Thursday 17 November 2016

Becoming 2 Years old.

So tomorrow is Lily's second Birthday and so I want to take the time to reflect back and talk about what she has learnt recently. Lily is most definetly no longer a baby, she is a full blown toddler and she definetly lets me know it. 

Here is Lily's 2 year old photo shoot along with the a list of things Lily has learnt and a few things about her at this age. I realise that not all facts may be really impressive or interesting but I would really love to be able to look back and remember at what age she did what things. She does so much that impresses me that I know im going to end up missing some out but here we go....

  • I now occasionally sleep through the night
  • I am starting to be able to climb out of my cot
  • Ive just started to sleep with a pillow and duvet
  • I know where my bed is
  • I know where mummy's and daddy's bed is and will say "mummy's bed"
  • I can say the word sleep
  • I close my eyes when told to 
  • I don't like going to bed
  • I love my star projector and can say star and moon
  • I react to the stories that are read to me, by saying Aww or Oh No
  • In foxes socks when we open the flaps to search for the socks I say "No Socks"
  • I still nap most days for around 2 hours

  • I eat using a folk and spoon really well
  • I can be really fussy with what I eat
  • My favourite lunch food is still cheese but I also love cucumber
  • My Favourite dinner food is mash potato
  • I can drink using a cup sometimes with out spilling
  • I know how to mix and help mummy bake
  • I can say Milk, Chocolate, Cheese, Ham, Biscuit and a few other food related words
  • I now say please and thank you
  • I know about hot and cold can blow food that is hot
  • I can climb into my own highchair

  • I will no longer use the potty though I know what it is and where it is
  • I know how to wash my hands and love doing it
  • I can climb up onto my stool to reach the sink
  • I can brush my own teeth and know to rinse the toothbrush under the tap
  • I try to put on my own shoes
  • I can take off my coat, shoes, socks and leggings but not my top
  • I can say shoes, socks, coat, hat and say hands when I want my gloves on
  • I really love headbands now and can put them on my head
  • I can wipe my own hands and face
  • I can string 2 words together now 
  • I say Daddy's Home when he comes home. 
  • I say NeeNaw Car for a police car or ambulance
  • I say Choo Choo for a train
  • I now know how to say cat, and rabbit and bird and also can say the names on the cats (nearly) Shane is Shays and Vessen is Essuh and I can say trixie
  • I know who all my nanny's and grandads are and can name them in a photograph
  • I can repeat most small words back to you now
  • I know what wet is and can say wet
  • I call the vacuum cleaner Harold
  • I can say car, aeroplane, tree, house and other words

  • I Love to paint and ask to do it saying "paint"
  • When I draw sometimes you may here me saying up, down and around
  • I can draw lines, and circles
  • I know the shapes star, heart, moon, and circle
  • I now know some of my colours, mostly blue, green, orange and red
  • I understand colouring in and try and colour in the lines
  • I ask for stickers saying "stick stick" and my aim to get them into a space is improving
  • I have started playing with play doh and say roll roll when I am rolling it out
  • Sometimes when I draw I say what it is EG Mummy, Daddy
  • I know how to finger paint now 

  • Im starting to learn to count, I know 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, and sometimes I know 1, 4, 5, and 9. 
  • If mummy asks me what comes after EG 7, I know and say 8. 
  • I hate going in my pram, I would rather walk
  • I can say park and swings
  • I go down the slide on my own now, even the big one
  • I am getting better at climbing up things
  • When out and about, I will ask for my mummy's hand saying "hand hand" 
  • I know to press the button at a crossing and wait for the green man
  • I know which buttons to press for the lift and can reach now 
  • Im getting better at dancing and will stamp my feet

  • Im starting to have temper tantrums that are really loud
  • I say no a lot but can also say yes
  • I love to growl like a monster
  • I know the actions to Wind the Bobbin up and Twinkle Twinkle
  • You may sometimes hear me singing The Wheels on the Bus
  • I now give real big kisses on the lips
  • I know give real big hugs where I wrap my arms around you and squeeze
  • I Love to say Bye and blow kisses
  • If I have hurt myself I will say boo boo 
  • I love babies and will say awww if I hear one cry
  • I will pat or stroke mummy's back and say awwww 
  • My favourite shows are Bing and Peppa. 
  • I can say all the characters of Bing. Including the non main ones. 
  • I know which pig is which in Peppa. Daddy, Mummy, Peppa and George.
  • I have been watching Swashbuckles and say Arggh Harrrr like a pirate.
  • I say hello and wave good bye to Mr tumble when he is on Tv, You will also catch me laughing at him
  • Im getting better at building with my bricks and can make patterns with them. 
  • Im starting to learn how to place things into a order
  • I know how to feed my baby dolls and change there nappy
  • My favourite toys are Wow Toys
  • I can say Tea and Cake and offer it to mummy and daddy a lot

  • My Hair is starting to get longer (finally) 
  • I still get called HE and it still annoys mummy
  • I brush my hair and say hair, sometimes I try to brush mummy's
  • I will hug other Children
  • I can climb steps without crawling and instead holding a rail
  • I now know my name and point to myself and say "Lily"
  • You will hear me say things like "Lily's bed" "Lily's hair" 
  • Men do work around my flat and I point to them and shout "man man" 
  • I give my dummy to a dummy fairy in the day now
  • I know how to turn the Tv on, and the playstation and put a dvd in
  • I know big and call anything little baby

Im sure there is so much that I have missed from this list, Lily has grown and developed so much recently, and i'm sure I will blink and she will have learnt so much more. 

We are really excited for her birthday tomorrow. 

Thank you for reading all about Lily and thank you for following us and watching Lily grow.


  1. Going to be a fabulous celebration
    Really like following

  2. What a wonderful post and a precious memory to look back on when Lily is grown up!

  3. aw shes adorable and they grow up way to fast

  4. Great photos and a lovely record.

  5. She's so beautiful. Lovely post and photographs, they grow up so fast!

  6. lovely pictures-she is really pretty-and this is a lovely idea.

  7. Love the idea of being able to look back & remember at what age Lily did things. Gonna start a list for my nearly-two-year-old :)

  8. Hope.lily had an fantastic birthday happy 2nd birthday little girl now the fun starts mother of a 2year old they sure keep us mummy on our feet lol . Xx

  9. Hope.lily had an fantastic birthday happy 2nd birthday little girl now the fun starts mother of a 2year old they sure keep us mummy on our feet lol . Xx

  10. Wow it's impressive how fast she's learned. My little boy is 21 months and is no where near some of the things you've listed!

  11. Everytime you put on a new photo, you can see how much Lily has grown, and you tell those that say 'He' they must need their eyes testing!!! she is obviously a gorgeous little girl .

  12. What a lovely selection of photographs, they look very professional, but that's not surprising with your background. It's amazing how much toddlers learn in such a short time; it seems to me that every day my granddaughter is learning something. Her latest word is "Way-oo" for whale which is one of her bath toys.