :)

  9. I have hand cream all over the house! My hands are dry and cracked, that's my excuse for buying more anyway!

  10. I love Soap and Glory but so glad that you said about Crabtree and Evelyn because I freaking love them. I love handcreams too x

  11. I always have to have hand cream at the ready, but I'm not QUITE this bad... ;) x

  12. The body shop hand creams are my favourite, too - I love their Hemp one :)

  13. Oh wow - I don't use hand cream but you have some gorgeous ones here! Kaz x

  14. I love Loccitane handcreams, my hands get really dry and they really help :)

  15. Unfortunately for me I can't use most hand creams as I suffer with eczema on my one hand and anything I put on it irritates the skin :-( so I have to use some special ointment from the doctor to keep my hand moisturized x

  16. huge collection! its not something i have ever used