Monday, 15 August 2016

Todays the Day The Teddy Bears had their Picnic.

Im always getting stuck for things to do on a nice day. We have visited most local parks and done lots of nice activities and had loads of picnics so today I thought to myself how can I vary what we normally do up a little bit.

It was heading towards lunch time so I thought a picnic was a good idea, but instead of any normal picnic that we have, I thought why not turn it into a teddy bears picnic. I used to always love it at nursery when we had the teddy bears picnic and that day is like taking your best friend to nursery with you.

So I grabbed a cool bag, picnic rug, and then got Lily to choose a teddy she would like to take with her. I was quite happy with the choice she had made actually. She chose one of the teddy's that she never has really played with before. Its a lovely classic bear teddy and fitted our picnic so much better than Peppa Pig, who would probably be her normal choice.

On the way we went to the supermarket to grab food and then headed to the park to lay out our rug and sit down. The park I chose does have swings and slides but also as its so big it has a separate area of grass where we can sit and Lily not get distracted with wanting to play.

We sat down, and I laid out all the food we had. I think picnics are all about yummy picky treats and so this is what I got.

Cheesy Crisps,
Baby Bells,
Laughing Cow Breadsticks and dip,
Ham for Lily, Pastrami for me,
A bagel
Red Pepper,
Cheese and onion rolls,
and some fruit.

Lily sat with her Teddy and ate a nice selection of the food, while feeding her teddy. Bears have got to eat to! She also enjoyed sharing some of the food with me and was enjoying eating the same foods that I was. She even ran over to the pigeons and gave them some bread and then took her plate over for them which I had to explain that pigeons don't eat from plates and that food was hers. But bless her for sharing so nicely. 

One more thing I brought to the picnic was some stories. A teddy bears picnic is not complete without some stories. Here is my selection.

The Gruffalo - I felt this was fitting due to the whole being outside and meeting the Gruffalo for lunch.

Wolfish Soup - Another Outdoor story with a food theme to.

I Love my Grandpa - I wanted a nice story about bears that wasn't to bedtime like and this one seemed good. 

 I think we got through one page of each before Lily was up and running around though. So at the moment maybe she is a little young for stories in the park. She is still at the age where sitting still doesn't happen often.

After our picnic, of corse I had to let Lily play on the park a little bit. She enjoyed it so much more today through because she got to take teddy with her. She held him in the swing, pushed him down the slide and made him go all dizzy in the spiny things.

The trip to the park and the picnic today has created such a nice new relationship with her teddy. She kept giving him kisses on the swing and now she is tucked up tight cuddling him as she naps.

Just shows how a simple change of activity can make a big difference.

Does your little one have a best friend bear?
Where do they go together?


  1. One of my neices has a teddy I bought her 20 years ago
    Still goes everywhere with her
    She still packs it in her case when she's away and he sits proudly on her bed in her university digs

  2. Looks like those bears were exhausted after it!

  3. I've never had a teddy bear picnic. I should really try it with my daughter.

  4. Think it's the perfect day for our picnic
    Sun's shining and we're going to have fun

  5. Think it's the perfect day for our picnic
    Sun's shining and we're going to have fun

  6. I am glad that people share their experiences with us.