Monday, 2 January 2017

A Look Back on Blogging - The Highlights - 2016

As we are now into a new year I thought it was only right to have a post all about the blog and what it has achieved in the last year and what I hope for it in the next year. 

This blog is nearly a year old and will turn 1 in February. I really can't believe how time flies and how I have been nearly blogging an entire year. 

The first thing I have to say is how proud I am of my blog, and my self for the way it has all gone in the last year. I don't think I ever imagined a year ago that it would take off the way it has and that it would become such a big part of my life. 

I have worked really hard on it and a year ago I really didn't see my blog being as established as it is. 

Its really nice to have some followers, especially those who comment on my posts and amazing to see that my twitter has 4000 followers already. Although our scores are not everything when it comes to blogging to be in the top 500 with Tots 100 is a great feeling and I hope to carry on staying that way for the next year. 

Having the blog has definetly had some highlights. As well as having a nice diary to look back on and read all about Lily. It definetly has its great moments. So here are Lily's and my highlights from the last year.

1. The Estimation Nation Baking Challenge - I really loved attending this event. It was probably one of my first events where I was along side so many other bloggers and so for starters it was really nice to make some new friends. This is where I met Jenny from Midwife And Life and im happy to say she has become of my bogging friends now. It was such a fun event, I love baking and so it was fun to have to try and estimate all the ingredients to make the cakes. Also with it being presented by Ian from British Bake Off and being filmed all day long just made it even more fun! Its definetly a day I will remember. 

2. Being a guest at the Mad Blog Awards - I didn't blog about the mad blog awards this year. But I did manage to win some tickets to be a guest. It was such a great night with amazing food and fun pretend gambling entertainment and then watching everyone receive their awards. Above all it was also very inspiring and definetly encourages you to keep blogging. Blogging can get put down as a "not big thing" by some people and so it really made me feel better about being a blogger watching blogging get appreciated in such a big way. 

3. Attending the Baby Show as a blogger  - Ive attended the baby show many times even before becoming a blogger. So this year when I went as a blogger it was even better. We got to get involved with lots of fun activities and test out some products. It was also great to meet some of the wonderful people I had been working with doing reviews and so on. Then you can't not mention the brilliant goodie bag that I came home with. 

4. Seeing the Gruffalo Live - As much as I enjoyed this day, Lily did also. So I would say this was one of her highlights. It was definetly a day that she really enjoyed and it was great to know that we got to go through the blog. It was such a good stage show and I would have thought Lily was to young for it and not gone. But she actually really enjoyed it and so i'm really glad we got the opportunity to go. 

5. Walking with BING in the Christmas Toy Parade - Christmas got so crazy for me that I didn't get the chance to blog about this but we actually got to be part of Hamley's Christmas Toy Parade. We walked along side team Bing and a giant inflatable Bing. I found it so much fun, although Lily didn't to begin with. Eventually she was loving the huge crowds cheering and was giving people high fives and waving to everyone. Was such a fun day and at the end of it Lily got to meet Bing and Flop which really made her day. I have to thank team Bing so much for the opportunity. It really did make a great day out.

(Image supplied by Bing, You can see me with Lily in my arms at the front there)

6. Working alongside some great brands - One of the things that have definetly been a highlight is creating great working relationships with some great brands. There really are to many to mention but was great to attend a Little Tikes event and meet the team, and to work along side Wow toys and Lily be a toy tester for the day. I feel I've made a great relationship with Snuglo clothing, Heavenly Organics, Nuby, Num Noms. Lily would probably say its testing out all of the products and toys that is the highlight but for me its simply working with them and getting to know the brand really well. I feel proud to work alongside such great brands with inventive and clever ideas and quality products. 

7. Interviewing Sarah Beeson for the blog - Its quite a while ago now that I did this post but I was so happy to get a interview with Sarah Beeson who is an award winning health visitor. It was brilliant to be able to put my readers questions to her and be able to report back with some brilliant advice. Part of the reasons I wanted to start blogging was because I want my blog to help people and so it was definetly something I was really happy to have go on the blog. Also from this I have gained a great relationship with Sarah and she has given me some great advice in times of need when i'm struggling with something with Lily. Which I really thank her for. 

8. The last thing Im going to say is a highlight is that I have so much recorded down all about Lily since she was 14 months old. Its going to be so amazing to have it all to look back on and read. It makes me super proud and happy to be her mummy. 

Im really looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring for the blog. There may be some changes happening in my life that may effect what happens for me blogging, but either way I still plan to keep on going with my posts and there is plenty of exciting posts to come from me. 

I hope everyone had a great 2016, a great Christmas and a great New Year and I hope everyone will have a great 2017 to.

Lily and I really hope you join us to carry on Lily's learning journey and my journey blogging. 

Thank you for the support

Cassie and Lily 


  1. What a busy year you've had - some great highlights! I do love the MADs.

  2. Blogging events are such fun! I haven't ever been to MADS because I am not a mummy blogger, but it does always look like great fun too

  3. Looks like you had a great year. Happy new year x

  4. Sounds like you have had an amazing 1st year blogging & all the fab things you have done with it :)

  5. Well done! What a great year for you. My blog is 3 years old on February 1st - I started it when Pickle was 14months old! Kaz x

  6. You've had a busy year! Well done of been able to do so much stuff! xo

  7. Sounds like you had a similar year to us! We reached Tots500 too and was super chuffed. Well done and all the best for 2017 xx

  8. Wow it looks like you have had a super busy but very exciting 2016! I love your photo at the Bing parade (Evelyn is a huge fan!) and I am determined to go along to a blogger event or awards this year so its great to hear how much you loves the MAD blog awards!

    I hope your 2017 is even more amazing. xx

  9. You have been so busy, thank you for sharing with us all and a Happy 2017

  10. A wondrous year for you and lily
    Lets see what 2017 brings

  11. Looks like you have a great year. Hope 2017 is even better for you all.
    The picture of the cakes and now making me hungry, they look so yummy.

  12. LOOKS like you had a fun year x

  13. Yes you should be proud of youself, this is a great blog!

  14. I'm really enjoying reading the older blog posts :)