Monday 6 March 2017

All moved in!

So it took 4 trips in total, but we have finally moved all of our things from the one house in London to the new house up North in Lancashire. We then looked around our new house to find we could not move. Boxes everywhere, furniture in the wrong rooms and a big job ahead. We are now one week into the moving in and although there are still some boxes around that need unpacking, we can actually walk around our house and cook, sleep and Ive finally found a place for my computer. 

So I do apologise about the lack of posting for a few days, as you can imagine its been very hectic. 

Our new home is great, Im feeling the chill of the north but I think that the house just needs a good warm up. Its been empty for a long while and so its cold. On the plus side I did want to make more use of my snuggly blankets. Its definitely bigger than our old flat, kitchen is huge compared. Which is going to be great for my baking. Lily's room is a little smaller but I think its actually makes it cosier. The carpets make it nice and snug and we have tried to make it as similar to her old room as possible. We have put some lovely new curtains up for her though and a nice addition of a new princess wardrobe which she has her dresses and dress up items in. 

Lily has really settled in fast. She only started staying here on Friday and stayed with my mum for the other nights. I thought she would not be happy about the new house and bedroom and be asking to go home, or maybe even just saying no when I told her that this was her new home. But she is really happy and keeps saying Lily's new house. She has been sleeping the same as usual which is some nights great and some nights not, and during the day she has been happily playing with her toys while we get on with more unpacking. 

I really do think we will be happy here and its going to make a nice happy home. My partner is off work for the next week or so and then he is only going to be working part time at home for now which is great as it means I can work more and he can spend more time with Lily. We also plan to have a great day out to Eureka kids Science Museum tomorrow which we look forward to. 

I plan to be back on the blogging front as much as I can now, I have the itch to get writing and I have lots of exciting things to write about that really helped us with this move. 

So that's enough of my week of moving in. How has every one else's weeks been? 


  1. Glad everything went well -you have your home looking lovely
    Gardening inbetween showers -not got very far

  2. Looks like the move didn't affect lily x

  3. We've now spent three nights in our new house and it's pretty much the same, boxes everywhere lol

  4. Jodie Thompson7 March 2017 at 22:02

    Really glad you are happy with your new home, Lily's room looks lovely!

  5. Glad you've got your internet sorted quickly - that can be a nightmare!

  6. Im glad everything has gone so well for you. You never realise how much stuff you have until you move

  7. So glad your move has gone well, I think it's surprising how resilient kids are my 8 year has seen us move a few times and she has always seen the positive rather than any negatives of moving.

  8. We moved just after Christmas and still have 2 boxes to unpack, lol!
    It sounds like things are going great for you in your new home, long may it continue xx

  9. Week seems to have been busy, seems to have flown in. Unfortunately one of my siblings died (a brother). He had been ill for sometime. Though his admission to hospital was an Emergency Admission, and his death has come as a shock to us. Staff at hospital :- Supportive and Considerate. Which made such a difficult time easier to bear. Some old and new friends have been in contact to offer their Condolences. Now his funeral is to go ahead, we are reminded of years gone by. His loving, Caring Nature, Times of Fun, Laughter and Dance which he loved.

    Attended Language Show at SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. Glasgow ). Interesting and enlightening.

    Glad your house / home move went well and Lily settling well to her new surroundings. Your preparations with her seem to have worked well. Well Done! Looking forward to your future blogs.

    1. Above Author :- Rachel Craig

  10. Lily seems to have lots of toys. Playroom seems a good idea if you have the space and opportunity.

    Rachel Craig

  11. Im glad to see that you have all settled into your new home so well.
    Lillys room looks lovely

  12. Congratulations on moving in. Lilys room looks fab