Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Mum's Christmas Gift Guide

If your anything like me then you will have focused so much on what to buy our children that you will have compleatly forgotten about your own needs. When it came to Christmas this year and family started to ask me what gifts I wanted I must admit my mind was pretty blank. I was so busy thinking of what everyone could get Lily that I hadn't taken a moment to think about what I may like. 

So I thought I would put a little list together of 5 things that I think you will love and that maybe you could ask for for Christmas. A lot of things in my list are perfect for big gifts but also nice little stocking fillers and may also be perfect to buy for other members of the family.

1. Yankee Candles

This is something that I asked for Christmas last year and is always something I would appreciate if I was bought. Yankee Candles are such nice candles and make such a great gift. Everybody knows the name and so I think when people receive a Yankee Candle they know they are getting a really decent candle. For me I love that they have such a range of scents. You could almost collect them. The scents are also really decent and you can actually smell them! (Yes I've lit many candles that I couldn't actually smell) The fact that they come with a lid is also great and you can pop that back on top so they don't get dusty. One thing I have noticed about Yankee Candle is that they last ages. You seen to be able to burn them for ages and ages. The wick that is inside also never seems to get destroyed like some wicks that I have lit on other candles. Yankee Candles sent me these 3 scents to try out. Cassis, Honey Blossom and Fresh Cut Roses. They all smelt great but my favourite had to be the Honey Blossom. You can also buy bigger candles and Yankee Candle also have a Christmas range you can get. I definetly will be putting Yankee Candle on my Christmas list from now on. You can see more of the Yankee Candle Range on there Website.

Small Yankee Candles - £8.99 

2. Jelly Belly Beans 

I have always been a big fan of Jelly Belly Beans, ever since I was old enough to eat them. They always bring great memory's of Christmas for me as it would be something my parents would buy me and my brother. One great thing about Jelly Beans is that you can never be to old to enjoy them. Its years later and if I get bought some for christmas then Im super happy. The great thing about Jelly Belly is the massive range of flavours. They have the original flavours which I have always loved, but then they do packs of different flavours to and special packs just like the Jewel Mix. I got sent a pack of original flavours and a pack of the Jewel Mix. I must say the jewel mix is so pretty, almost too pretty to eat... (Almost hah). The flavours inside were so delicious. My Favourite was the green ones and red one which I didn't find out the flavour until after I ate them. They were Sour Apple and Very Cherry. I have always loved a surprise when eating the Jelly Beans. Makes it so much more fun to not find out what Jelly Bean your going to try next. The bigger box came with 40 different flavours and they way it was displayed in the box was almost like when you get a box of chocolates and look at the menu to see which ones takes your fancy.
Jelly Belly makes such a great gift and its something that if you ask for for christmas then it can still be a surprise to what you may get with there being so much variety out there. Don't forget though that Jelly Beans are not for small children and if you are to get bought some of these, do keep them out of our children's reach. The colours make them so attractive for little ones to put in their mouth and there is a risk of choking. You can check out more of Jelly Belly's selection on their website. 

Jewel Mix RRP - £5.40
Original Mix 40 Flavours - £16

3. Jadu Tea 

I am a huge tea drinker and so tea is always a gift that definetly gets used. Recently I have been getting really into my loose leaf tea. I guess tea is not something you may think to ask for for Christmas but you can actually get some really lovely special tea and Jadu Tea is one company that really stands out to me. Firstly their lovely tea comes in such a beautiful box. With a nice suede blue lining with gold writing on it, it really is presented so nicely and really does sing luxury and sophistication to you. Then on the inside your tea is bagged up and then tied with a golden bow. I was so impressed with just how lovely the box looked.  Jadu Tea sent me loads of different flavours to try and so i'm going to be doing a full write up trying each flavour soon. But for now I want to tell you about the mademoiselle grey I tried. The blend is a slightly different take on the flavour Earl Grey which I just love and so was very excited to try this one. This blend is made up of Lankan Uva black tea, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lemon Grass, and Red Cornflowers. The loose tea itself looks really pretty with all its colours and is so nice to watch dance about as you infuse it. It tasted amazing and really does make one amazing cup of tea. Don't know if I can quite look back to normal tea now after this treat. I would definetly recommend you putting this on your Christmas list. I know I definetly will be in the future. You can see the range of tea's at the Jadu Tea website and please head back to read the review after Christmas. 

Jadu Tea Box - £21.50 

4. Morse Toad Personalised Chocolates 

After seeing some Morse Toad chocolates at a wedding I decided to have a look on their website. I found that you can find some amazing gifts and especially some nice Mum gifts. This is a direction you could send your other half in to buy you a nice gift maybe from your son or daughter. I know most of us generally have to Hint Hint to our partners at what we may like. Morse Toad let me pick something out on their website and so I picked out this lovely personalised Mum gift to show you all. The chocolates all come in a really slender and lovely box and I think its a lovely thing to open on Christmas day. Then you open the box and in my case there is a lovely photograph of Lily with a chocolate message that reads Best Mum in the World. I think this is so nice and if I hadn't of picked it out myself and actually received it for christmas then I would have been made up. On the website there are different choices of messages to put and you can choose your own photograph of a message to be put into the card slot. This set comes with 22 chocolates and Ive tried these chocolates and they are a really yummy solid milk chocolate. You can head to the Morse Toad website to check out what other gifts they have to offer. 

Personalised Photo Set - £14 

5. The Body Shop 

This one is my something I ask for every year item. Although I haven't been sent anything from The Body Shop it just had to go into my gift guide. Each year I always ask for something from this shop and thats because Ive always found their products to be amazing. Also if you have never tried Bodyshop before, there products are natural and so are perfect for anyone to try. There is so much choice from Bodyshop and I could go on and on about every product I own but I will just mention a few I like. In the picture above you have Peppermint Foot Scrub, British Rose Body Butter, and an Exfoliant. Usually you can buy gift sets for each product or in fact any product as you can make up your own gift sets. I love the foot scrub as its a really refreshing scrub for your feet. Especially for us mums that are on them all day. The British Rose body butter smells amazing! Its my new favourite Body Shop scent and I always love a good exfoliant. I have found the Bodyshop ones really do make your skin so silky soft. There is so much more you can buy at Bodyshop to, hand creams are one of my favourites. If you were to put Bodyshop onto your list for Christmas I can guarantee that you would be in for a treat when you open it Christmas day. 

Body Butters - £12
Peppermint foot Scrub - £7
Body Scrub - From £5 

So which gift from my Mum's Gift Guide do you think you will be asking for?


  1. All of them
    Morse toad and Yankees are my favourite

  2. I love Yankee candles too, especially the winter scents x

  3. Fantastic ideas I love the personalised chocolate from Morse Toad, I am considering getting it for someone but not sure who yet?

  4. Some lovely ideas. Yankee Candles are always at the top of my list

    Cat x

  5. I love tea and I adore candles so the Yankee candles and the Yadu tea set would be top picks for me. Plus how lovely is the packaging?

  6. I would be happy to receive any of these gifts from people. I especially love Yankee Candles and Body Shop products :-)

  7. All these gifts sound perfect to me. I've got Yankee candles and chocolate on my list

  8. Some lovely ideas- my favourite is Yankee Candles - they are just divine! Kaz x

  9. Oooh, that tea looks gorgeous. Might end up on my super late letter to Santa...

  10. I love candles! And the Jewel Jelly Belly Beans are so pretty!