Friday, 30 December 2016

Mummy and Me December 2016

This month has definetly been a month of picture opportunities. A lot of the time me and Lily have headed out and about on our own but luckily people have always offered to take us a picture. Im really happy to have some lovely photographs of me and Lily over the Christmas period and they are going to be nice memories of Lily enjoying Christmas. These are some of my favourite photographs to end the year with. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

All about Our Num Nom Advent Calander

You will have seen a few weeks ago that we were sent a amazing Advent Box from Num Noms. If you haven't, then here is the post I wrote. 

Advent is now over, as is Christmas which is sad. But I want to take a look back at what we found in our wonderful advent box. 

Really I wish I would have written down exactly what we got on each day, but alas I wasn't that organised. I did get loads of great pictures though and if you have been following my social media then you would have seen most of these. 

Lily is a huge Num Nom fan, at only 2 years old she already knows exactly what they are and exactly what they do. She excitedly each morning shouted Num Noms as I got the box out. Her collection is getting pretty good now to and we have 3 tubs full of Num Noms so each day was very exciting to see what we would get next. 

The big box was full of exciting things, and even I was super keen to see what was inside. 

There was some great Num Noms sets inside our box, including the Deluxe Dinner set, Deluxe Jelly Bean set, The Brunch Bunch set, and Ice cream Party set. This has really helped Lily's collection grow and she got sop excited to see new Num Noms. 

There was also some nice sweetie Haribo treats which mummy decided to eat as Lily doesn't eat sweeties yet. Other Items included some colouring sheets, food related rubbers, and yogurt pots with stamps or lip glosses inside. Lily really loves the stamps and goes a little stamp crazy with them. 

There was also some Scratch and sniff stickers inside which Lily loved. She is a little sticker mad and so really enjoyed these. They are so cool and smell really good. 

After opening all the advents we had a special one to open on Christmas day! This was a new Lights Series 1 Num Nom and when you press the little button it lights up. The Num Nom we got also had sparkles on! It was amazing and Lily loved the fact it lit up. We are super excited to see more of these now that they are available. It was so nice to open this on Christmas day and see it light up. 

We are sad that the advent is over but really want to thank Num Noms for such a fun lead up to christmas! We are really looking forward to see what comes next from them. Lily and I are now truly big Num Noms fans. 

Do you love Num Noms? What do you think to the special light up Num Nom we got?

Friday, 23 December 2016

4 Books Great for Your Kids This Christmas

As some of my readers may know, I do a monthly book review of what Lily and I have been reading over the month. This month because it was Christmas I got Lily some extra books that were winter and Christmas themed as well as introducing 4 new stories for bedtime. 

So at the end of this month there will still be our usual monthly roundup, but here are 4 more books that I think are great for your children this Christmas. 

1. Thats not my Snowman  - A Usbourne Touchy - Feely Book 
Lily has really loved these touchy feely books since she was a baby, and she still enjoys them now. If you are not familiar with the way these books are written then on each page it has a different image and saying. For example "thats not my snowman, his hat is too soft". The Snowman's hat will be soft to touch. Its a great way for children to learn with their senses and also as they get older learn different words for different feelings so example, soft, hard, fluffy. These books can be picked up from most high street stores and at the moment you should be able to find Christmas themed ones.

2. Stick Man - By Julia Donaldson
I first heard the story Stick Man on Tv last year when it was played over Christmas, Lily was only 1 year old so didn't take much notice in it, but I loved it so much that I had to go out and buy it. We haven't read it much since I bought it last Christmas as its quite a long story and its only now that Lily will happily sit and listen to longer stories. Its such a nice story of a stick family that live in a tree, and one day the daddy stick goes for a walk, he ends up in loads of trouble and far away from his family tree, but it does have a nice ending when santa finds him and takes him home. If you haven't read this or seen it on Tv I would recommend giving it a try. You can pick this up at most book stores. 

3. The Snowman - Raymond Briggs
I know that everyone knows about the snowman, So I don't really need to tell you the story but its only this year I decided to pick up the book. Just like the Tv show, there is no words, but as I know the story inside out from growing up with it, I just tell Lily the story that goes along with the pictures. She really enjoys this story though is a little sad at the sad ending when he melts. But I feel its one story all children should have. You can pick this up at WH Smiths along with other Christmas stories. 

