Friday 24 March 2017

Celebrating Easter with Jelly Belly

Who normally spends there Easter stuffing there face with Chocolate? I do!! I love Easter and always feel so naughty and guilty after it is over with the amount of chocolate I have eaten. 

But maybe there is a solution? Why not Celebrate Easter with me and Jelly Belly in eating lots of yummy Jelly Beans instead. 

Over on my twitter I have an exciting competition running where 2 winners can get their hands on a pack of Jelly Belly's super special shimmering Jewel collection. 

Its not to be missed with the pack featuring some of Jelly Belly's most loved flavours such as Jewel Blueberry, Jewel Bubblegum, Jewel Sour Apple, Jewel Cream Soda, Jewel Berry Blue, Jewel Orange and Jewel Very Cherry. 

Ive had these before and they really are scrumptious, my mouth was watering simply typing out the flavours. 

The jelly beans are all finished with a beautiful sheen shimmery appearance which really enhances the bright colours and makes them look almost to good to eat. Almost.. I said almost. There was nothing stopping me from devouring my pack of them. 

These jelly beans make the perfect Easter gift or Easter treat. 

Why not head straight over to Twitter now to RT and Follow both @JellyBellyUK and @LilysLearners and have the chance to win some in time for Easter. 

Or you could always head out to WH Smiths or John Lewis to pick yourself up a pack now.

Have you ever tried the Jelly Belly Jewel collection before? 


  1. No I haven't tried the Jelly Belly Jewel Collection as yet. I would like to. Please consider allowing Competition entry via e-mail, blog comment etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Once you start you cant stop tgey are delicious

  3. The jewel collection is so pretty!!!

  4. Not sure if I've tried the jewel ones (I think I have), but I love Jelly Belly. I'm American, so I've been eating them for years. They are the best jelly beans I've ever had, and I love the sheer variety of flavors they offer.

  5. Ohh! Jelly beans are so good. They look so pretty too x