Monday, 12 December 2016

5 Foods and Drinks to Enjoy this Winter

Winter is here. Its getting much colder out and we are all having many more days inside and nights snuggled in. In one way thats a good thing, your nice and warm, can relax a little more. But then also staying home is not always the most exciting of things to do. 

For me this is where something nice to eat or drink can really help. 

Here are 5 foods and drinks that I have recently been able to try that I find can really help make your days and nights a little nicer. 

1. Duerr's Marmalade 

If you anything like me, then in summer time you like to be off and out and about. On a day rushing out you would chuck some toast into the toaster, quickly spread on some butter and out of the door you would go. But now that winter has set in, I find that Im not as much of a rush to get out and I may spend that extra half an hour in my dressing gown staying warm. This is the perfect time to try some of Duerr's lovely orange marmalade on your toast. With it bursting with flavour it really can add that little bit of sunshine that was missing to the morning. The Orange Marmalade comes in thick cut and fine cut and I got to try the thick cut marmalade out on my toast. It really did make a nice change and it had a really nice and sweet but zesty citrus flavour. Duerr's jars have had a little make over to and I think they look really lovely and inviting to want to try the marmalade. But the thing that is even better about them is that the jars are also reusable. 

So thats breakfast out of the way, how about lunch? 

I have always loved a nice bowl of soup at winter time. It has always made me feel really warm inside and cosy and comfortable. Which is exactly how you want to feel at winter time. Baxters soups have always been one of my favourites and would be my go to soup on the supermarket shelves. I think one of the reasons for this is that I'm not a huge fan of meat in my soups and Baxters do a really good range of vegetarian soups. Not to mention that they are always full of flavour and full of ingredients. You can really rely on Baxters for if they say it will be Chunky Vegetable soup, its really will be filled with chunky vegatables. I was sent 3 soups to try out. 2 from their vegetarian range and one from their hearty range. These flavours were Country Vegetable, Lentil and Vegetable and Minestrone with wholewheat pasta. I loved all 3 and have actually not tried these 3 before. I definetly would be getting them again. But I must say that the Country Vegetable from the Hearty Range was definetly my favourite. Hearty is definetly a great way to describe it and I was really satisfied and full after eating it. 

Ok, so its nearly Christmas, we can have a drink with our lunch right? Or maybe a mid afternoon treat? 

Okay so I know that Crabbie's can also be a nice summer alcoholic drink, but the Ginger Beer is definetly one that I also love to drink in the winter time. I find that the spice that comes with Ginger is quite warming and so your getting a refreshing drink with a warm comforting feeling. This is one that I probably wouldn't actually drink with my lunch unless I had my partner home as I am a total lightweight and do have a toddler to take care of. But on a weekend, its all mine! I was sent the Scottish Raspberry Ginger Beer to try. I am quite a fan of fruity alcoholic drinks and I do love ginger beer so I did find them to be a perfect combination. If only I could drink this with every lunch I had. 

Now, Im going to be a little naughty now and compleatly skip dinner and go to a night time drink. 

4. Lambrini 

So this is definitely my kind of drink. As I said earlier I am quite a lightweight and so as much as I love a drink, I really can't handle drinks with high alcohol content. I have been a big drinker of Lambrini for a while now. It would most likely to be my daytime party drink that I would have. Or my night in and can't get too drunk sort of drink. It also tastes really good to happily sip away at as its sweet and sparkly. I was sent the Very Cherry to try and again as I love fruity drinks and love Lambrini, I was really happy to be drinking it. I also loved something about the colour of it. It made it different and fun to drink with it not just being a plane white colour. Also It did make me feel very festive with it being red in colour. Some people could say it is a little sweet so its is definetly for the sweet tooth sort of girl but that suits me just fine. 

But if you aren't a Alcohol drinker you could always try a bottle of... 

This is a wine I have tried and reviewed recently. You can see that review here. But if you are not a big drinker and have to stay in on a night, maybe your looking after your toddler all night just like me, then this is the wine for you. I find that the taste is great and you actually feel like you are drinking a nice glass of wine and forget about the no alcohol part of it. The taste is really nice and I have tried all 4 of the bottles of wine. My Favourite would be the Rose. I look forward to drinking a nice glass of red over christmas though as I find red wine is my winter drink. 

So which of these foods and drinks do you think you would like to try this winter? 


  1. Delicious
    Love the alcohol free wine

  2. Oh I do love Crabbies Ginger beer, nice in the summer but nice any time to be totally honest :-)

  3. The Lambrini sounds worth trying

  4. I love a good soup! There is a local company here in Northern Ireland and they make a gorgeous mulled wine! It is so so good! Xo

  5. I don't drink alcohol, think I may give this Eisberg a try

  6. Great choice, I love to have port or a baileys with malibu at this time of year.

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  8. Marmelade is a great shout, I'll have to give this one a try! I've almost forgotten marmelade existed actually, as I've mainly been jammin'