Friday 13 January 2017

Dinky Duvalay Review

As Lily has just turned 2 years old, we decided it was time to take the side of Lily's cot bed. Just as we did I got a email from a company asking me if I would like to review the Dinky Duvalay. 

This couldn't of come at a better time and so we said yes to reviewing in the hope that it would help Lily's transition to having no side on her cot. 

Lily slept in her bed with no sides for around 2 weeks before the Duvalay arrived and although she loved the freedom of being able to get out of her bed, she didn't seem to settled. 

I expect your thinking what on earth is a Dinky Duvalay. Well the Dinky Duvalay is a very cleverly designed transportable sleeping bag. It can be used at home on your toddlers bed and then also rolled up to be taken on holiday or used for sleepovers. 

The Duvalay is a mattress and duvet all in one and also comes with a pillow. Its designed for children aged 2 to 8 years and can be rolled up so you can take it places with you and use it there. The idea behind it is that instead of your child sleeping in a strange bed, they get the comfort of being in their own familiar space. 

When the Duvalay arrived it was much bigger than I though it would be. It came rolled up and kept toggether with straps and the pillow came separately. I did think that for us for the moment it would be hard to transport as it is large and we don't drive. We mostly travel by train and so this isn't something small to carry. Although you can buy a bag on the website to put it in which would help. It looked great though and I couldn't wait to use it to see if It would help Lily feel more comfortable in her bed. 

When Lily saw it on her bed she ran straight to it and jumped in. I snuggled her in and wow she looked really comfortable. The duvet itself was thicker than the one she previously had so that was good as it was getting a lot colder in her bedroom. The print is great and matches her white and brown cot and its great that its a unisex design which means that it can be used again if we ever have a boy. Lily hasn't really taken much interest in the fact there are animals on it which is kind of a good thing in a way so then she doesn't get distracted when it comes to sleeping. I think the pattern is calm and natural and with the animals not being cartoony it doesn't make it an over exciting print.
I did find it was a little to big for our cot bed and slightly hangs over the side but I think we actually have a slightly small cot bed. 

The Duvaly can be opened from either the left or the right side and so we decided to make the open side of the dovet to the open side of her cot so she can easily get in and out of bed. Lily has never liked feeling restricted. It has a really soft memory foam mattress which moulds to the shape of the body for support. I was really impressed with how soft and thick it is and so I was really happy for her to be sleeping on it. The cover is made from cotton which is fully washable and the duvet is made with a hollow fibre. One thing I did find about the cover and the duvet is that the duvet slides around inside the cover a lot and so each day I would find loads of material left at the top and the duvet all lumpy. Im currently having to shake it out each night before I put Lily to bed. Lily does seem to move her feet around in bed almost like the looseness annoys her and if she is anything like me then it probably does. Thats one thing I can't stand when I sleep is feeling the covers loose. 

So, How did Lily get on with her nights in the Dinky Duvalay. Firstly the pillow spent around 10 minutes on the bed before I knew it wasn't going to work for her. It was way to small and thick and her head kept rolling off it. It reminded me more of a cushion than a pillow and we would of preferred a thinner one that perhaps could be rolled into the Duvalay for travel. But apart from that Lily did seem really snug inside the Duvalay. I wouldn't say it helped Lily sleep any better. I really am still trying to work out what actually will. I think that it could help her sleep when she is somewhere strange as she will relate it to her own bed. Lily did actually fall out of bed while in the Duvalay. She hasn't got quite used to not being able to roll too far, but the entire Duvalay actually came with her and she ended up with a nice soft landing because of it. She hasn't done it since though so I don't think it was because of the Duvalay that she fell. 

Lily is still sleeping in the Duvalay and seems quite happy in it and we can't wait to try it out at a sleepover.

The Duvalay retails at £85.95 which does seem a lot until you think about the amount you are getting with it. Its such a clever idea and a one of its kind so definitely something to consider if you travel about a lot.  

You can see more about the Dinky Duvalay here on the website.

What do you think about the idea of The Dinky Duvalay?


  1. I think it looks fantastic. Brilliant print too!

  2. excellent print with excellent vibrant colours

  3. Such a beautiful pattern :) my little ones don't like pillows at all :D

  4. There's definitely a lot of thought gone into it. Have to agree about the pillows though as I hate cushion type ones and much prefer very soft ones!

  5. Thanks for this review x love the colours /prints

  6. What a lovely idea, such a lovely design too. Lily looks made up with her new bedding.

  7. Her bed looks lovely. The design is fab

  8. Thanks for the superb article.Dinky Duvalay for me.

  9. I've heard about it but never had a chance to test it.