4. Busy Santa - A Campbell Book
Lily has only just started to learn about Father Christmas and so I wanted to get her a book which Is all about Father Christmas. I found this busy Santa book which is all about what Father Christmas does delivering the gifts. Its a really fun pull, push and slide book where you can make father christmas do things like go down the chimney. Its lovely and colourful and brilliant illustrated and is a really nice book for your children to be able to enjoy themselves while they learn pull and push the slides. This book I got directly from Campbell, but you should easily be able to pick it up in stores and on amazon. 

Which of these Christmassy books do you like the sound of?

Head back in January to see what else we have been reading in December. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

C&G Baby Club's Sound of Happy

Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club

When it comes to our babies, happiness is one thing we want them to feel. Smiles are one thing we want to see on their faces, and laughter is one thing we want to hear flooding through the household. 

There are so many things that can help make those smiles beam and help create laughter. From the wooshing of a toy plane, to a raspberry blown on the stomach, or the words "Peekaboo" shouted out as you peep out from your hands.

It has always been easy to make Lily smile. Blowing raspberries have always been a winner, and she just can't stop herself from giggling when she hears another baby laugh. 

C&G baby club have set out on a mission to help make our babies happy. Working alongside psychologists and scientists, mums and babies, and the high profile singer and songwriter Imogen Heap, they have come up with the perfect way to create those smiles. That is through the world's first ever Sound of Happy Song.

The song contains sounds and melodies that relate to children, making them want to smile and giggle and create a great feeling of happiness inside. 

The Sound of Happy Team started work on the song by asking parents to upload the sounds that made their children smile and laugh, onto the Cow and Gate baby club page . Some of the most popular sounds included sneezes, animal sounds and baby laughter. Imogen then incorporated these sounds into songs. They explored changes in tempo, rhythms, patterns, pitches, performance cues and musical devices.

The next step was to test the noises and songs on babies for a period of three months, to see which ones had the best reaction. They looked for reactions such as vocalisations, changes in heart rate, movements and facial expressions, to the see which parts of the songs worked and which didn't. It would be these results that would all be put together to create a final song, that was made up of the parts most favoured by babies.

I think to have a song that creates happiness is a great thing. There have been many times when Lily was a young baby and nothing would work when it came to making her happy. To have a song that I could put on, that would instantly cheer her up, and help with that happiness would have been great. Even now there are times when Lily is really tired, or having an off day, when having a fun, happy song for her to boogie to, is going to be fantastic!

A few weeks ago Lily and I attended an event in London where we got to hear the song. This was the final stage for testing. The song was definitely filled with sounds that Lily loves. The song included things that excite Lily such as trains and aeroplanes, and also has one of her favourite sounds, which is POP. Its a really clever song to include things that all children relate to, and get excited about. 

At the start of the event we listened to the song in groups of 4, then again in groups of 2, and then again as a large group. It took a few times for Lily to listen to it before she was loving the song and bopping up and down to it. I think mostly she was a little shy as when she was sat on my lap I could feel her little body thinking about moving to the music.

On the day I felt the song was very catchy and even I enjoyed it. It certainly made Lily happy and seeing her happy made me happy. So the Sound of Happy was definitely spreading. The event ended by popping a big canister of confetti all over everyone which all the children loved. Lily mostly loved picking it up and throwing it into the air. 

Overall the process of making the song took 8 months and you can see all of this in the making of the song on 

The song has now been released on Spotify and Soundcloud and since the song has been released we have been listening to it at home. As soon as Lily hears it come on she will run to my computer where it is being played. She then starts to bop up and down and then that turns into her moving around the room dancing. The song definitely makes her happy. 

Im so pleased that this song has been made and you can Listen to the song here:

Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Ravensburger My First Puzzle - Christmas Friends - Review

Lily is a huge fan of puzzles and so when Ravensburger asked us if we would like to review this Christmas Friends one I Knew that she would love it and said yes. 

I didn't actually know that Ravensburger did puzzles for children so young and so I was really happy for it to be brought to my attention that they make puzzles that are for 18 months plus. 

As soon as Lily saw the box she wanted to do the puzzles straight away and brought the box to me. She sat so nicely on the floor and waited for me to get her the pieces out.
Its really nice for her to have a Christmas Puzzle as this is the first year she understands a little more about Christmas and is starting to recognise some Christmas characters. 

The box comes with 4 puzzles inside. One with 2 pieces which is a snowman, one with 3 pieces which is Father Christmas, one which is 4 pieces which is a reindeer and the last one is 5 pieces and is a elf. 

