Tuesday 30 August 2016

Kidlo Land App Review

We were recently sent the app Kidloland for Lily to try out. 

Kidloland is a app specially for children under 5's that has nursery rhymes, songs stories, activities and games to keep you child amused for ages. It has over 550 things for your child to do on it.

The app can help with learning colours, shapes, animals, numbers, words and more.

I let Lily have a few plays on the app and here is what we thought.

Firstly the app takes a lot of space on your device. So unfortunately we didn't have space to download all the different songs and activities to our device. So we had a few of the songs downloaded. Also each nursery rhyme has to be downloaded individually which is a bit of a faff but I will admit they download fast. So my review today is only based on a small part of the app.

Lily is a big fan of nursery rhymes and also watching videos so she did enjoy sitting down and watching the colours on the screen and listening to the music. We played it before bed and it seemed to relax her which is always a plus.
She also enjoyed the parts where you tap the screen and the little animals do actions, for example in the Incy Wincy Spider song you can make the spider go up the spout. 

The app is very easy to use and you just swipe to look through the different options of songs and activities. 

You can download a free app or you can purchase a one month, six month, or years subscription.

Head to the KidloLand website now to find out more or click the links below to download to your device.

KidloLand (iOS)Click here

Nursery Rhymes For Kids (Google Play Store)Click here

KidloLand (Amazon Appstore)Click here


  1. We have a trial of this to activate. I think my daughter will love it.

  2. I have a trial too
    Didn't realise it took up so much space

  3. I have a trial too
    Didn't realise it took up so much space

  4. I like any app where it helps their learning. Thank you for the review! :)

  5. We’ve had this app for some time as it’s one that the little man always goes back to. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  6. My son really liked this app when we tried it and I loved the security where the adults answer a maths question to access the payment screen. Definitely something I’d recommend to fellow mummy friends!