Monday 22 August 2016

A Nice Week at Nan and Grandads

This week I have been a little quiet on the posting front because this week I have been visiting my mum and dads up north. Which is obviously Lily's Nan and Grandad. I try and visit every few months because as you know children grow so fast and I really don't want my parents missing out on seeing their grandchild grow up and we always miss each other way to much to leave it any longer than a few months.

I though a nice way to start this week would be to recap on what a great week we had. 

 I arrived last Wednesday and for once I arrived to lots of sunshine. Where my parents live is actually in a very nice area and is surrounded by some nice nature and so we made the most of the sunshine and went for a lovely walk around the nearby lodge. Lily loved seeing the ducks and their was also a big heron flying around. After being stuck on a train all day it was a lovely walk.

On Thursday my dad had the day of work, so we headed to Bowland Wild Boar Park. We had all never been before and again it was such a sunny day and we had a lovely time. If you head back in a few days I'm going to write a more detailed post about our day there. 

On Friday we didn't do much during the day. It was raining all day and so we just relaxed and Lily and her Nan had a great day playing with her toys together. It was really nice to be able to take it easy myself and know that Lily was quite happy playing with my mum. That night I actually went on a night out. Which is something I never get to to at home. Mum was in her element getting to babysit and I actually stayed out until 2.30am knowing that Lily would be fine with my mum. 

On Saturday we had another rainy day. So the most we did was go for a walk to visit my auntie. Lily was really tired though and to shy to see her and decided this was the perfect time to take a long hour nap on my mum. 

Sunday morning (yesterday) we had a break from the rain and we went for a walk in the just to get some fresh air. In the afternoon I had tickets to take Lily to see In the Night Garden Live so we all drove to the Trafford Centre in Manchester for that. My parents went and did some shopping while we went to see the show. If you head back to the blog later this week you will find a longer post that I will write about the show. 

Today, Lily and I went to see my friend Jenna from and her son Noah. Noah is about a year older than Lily but they have always got on so well. They really enjoyed playing together with all of Noah's toys which he kindly shared and me and Jenna got a nice chance to have a good chat and catch up. When we went to leave, Lily and Noah kept giving each other a big kiss and Lily really didn't want to leave and she got a little upset in the car. Bless. We finished the day by visiting my Grandad and we had a lovely dinner of chicken with home made chips and veg. Yum! 

I have had such a lovely week and I'm feeling quite sad to be leaving tomorrow and I know that Lily and my parents will be sad to be saying goodbye to each other. But we are also looking forward to going home to see Lily's daddy.

Did you have a nice week? Do anything fun and exciting? 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely week. I took the kids to see Finding Dory at the cinema, it was brilliant and I would recommend it to everyone

    Kirsty Fox

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous week
    Mainly indoors here with a day of blackberry picking

  3. It's nice to see family who are far away. Mine are in the States, so we don't get to go too often. We make the most of it when we do.