Tuesday 14 February 2017

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Party!

Thursday will be an Exciting day for Lily and I as we host our very own We're going on a Bear Hunt Party.

The party will be happening in collaboration with the Uk Mums TV Were Going on a Bear Hunt Twitter Party happening on their page on Thursday from 4pm to 6pm.

They have sent us an amazing box of activities to enjoy and play during the twitter party and so Lily has got 3 friends coming round to join in. 

In our boxes there was invites for our guests, and also some party bags with some fun colouring and sweets to take home. We are really looking forward to surprising out guests with these at the end of the party. 

We have also been sent the film to watch with some yummy popcorn and treats! I plan to buy some yummy snacks which will go nicely with the film and be Bear Hunt themed. We have also been sent a fun quiz to do after the film and a brilliant prize of a Bear Hunt Bear as the prize. A lot of my guests are between 2 and 6 years old so some parental help maybe needed. 

After this we then have tons of fun to have with lots of activities. 

Some of these include - 

  • Decorating a Bear Biscuit ( we have been sent a great decorating set) 
  • A Bear Hunt Treasure Trail with some amazing prizes
  • Pin the tail on the bear (we have been sent a poster, glue dots and fuzzy bear tails and a prize) 
  • Make your own Bear Ears (we have activity sheets and colouring pens for this) 

We really can't wait for all the activities and fun and really hope you join us and @UkMumsTV On Thursday Between 4-6pm with the hashtag #BearHunt on Twitter to see all the party happenings. 


  1. Looks like fun!

  2. What a lovely party! Have a great time!

  3. I'm very excited for this. I have it written down in my planner :) my little ones love the book

  4. It does look like it's going to be a lot of fun!

  5. Looks Wonderful! Great idea! I would have loved to have been involved. Unfortunately I do not have a Twitter account. Could Organisers consider involving others via others means? Also tomorrow is short notice, given that I have only become aware of the Event today via this blog. Best Wishes! enjoy!

    Rachel Craig

  6. Great idea. Not on Twitter. Than-you for sharing how your party went (on Our We're Going on a Bear Hunt Party). Hopefully the Event will be repeated, annually would be a good idea, and if it could be rolled out via blogs like this and others. As information some time before Event could allow for greater participation.

    Rachel Craig