 I thought we would start with easy and work our way up. So we started with 2 pieces. This was really really easy for Lily to do and she pushed the pieces toggether really easily. She then said "man" for snowman as she recognised  what it was on the picture. I think If I would of given this to Lily 6 months ago when she was 18 months old she may of found it a little harder. 

Next up was the 3 piece puzzle, Lily again did really well with this one and pushed the pieces toggether really easily. I did lay them out for her in the correct order though which made it a little easier. She also then recognised that the character on this one was father Christmas which she said "christmas" as can't say father yet. 

Next up and its getting a little tricker, its the 4 piece puzzle, but Lily still managed to do it. It just took her a little longer. So I decided to mix up the pieces for her to figure out which went where. I thought she would struggle with this but she seemed to get the concept that the pointy out parts slotted into the holes. A few pieces took her a few goes to get the correct way round but it was good that it was getting her thinking. 

Last but not least was the 5 piece puzzle. This is the one that Lily had a little struggle with and needed a little help. As well as it having 5 pieces, if she got them mixed up she struggled to figure which went where as the image has lots of shapes and stripes and spots in the picture. But with my help she did manage to do it. Its great that there is one puzzle in the box that she doesn't find to easy and its something for her to work on. 

I think the reason the puzzles are so easy to do are the shape of them, being rectangle and going one under each other makes them easy to push toggether and figure out where they go. 

I think these puzzles are really good for a starter puzzle and I can see Lily getting this one out quite a few times over Christmas to play with. I don't quite think she is ready for the next level of puzzle just yet as I think she likes the fact she can complete these and it doesn't frustrate her. 

You can buy other themed My First Puzzles and see them here on the Ravensburger Website.  

Monday, 12 December 2016

5 Foods and Drinks to Enjoy this Winter

Winter is here. Its getting much colder out and we are all having many more days inside and nights snuggled in. In one way thats a good thing, your nice and warm, can relax a little more. But then also staying home is not always the most exciting of things to do. 

For me this is where something nice to eat or drink can really help. 

Here are 5 foods and drinks that I have recently been able to try that I find can really help make your days and nights a little nicer. 

1. Duerr's Marmalade 

If you anything like me, then in summer time you like to be off and out and about. On a day rushing out you would chuck some toast into the toaster, quickly spread on some butter and out of the door you would go. But now that winter has set in, I find that Im not as much of a rush to get out and I may spend that extra half an hour in my dressing gown staying warm. This is the perfect time to try some of Duerr's lovely orange marmalade on your toast. With it bursting with flavour it really can add that little bit of sunshine that was missing to the morning. The Orange Marmalade comes in thick cut and fine cut and I got to try the thick cut marmalade out on my toast. It really did make a nice change and it had a really nice and sweet but zesty citrus flavour. Duerr's jars have had a little make over to and I think they look really lovely and inviting to want to try the marmalade. But the thing that is even better about them is that the jars are also reusable. 

So thats breakfast out of the way, how about lunch? 

I have always loved a nice bowl of soup at winter time. It has always made me feel really warm inside and cosy and comfortable. Which is exactly how you want to feel at winter time. Baxters soups have always been one of my favourites and would be my go to soup on the supermarket shelves. I think one of the reasons for this is that I'm not a huge fan of meat in my soups and Baxters do a really good range of vegetarian soups. Not to mention that they are always full of flavour and full of ingredients. You can really rely on Baxters for if they say it will be Chunky Vegetable soup, its really will be filled with chunky vegatables. I was sent 3 soups to try out. 2 from their vegetarian range and one from their hearty range. These flavours were Country Vegetable, Lentil and Vegetable and Minestrone with wholewheat pasta. I loved all 3 and have actually not tried these 3 before. I definetly would be getting them again. But I must say that the Country Vegetable from the Hearty Range was definetly my favourite. Hearty is definetly a great way to describe it and I was really satisfied and full after eating it. 

Ok, so its nearly Christmas, we can have a drink with our lunch right? Or maybe a mid afternoon treat? 

Okay so I know that Crabbie's can also be a nice summer alcoholic drink, but the Ginger Beer is definetly one that I also love to drink in the winter time. I find that the spice that comes with Ginger is quite warming and so your getting a refreshing drink with a warm comforting feeling. This is one that I probably wouldn't actually drink with my lunch unless I had my partner home as I am a total lightweight and do have a toddler to take care of. But on a weekend, its all mine! I was sent the Scottish Raspberry Ginger Beer to try. I am quite a fan of fruity alcoholic drinks and I do love ginger beer so I did find them to be a perfect combination. If only I could drink this with every lunch I had. 

