Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Everything is Blue

Lily has recently started to learn her colours. If I ask her to point to yellow she points to yellow, If I ask her to point to blue she will point to blue. She recognises red, yellow, green, blue, white and pink. She can also say pink and will sometimes point to something and say pink.

One day I asked Lily, what colour is this? Holding up something blue. She said "BLUE". I was super impressed that she knew it and if I point to blue now she always gets it right...

But then.. I pointed to something green... "BLUE"  she says. Then I point to something yellow.. "BLUE" she says..

So we seem to be stuck on the colour Blue and everything is blue.

Ive just started my own youtube account for Lily's Little Learners and so felt this was the perfect time to show you a little video. Nothing special just quickly captured on my phone. Enjoy.


  1. Oh bless her. My daughter has speech regression, so we are currently trying to teach her colours using Makaton x

  2. Well done little lady my little 1 just learned her colours still gets confused there so funny and innocent clover girl

  3. Just the same as my nephew
    They are so full of surprises x