Monday, 3 October 2016

Little Tikes Event 50/50 Graft and Giggles and Toy Launch

We were super excited when we woke up on wednesday morning as we knew we was on our way to an exciting event with Little Tikes. I put on one of Lily's cutest little outfits and off we went to London to go and check out some of Little Tikes new toys for babies and toddlers. 

When we arrived at the Icetank the room looked brilliant. It was decorated with colourful Little Tikes balloons which Lily just loved playing with and the room was filled with toys. There was also the nice treat of breakfast waiting for us with a lovely choice of fruits, pastries and drinks. 

The new toys that Little Tikes are launching are all about creating fun and stimulating toys that keep babies and toddlers entertained for hours, helping new parents to be able to cope better with the daily struggles that children can bring. Little Tikes have been researching into the highs and lows of parenting and sent out a survey to find out what parents thought about their first year of of being a parent. It was here at the event that Little Tikes play expert and child psychologist Emma Kenny revealed the results to us. The survey was called 50/50 Giggles and Graft.

I can definitely relate to the results which say that the hardest parts of parenthood are the constant tidying up and the sleepless nights. Lily has never been a great sleeper and the next day after a bad night can definetely be a struggle. Then tidying up? That thing where you spend hours and hours to make the living room spotless to only turn around and notice that Lily has decided to scatter all her cereal on the floor, spill her drink down her and somehow empty her toy box all at the same time. You then yourself collapse into a tired heap onto the floor and wonder why you bothered. 

The Little Tikes toys we saw at the event would certainly help keep any baby or toddler entertained just making the day that little bit easier. While at the same time creating little moments and milestones that you can look back on and cherish. Its these moments that help make up the 50% giggles of the survey showing that no matter how tired you are, watching your baby make that next milestone is magical. The new toys are all animals themed, extra colourful and all encourage movement and for the younger babies, tummy time. 

Lily had some favourites at the event. The new Light and Go range that Little Tikes have just launched was something that definetely captured Lily's attention. She could not keep away from one toy. The Light 'n Go Catchin' Tiger. She literally kept hold of it for most of the event was pulling it around the building. It was so great to see that she was so excited and into this toy. She also loved the Movin Lights Monkey who danced about flashing the colourful lights as it did. 

She also couldn't resist keep going back to the Light 'N Go Activity Garden Treehouse. This toy offered so much and kept Lily going back for more. There was flashing lights, animals, balls that rolled down ramps, shape sorters and more. So much to keep Lily entertained and I think we could of happily stayed there all day and played with that.

To end the event we just had to grab a picture in the Little Tikes well known car the Cozy Coupe. Always been very jealous that Lily got to drive around in one of these so was great to sit in a giant one perfect for us big kids. 

So what are/was your high's and lows of parenting and what do you think to the new Little Tikes range?


  1. Highs lows -they are all special in their own way
    Love the range of new toys
    Can see Christmas lists already

  2. The whole event looked like a child's dream (small or big).

  3. It looks like you guys had a fab day and learnt lots about upcoming new toys ready for Christmas. I bet Lily was super tired after her very special day test driving the toys.

  4. Everything looks so fun! I want a giant cozy coupe

  5. More of my Christmas lists sorted now
    Love the new ranges