Now, Im going to be a little naughty now and compleatly skip dinner and go to a night time drink. 

4. Lambrini 

So this is definitely my kind of drink. As I said earlier I am quite a lightweight and so as much as I love a drink, I really can't handle drinks with high alcohol content. I have been a big drinker of Lambrini for a while now. It would most likely to be my daytime party drink that I would have. Or my night in and can't get too drunk sort of drink. It also tastes really good to happily sip away at as its sweet and sparkly. I was sent the Very Cherry to try and again as I love fruity drinks and love Lambrini, I was really happy to be drinking it. I also loved something about the colour of it. It made it different and fun to drink with it not just being a plane white colour. Also It did make me feel very festive with it being red in colour. Some people could say it is a little sweet so its is definetly for the sweet tooth sort of girl but that suits me just fine. 

But if you aren't a Alcohol drinker you could always try a bottle of... 

This is a wine I have tried and reviewed recently. You can see that review here. But if you are not a big drinker and have to stay in on a night, maybe your looking after your toddler all night just like me, then this is the wine for you. I find that the taste is great and you actually feel like you are drinking a nice glass of wine and forget about the no alcohol part of it. The taste is really nice and I have tried all 4 of the bottles of wine. My Favourite would be the Rose. I look forward to drinking a nice glass of red over christmas though as I find red wine is my winter drink. 

So which of these foods and drinks do you think you would like to try this winter? 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Its a Num Noms Advent!

Its Officially the count down to Christmas and Num Noms came up with a great way for us to count down the days! 

They have sent us there very own one off edition Num Nom Advent Boxes!

When they said they were sending us a advent calendar I didn't know what to expect. Maybe a Num Nom a day?
We were so excited when it turned up, it was bigger than expected and much more than I expected. When we looked inside I was so surprised to see what was there. 

Inside were lots of different shaped parcels all wrapped up ready for us to open each day. Some small and some big!! 

What a perfect way to countdown to christmas. 

We are now on day 9 and so far we have had some wonderful goodies! Lily has been really enjoying having these to open each day. 

Head back after Christmas and find out exactly what we have been getting in our advent box or watch my Instagram and Twitter Feed for the Hashtag #NumNomsAdvent to see some posts of what we got. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Mum's Christmas Gift Guide

If your anything like me then you will have focused so much on what to buy our children that you will have compleatly forgotten about your own needs. When it came to Christmas this year and family started to ask me what gifts I wanted I must admit my mind was pretty blank. I was so busy thinking of what everyone could get Lily that I hadn't taken a moment to think about what I may like. 

So I thought I would put a little list together of 5 things that I think you will love and that maybe you could ask for for Christmas. A lot of things in my list are perfect for big gifts but also nice little stocking fillers and may also be perfect to buy for other members of the family.

1. Yankee Candles

This is something that I asked for Christmas last year and is always something I would appreciate if I was bought. Yankee Candles are such nice candles and make such a great gift. Everybody knows the name and so I think when people receive a Yankee Candle they know they are getting a really decent candle. For me I love that they have such a range of scents. You could almost collect them. The scents are also really decent and you can actually smell them! (Yes I've lit many candles that I couldn't actually smell) The fact that they come with a lid is also great and you can pop that back on top so they don't get dusty. One thing I have noticed about Yankee Candle is that they last ages. You seen to be able to burn them for ages and ages. The wick that is inside also never seems to get destroyed like some wicks that I have lit on other candles. Yankee Candles sent me these 3 scents to try out. Cassis, Honey Blossom and Fresh Cut Roses. They all smelt great but my favourite had to be the Honey Blossom. You can also buy bigger candles and Yankee Candle also have a Christmas range you can get. I definetly will be putting Yankee Candle on my Christmas list from now on. You can see more of the Yankee Candle Range on there Website.

