Friday 25 November 2016

Birthday Gift Review and Giveaway - Little Tikes Toys

For the 5th of Lily's 2nd Birthday Gift Guide, Review and Giveaway we have 2 brilliant toys from Little Tikes. 

We were sent a Light 'N Go Movin Lights Monkey and a Catch me Crabbie. 

Little Tikes has a huge range of toys that are perfect for a 2 year old. At 2 they are just starting to understand the world and finding new things exciting. At 2 years old they also have a ton of energy and these 2 toys are both perfect to help burn off your toddlers energy. 

They both make such great gifts for a Birthday present, being so colourful and happy they are bound to make any child smile when they open them. 

So first we tried out the Catch me Crabbie

This toy is a interactive toy that will really keep your toddler on their toes. It is really clever and has a motion sensor that see's your child approaching and then moves from side to side, just like a crab. 

As it moves from side to side it plays really lively music and starts to clap its claws. 

To get it started you press the botton on the top, which is really easy to press. As soon as you do it kicks in moving straight away. Lily got REALLY excited by this toy and her favourite thing to do is run away from it giggling. She then almost tries to sneak up on it but then it see's her and moves again and the running and giggling starts again. 

Lily has pressed this toy on so many occasions through out each day of giving it to her which shows she really likes this toy. 

Its really easy for her to pick up and carry around and you can tell that if dropped it is made really well and will withstand it. Lily put it on her toy box to play with it and it fell off multiple times and survived. 

I think this toy is great to be played with in so many ways, you can chase it, copy it, run away from it, and its sure to keep little ones entertained for quite some time. 

This toy is part of the Lil' Ocean Explorers series and costs £14.99 to buy. 

Secondly we tried the Light 'N Go Movin Lights Monkey

I love this monkey and find it so cute and cheeky with its big eyes and cute little smile. 

To play with this toy you press his shoe laces and then he dances about with his lantern that lights up the floor as he moves. 

The monkey has 2 modes. Chase mode and dance mode. In chase mode your child gets inspired to follow the monkey and he moves around flashing the colourful light on the floor. Then in dance mode your child is encouraged to move and dance along with the monkey while he sings and dances. 

The dance mode has 50+ sounds, songs and silly little phrases that your child will love. 

Lily really loved this monkey and was dancing along with him as soon as he was out the box. She has always loved pressing buttons and so loves to press his shoe laces to make him dance. She is made a little jump though with how fast he suddenly moves when you press the button and so prefers to move away from him a little to dance. The buttons are both really easy to press and I didn't have to show Lily to press them, she could tell that they were buttons to be pressed. 

There are a few tunes that are Lily's favourites such as heads, shoulders knee's and tales, and she loves ones that goes "shake shake shake shake shake". I love watching Lily dance and it really does get her moving and burning off that energy! Which is perfect seen as the weather isn't as great recently and we arn't able to go out for as long. 

The monkey is really cheeky to and does things like Ner Na Ner Na Ner ner! Which always puts a big smile on Lily's face! 

The monkey doesn't just talk when you press its laces, every 10 seconds or so it will move and say something encouraging your child to go back and play with it. 

The lights are also great and really colourful. Our living room is really bright so its a little difficult to see in there and so we took it into the bedroom which is darker. Lily loved trying to follow the lights with her hand and it really gave the dancing a disco feel to it as the lights moved around. 

This toy is part of the Light 'n Go range and is £29.99

Both toys I would really recommend as fun toys that will keep your children amazed and amused and going back for more. 

Now its time for the 5th of Lily's 2nd Birthday Giveaways. We have a Catch me Crabbie to give away. 
For a chance to Win, Enter on the Gleam app below. 

Win a Catch me Crabbie From Little Tikes

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Head back tomorrow for another Great Giveaway! 


  1. I would call it Cody the crab 😊

  2. We would call him Mr. Crab - because everyone appears to me a Mr in this house!

  3. we would call him henry!

  4. Snapper lol my little boy would love this

  5. Darcie says his name is 'snip snap'

  6. Hmm maybe a Charlie or a Colin?

  7. I would name mine Carmine the Crab

  8. Sebastian would be my choice but probably a bit of a mouthful for my granddaughter who is only just learning to talk

  9. Crabbie Mc CrabFace !!!!

  10. I reckon he'd become Colin the Crab!

  11. We'd call the little crab 'red''s not that we're unimaginative but we are learning colours at the moment ;)

  12. I have a feeling he would end up being called Mummy as the whole house constantly calls me a crab ;)

  13. Original but Mr grab daughter looks sponge bob Mr crab

  14. Original but Mr grab daughter looks sponge bob Mr crab

  15. I think we would name the Crab Mr Spiral

  16. i asked Lil, she says 'Clawy' haha, this would be lovely for Grace when she decides to come out of my tummy that is :-)

  17. Colin for some reason I don't know. :) Thanks for the chance.

  18. She would be called Zoe, because my great niece loves that name and seems everything is getting called that. But did you know that baby crabs are called Zoea?

  19. Crawler :) Dxx

  20. I asked my daughter and she said Barry

  21. We would call it Mr Crabby as we already have a picture of Mr Crabby on the fridge and this would be him :-)

  22. We would name our crab Cora the Crab!

  23. Mr Crabby - he'd go with Mr Dolphin who lives in the tub too!