Wednesday 17 August 2016

The Bibetta Lunchbag -Review.

I have always loved Bibetta's baby and toddler products and always thought they were so clever.

We were super excited for something to arrive in the post and that would be 
the new Bibetta Lunch bag!!!! 

So what makes it different to other lunch bags? Well this one has so many different clever features that you just wouldn't think about. Lily and I tested out the lunch bag and here is what we thought about the clever features. 

Firstly the design we really loved the design and colour. The green is so vibrant and bright and the really cute pictures of the tree's with the owls in Lily loved. She knows the word tree and loves owls and so she was so happy to have them on her bag. You can also get blue, pink and turquoise with Fish, Butterflies and Birds on. All pictures that children would enjoy to see on their bag.
I also think the design is great for parents to. I wouldn't feel silly walking around holding this bag as the pictures on it aren't to childlike.

The lunch bag is perfect for when Lily will start to attend school. It comes with a lovely animal shaped name tag on the outside meaning that people will know who's bag it is easily.

The second thing we loved was the material it was made from. It has a lovely soft grip handle and I love that it can be really stretchy to fit in as much lunch as you can. But it can also be squished down if need be, for example for traveling or storage. The bag doesn't look to big but then when it comes to packing items inside it really is. We went out for a picnic and managed to get loads into our bag and we probably could of packed even more in. I will definetly be taking it with me next week when I travel to my parents.

Next up is the fact that is is naturally insulating. Keeping food and drink at the correct temperature. We think this is really clever and its great to not have to worry about our choccy biscuit going all melty in the bag.

The bag is really easy to open and close just by a little zip, which Lily really enjoys trying to open and close. She also enjoys carrying it around with her. Its the perfect size for her to be able to do that and due to the material being light, she can carry it with ease.

We haven't needed to do so yet, but when our bag starts to get really messy it will be really easy to clean. We can simply put it into the washing machine and have it come out all fresh and germ free. Which is perfect as one of my biggest hates is little crumbs and bits of food getting stuck in all the corners. Also with the material it is made in, its really quick and easy to dry. Perfect for those days when you need it dried quickly for school the next day!

The lunch bags are £9.99 and you can buy them on the Bibetta website. I think £9.99 is really good value for money considering you can keep them in such good condition through washing. Meaning you won't have to keep buying a new one.

What do you think of the Bibetta lunch bag?


  1. I love it
    Lily looks so cute with it

  2. I love it
    Lily looks so cute with it

  3. That lunch bag is a great color.

  4. Aww we have a purple one of these, we love it :D

  5. This lunch bag looks really good, I love the colour and it's fantastic that you can put it in the washing machine

    Kirsty Fox

  6. Love the bag and the benefits of it. And little Lily looks so cute with that๐Ÿ˜

  7. Oh these are very cute, gorgeous picture f Lily ๐Ÿ˜

  8. It's not often that I read such good posts.