Small Yankee Candles - £8.99 

2. Jelly Belly Beans 

I have always been a big fan of Jelly Belly Beans, ever since I was old enough to eat them. They always bring great memory's of Christmas for me as it would be something my parents would buy me and my brother. One great thing about Jelly Beans is that you can never be to old to enjoy them. Its years later and if I get bought some for christmas then Im super happy. The great thing about Jelly Belly is the massive range of flavours. They have the original flavours which I have always loved, but then they do packs of different flavours to and special packs just like the Jewel Mix. I got sent a pack of original flavours and a pack of the Jewel Mix. I must say the jewel mix is so pretty, almost too pretty to eat... (Almost hah). The flavours inside were so delicious. My Favourite was the green ones and red one which I didn't find out the flavour until after I ate them. They were Sour Apple and Very Cherry. I have always loved a surprise when eating the Jelly Beans. Makes it so much more fun to not find out what Jelly Bean your going to try next. The bigger box came with 40 different flavours and they way it was displayed in the box was almost like when you get a box of chocolates and look at the menu to see which ones takes your fancy.
Jelly Belly makes such a great gift and its something that if you ask for for christmas then it can still be a surprise to what you may get with there being so much variety out there. Don't forget though that Jelly Beans are not for small children and if you are to get bought some of these, do keep them out of our children's reach. The colours make them so attractive for little ones to put in their mouth and there is a risk of choking. You can check out more of Jelly Belly's selection on their website. 

Jewel Mix RRP - £5.40
Original Mix 40 Flavours - £16

3. Jadu Tea 

I am a huge tea drinker and so tea is always a gift that definetly gets used. Recently I have been getting really into my loose leaf tea. I guess tea is not something you may think to ask for for Christmas but you can actually get some really lovely special tea and Jadu Tea is one company that really stands out to me. Firstly their lovely tea comes in such a beautiful box. With a nice suede blue lining with gold writing on it, it really is presented so nicely and really does sing luxury and sophistication to you. Then on the inside your tea is bagged up and then tied with a golden bow. I was so impressed with just how lovely the box looked.  Jadu Tea sent me loads of different flavours to try and so i'm going to be doing a full write up trying each flavour soon. But for now I want to tell you about the mademoiselle grey I tried. The blend is a slightly different take on the flavour Earl Grey which I just love and so was very excited to try this one. This blend is made up of Lankan Uva black tea, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lemon Grass, and Red Cornflowers. The loose tea itself looks really pretty with all its colours and is so nice to watch dance about as you infuse it. It tasted amazing and really does make one amazing cup of tea. Don't know if I can quite look back to normal tea now after this treat. I would definetly recommend you putting this on your Christmas list. I know I definetly will be in the future. You can see the range of tea's at the Jadu Tea website and please head back to read the review after Christmas. 

Jadu Tea Box - £21.50 

4. Morse Toad Personalised Chocolates 

After seeing some Morse Toad chocolates at a wedding I decided to have a look on their website. I found that you can find some amazing gifts and especially some nice Mum gifts. This is a direction you could send your other half in to buy you a nice gift maybe from your son or daughter. I know most of us generally have to Hint Hint to our partners at what we may like. Morse Toad let me pick something out on their website and so I picked out this lovely personalised Mum gift to show you all. The chocolates all come in a really slender and lovely box and I think its a lovely thing to open on Christmas day. Then you open the box and in my case there is a lovely photograph of Lily with a chocolate message that reads Best Mum in the World. I think this is so nice and if I hadn't of picked it out myself and actually received it for christmas then I would have been made up. On the website there are different choices of messages to put and you can choose your own photograph of a message to be put into the card slot. This set comes with 22 chocolates and Ive tried these chocolates and they are a really yummy solid milk chocolate. You can head to the Morse Toad website to check out what other gifts they have to offer. 

Personalised Photo Set - £14 

5. The Body Shop 

This one is my something I ask for every year item. Although I haven't been sent anything from The Body Shop it just had to go into my gift guide. Each year I always ask for something from this shop and thats because Ive always found their products to be amazing. Also if you have never tried Bodyshop before, there products are natural and so are perfect for anyone to try. There is so much choice from Bodyshop and I could go on and on about every product I own but I will just mention a few I like. In the picture above you have Peppermint Foot Scrub, British Rose Body Butter, and an Exfoliant. Usually you can buy gift sets for each product or in fact any product as you can make up your own gift sets. I love the foot scrub as its a really refreshing scrub for your feet. Especially for us mums that are on them all day. The British Rose body butter smells amazing! Its my new favourite Body Shop scent and I always love a good exfoliant. I have found the Bodyshop ones really do make your skin so silky soft. There is so much more you can buy at Bodyshop to, hand creams are one of my favourites. If you were to put Bodyshop onto your list for Christmas I can guarantee that you would be in for a treat when you open it Christmas day. 

