Thursday 23 March 2017

Re - living my Childhood - The Beauty and the Beast Film

First thing i'm going to say is that although i'm going to try and have no spoilers in this post I may accidently post some. So if you read this and the film is spoilt for you then its your own fault! So SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT.
Although, I can hardly ruin the plot for anybody. Most people especially those who have children will all know the story of the beauty and the beast. 

When I heard that they were making a film of the disney classic beauty and the beast I was generally really excited. Its one of my favourite disney films. Belle is my favourite princess and I have always loved the music in the film. Watching the film always brings back a happy feeling in my stomach of happy childhood times. But part of me was also ready to most likely be disappointed. Lots of questions were running through my head about what the film may be like. Would they stick to the classic songs? Would they keep my favourite parts of the story in? Would they change it all to much? Would it be over the top with effects and CGI? I also heard a rumour that they were going to change the yellow dress that belle wears in the main dance scene. I actually didn't watch any trailers for the film apart from the very first time it was said to be coming soon as I didn't want it to spoil it for me. Firstly I find trailers show way to much of the film and secondly if it wasn't looking up to my high expectations of what this film would be like then I was frightened that I would be put off.  

So Tuesday night me and my mum booked tickets to go and see the film. I really did have this gut feeling in my stomach that all my childhood memories of the film would be dashed and I would sit there sighing at the film not being like the classic. 

Boy was I surprised. I was enchanted! Smiling entirely throughout the film and almost brought to tears at how beautifully done the film was. Everything about it was perfect. Firstly the music. Oh how I got butterflies with excitement as I heard the opening tune you that you hear in the start of the cartoon. I was scared they would "do up" the music to much and change it to much but it was exact. Every voice that sang each lyric was perfect and I recognised every song word for word. It was so exciting to see the film brought to life and seeing actors and actresses singing out the words. It really was like I was watching the classic. Ive had the songs in my head ever since. They were all amazing but for me my favourite of the entire film was when they sing about Gaston in the pub. It was done perfectly and they even included Gaston lifting people into the air and spitting into a jug just like in the classic. By the end of the opening song I knew that I was going to love watching this film. 

The sets were perfect. From the little house that Belle lives in to the enchanted castle that the Beast lives in. They all had so much detail and the castle and its surroundings were amazing. The costumes and the characters were also done so perfectly. Each one looked just like you would have seen in the classic. Did they keep the dress? Yes!! I was delighted to see that they had and that they were going to get rid of it was just a silly rumour. It was a stunning dress and is the dress that every little princess just loves to see. 

Another thing I was happy to see is that there wasn't the over use of CGI and things making things look to fake. You watched the film and not for a second were you looking at the walking talking clock and candle stick and thinking well that looks totally fake even though it obviously is because they don't exist. (Sorry to spoil anyones dreams if you thought they did). Also the Beast looked real and his fur was so nicely done. 

The next thing I want to mention was the cast and how amazingly well they have done choosing the right cast for this film. To begin with when I heard that they had chosen Emma Watson for the part of Belle I was disappointed. After watching and loving her in Harry Potter I was scared that all I would see was Hermione but I was wrong for a second time and she actually played Belle really well. She obviously has the beauty (although in my opinion her hair wasn't dark enough) and she can definetly play someone brave and stubborn just like the character of Belle. I really did totally forget about her being Hermione and she was definetly Belle in this film. 

I can't think of anyone in this film who didn't play their part perfectly. From the Beast played by Dan Stevens to the Talking wardrobe Madame Garderobe played by Audra Mcdonnald. But when thinking about who I thought played their character best there was no doubt in my mind. The actor Luke Evans played the best Gaston that could ever be possible. He had him down to a tee. His voice, his stubbornness, his vanity, and not to mention his dashing looks. It was all perfect and I was really impressed at how well he played him. He played so well along side his best friend Lefou who I was excited to see was played by Josh Gad who is also the voice of Olaf. Toggether him and Luke played the perfect pair and had me laughing through out the film. Disney introduced there first Gay character into the film making Lefou secretly gay. You see suggestions through out the film which are not hugely noticeable until the end when he dances in the arms of another man. Its a great addition to the film and kind of shows why Lafou was always so close to Gaston never leaving his side. 

So did they change the storyline to the film at all? So far I haven't really spoilt to much but this may be a spoiler so look away now. They kept most the story line perfect to the story of Beauty and the Beast you all love. Keeping simple but special lines in there such as when the Beast gives Belle the Library and says "well if you like it so much, then its yours". But there was some changes. I wasn't to keen on the fact that in this film they let Belle hug her father before leaving the Castle and say Bye to him, where as in the classic he gets dragged away and Belle is distraught with the fact that she doesn't get to say goodbye to her father. Then also they changed the scene where Gaston asks Belle to marry him and he gets pushed out into the mud. I was really looking forward to seeing Gaston covered in mud but they left that part out. Then where was the tiny little teacup Chip at the end rescuing them? In the classic Chip played so much a bigger part that he does in this film. But I guess that really is me just being picky as they really did keep in the important parts. 

They did add some extra scenes to but really they needed to add some extra or the film would just not be long enough. I feel the new parts they added fitted really well and gave some background to the characters. These are ones I won't be telling you about and you will need to go and see the film for yourself. 

I left the cinema feeling so happy and that I had re lived part of my childhood.  
So if you are like me and think you will be disappointed by the film then fear not. I can 100% say that you will not be disappointed. I loved this film so much that Im even going to go back to the cinema again and watch it for a second time. Even if I have to go by myself I will be there! 

Have you seen the film? What did you think? Will you be going to see it? 


  1. I'm INCREDIBLY JEALOUS!!! so desperate to see this with my 12 year old twins!! finding the time is so difficult , hubby has just started a new job which is shift work, no weekend off until end of April, so no childcare for my youngest ;(

  2. I'm going to have to wait until it comes out on sky

  3. Its my favourite Disney cartoon, i really want to see it

  4. I absolutely can't wait to see this film!

  5. Can't wait to see this
    Rave reviews

  6. I loved the film, it was spectacular

  7. Can not wait to see this. Its sold out though😢

  8. No, I haven't seen the film as yet. I have seen the classic and enjoyed it at the time. I may go to see the film. As a child I was taken to Disney films by my brother. It was nice, as I enjoyed the films, the treats ( he would treat me to sweets and / or ice lolly, ice cream etc) and the delight on his face. It was obvious that he enjoyed the films too. He was six years older than me. We grew up, he became a Dad and I got to enjoy taking his children to see Disney films at the Cinema.

    Unfortunately he died fairly recently. So possibly I will go to see the film with my fiancĂŠ, in Memory of my Beloved Brother whom I shared many a happy time with watching Disney films at the Cinema etc.

    Rachel Craig

  9. The animated movie is one of my favorite Disney ones (even though I was a teenager when it came out). It's got so much depth and amazing songs. So I was really excited about the live action one (even though all their other live action remakes have not interested me one bit). I was so impressed with the movie. I cried at the end, even though I knew what was going to happen to the characters. That was the mark of how great it was.
    I thought the changes they made really added to it, especially to the character development. I watched the animated movie as soon as I got home from the cinema, and I really noticed how much richer the world had been made. I really liked how they added a bit of depth to Gaston. And Lefou's character was such a welcome change from a nasty, one-dimensional lackey. That made him being gay (which was a possibility in the animated movie) work really well. The only missing part I really wanted to see was Lefou in the snow. Josh Gad as a real life snowman would have been perfect.

  10. Im going to see it this weekend...Finally!!