Friday 28 October 2016

White Chocolate Krispy Pumpkins

So today I decided to try a idea I had in my head. I have seen a few recipes that are with marshmallow. But Lily doesn't like marshmallow so I wanted to see if I could do something similar with white chocolate. 

So we made some White Chocolate Krispy Pumpkins. I must admit i'm not the best as presentation, but to children's eyes I think they look like pumpkins. Maybe you could do a neater job. 

So, its really easy to make Chocolate Krispy Pumpkins.

You will need lots of bars of white chocolate, depends how many you want to make to how much chocolate you will need. One bar got us around 5 pumpkins. 
You will also need some Rice Krispies, orange food colouring and squirty icing. 

Step 1 - Melt your chocolate, I find the best way is to use a glass bowl over some boiling water and keep stirring, but make sure the water doesn't touch the bowl. My bowl was small and I had to hold it above the pan to get the correct heat to melt the chocolate. 

Step 2 - When your chocolate has melted, Stirr in as many Rice Krispies as you can. 

Step 3 - Put in a small amount of food colouring, or enough so all the chocolate is coloured but not to much as it will make the chocolate seize up. This may make the texture of the chocolate a little thicker but that helps for step 4. 

Step 4 - This is the messy part, with your hands grab some of the mixture and squeeze and roll it into a ball shape. 

Step 5 - Put them in the Fridge until they set. 

Step 6 - Decorate your pumpkins with a green stalk and spooky face. 

These are such a nice tasty treat for halloween and i've already eaten one or two of these. 

If you do decide to try these then I hope you enjoy them. 


  1. My little girl would love making these & love eating them even more, think I will try and make these with her

  2. TThese look so much fun
    A gret twist on traditional rice krispies cakes

  3. I'm pleased I have spotted this! This recipe is a great idea, I will be creating this for the Halloween party.

  4. Oh wow! these look awesome!!!
    Mine would love these!

  5. These look fab, what a great idea to serve at a halloween party.

  6. What a brilliant idea! So easy too! And easy for older little ones to make by themselves. Definitely have to give these a go! Easy little 'Christmas Puddings' too.

  7. I spotted these on Pinterest a while back and had the intention to make them with the little people, but ran out of time. Snowmen for Christmas instead ;) They look yummy though! Well done

  8. they look awesome & so creative as well as rather easy to make - thanks for this