Body Butters - £12
Peppermint foot Scrub - £7
Body Scrub - From £5 

So which gift from my Mum's Gift Guide do you think you will be asking for?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Mr Tumble Toys from Golden Bear - Review

If you have a baby or a toddler then I assume you know the famous Mr Tumble from Something Special. If you don't then you are definetly not spending enough time watching Cbeebies. 

Lily is a huge Mr Tumble fan and has been since she was a baby. She would always be transfixed onto the screen and I think it was the first TV show that she had a really good giggle to when Mr Tumble was pretending to sneeze. 

I was really excited for Lily when I found out that Golden Bear Toys were releasing something very special with a line of new Mr Tumble Toys. 

We were really lucky to be approached to review 2 new toys from the collection. 

We were sent the Mr Tumble's Fun Sounds Musical Car and the Mr Tumble's Fun Felts Set. 

I first introduced Lily to the car. As soon as I got it out she was so eager for me to get it out of the box and luckily it wasn't that hard to get out. As soon as it was all out for her she began playing with it straight away. 

The Mr Tumble car has so many different fun features and even I found exploring the car good fun. 

The first thing you notice about the car is how colourful it is, you can definetly tell its Mr Tumbles Car and the colours will really appeal to children wanting to play with this toy. As soon as you start pushing it along the floor you hear the engine start and a horn also toots. Its a really fun sound for children to hear as they push along the car but then again not the most fun sound for parents to hear again and again. But as your child gets older, sounds like this happening through out the day definetly seem to bother you less. At the end of the day as long as its keeping Lily entertained then it can beep away all it likes to me. 
As the car is pushed it also wobbles from side to side. It runs really smoothly on carpet or laminate flooring. 

Another feature which is all about sound, is the big button on the top that you can press. As you do it then sings the Mr Tumble theme tune and you can also hear Mr Tumble catchphrases. This tune is generally stuck in my head from the moment I hear it but again, as a parent you do get used to that. haha 

On the side of the car are 2 more buttons, one has Grandad Tumble on it and you can hear him say some of the catchphrases from the show and the other side you have Aunt Polly who also says her catchphrases. There is a range of things that they say so you can press the buttons plenty of times. 

On the front is another button!!! This one when you press it it flashes red. All the buttons are really obvious and Lily found them all easily and pressed them all. 

Lily loved the Mr Tumble character that it came with. He is really chunky and just the right size for little hands to grip. She was also so excited to see that you could lift the front of the car open and place him into the car. This is something she loved doing the most. 

Last but not least the set comes with 4 colourful makaton cards for them to look at. These slot into the back of the car. Lily really enjoyed placing them in and out of the car as well. 

Overall the car I love and Lily loves. I think its a really good toy to encourage touch and sound recognition as well as providing hours of fun. The toy retails at £29.99 and if you child is a fan of Mr Tumble and a fan of cars then this is the perfect toy for them. 

The second toy I was really excited about myself. It was the felt set and I used to play with felt sets loads as a child. Its something I would of never have thought about buying Lily but now she has one I've learnt it would have been a real shame for the idea to never enter my head. She LOVES it. 

The set comes with a flocked board and over 60 felt pieces to stick onto it. I was super impressed with how many it came with and it gave such variety to the pictures we could make. The pieces are all about dressing up Mr Tumble and friends and there are lots of different costumes and funky things from the show to stick on. 

I took all the pieces out of the felt that it came in, and then let Lily be creative with it. I was quite impressed that she straight away knew what to do and started to place them down onto the board. She is a really big fan of stickers and so I think that this is why she understood what to do. She also did layers with the felt pieces to make up outfits and also gave the characters things to hold in their hands. The one thing she didn't seem to understand though was that unlike sticker books, the felt pieces could be taken of and re used. At one point she fully filled the board and then got frustrated that there was no more space. I had to show her that she could take them all off and do it all again. 

After showing her this, she spent ages playing with this toy. I haven't seen her sit so quietly with a toy for ages and its great that its something she can play with without my constant help. 

The felt board is a great price of £7.99 and If your child is a sticker fan then this is a must buy seen as it has the same qualities as stickers apart from you can use it over and over again. 

You can see all of the Range of Something Special toys over at the Golden Bear Website 

Which of these toys do you think your child would love?