Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mid Month More about Me - March - Fashion Shows

Each month i'm going to write a short post which is a little bit more about me. I might write about hobbies, favourite things, things I hate, places I love. But each month it will be a post where my readers can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.

This month I thought I would talk a little about something I used to do before I had Lily. That was my fashion shows in the streets that I organised and then photographed. As well as my photography I have always had a love for organisation and I ended up falling into a job of working back stage at a night club Fashion event that was held each month. After working this job and also having some other experience working back stage of fashion shows, helping with choreography and organising the models, I decided that I wanted to put on fashion shows but with a little bit of a difference. 

I then organised my first Fashion show in the streets for London Fashion week. I had 12 models all walk in outfits from a designer called Carlotta Actis Barone and I choreographed a 10 minute walk from Somerset House to Free Masons Hall. The show was really successful and a huge crowd of photographers greeted us at the entrance of somerset house. The event also got published on the ITV website as well as other websites and magazines and newspapers. It really has to be my best achievement and I always feel so good looking back at what I made happen. 

Here is a video of the fashion show. Its worth watching until the end just to be able to watch a very cringe worthy interview with me at the end. I HATE INTERVIEWS and you can totally tell that the camera was making me nervous haha. 

From this event I then went on to do a charity hair show in the streets for the Princes Royal Trust. We only raised £100 but better than nothing and it was a really fun day. The idea was that the people in the streets had to vote for their favourite hair style by placing a donation in the bucket of the one they liked the best. 

Here is the video for that event. 

I did quite a few street shows over the year. One was for some designers that had come all the way from New york and one we did in the pouring rain. But the next big one was a fashion show in Paris. I worked again with Carlotta Actis Barone and we showcased her collection in the streets of Paris. Having not been to Paris before this was an amazing day for me. Running around like a crazy person that weekend and little did I know that I had Lily growing inside me. It was 2 days after this fashion show that I found out I was pregnant. So this fashion show will always create special memories for me. 

Hope you enjoy watching my videos. Unfortunately fashion shows in the streets are something I haven't done for over 2 years now. Not easy being a full time mum and trying to organise a show. I have now also moved away from London. But who knows, I think the north may need a little shaking up and I may hit the streets of Manchester or Liverpool one day. 

So keep your eyes out for a crazy line of walking models in a town near you! 


  1. Well done on raising the money sounds fun

  2. you've fit a lot in x well done x

  3. wow, never knew this, you've accomplished so much! amazing! :D

  4. Wow well done!! This was very interesting watch/read, great post!

  5. Haven't watched the videos yet -will do later I hope you do rock the North West scene-will be watching out for you

  6. Street shows are a great idea! looks fun

  7. Fab looks dead for a good cause :)