Tuesday 26 July 2016

Lily's First Time Being Poorly

Lily has never really been ill. She had some sniffles when she was a few weeks old but apart from that nothing. We have just got back from holiday and Lily is now ill. I was in the middle (and still am in the middle) of writing you a post all about my holiday but I've had to spend the last coupe of days dedicating all my time to caring for Lily.

May be a weird thing to write about on the blog. But I want to record the first time she is poorly so I can look back and think, wow you didn't get poorly until you were 20 months old.

It all started last Friday night while we were still on holiday. Lily went to bed very early and woke up around midnight with a high temperature and crying. A quick cuddle and she was fast asleep in my arms in bed and so I didn't fuss trying to get Calpol into her. Just let her sleep in my bed with me. Around 5am I woke up and felt her and she was so hot. She was fast asleep so I decided to try and get her back into her own cot so she would be cooler. On doing this she then woke up and started to cry and then coughed and was sick everywhere.

I had never seen her be so sick before and so me and my partner took her into the bathroom to clean her up and wipe her down. My partner then took her to sleep in the living room with him where it was cooler and we could open the windows.

The next day she wasn't much herself, very clingy and sleepy and wanting cuddles, though perked up enough for a trip to the toy store for the last hour before we set off home. The train journey wasn't to bad and she had a nice sleep on it.

Saturday night Lily managed to get a decent night sleep and I was hoping that it would help her feel better. Sunday daytime it seemed like she was. She had a very runny nose but apart from that she went to the park and was running around. It was sunday night when things turned back to worse again she would not sleep in her own bed when we tried at 8pm and just wanted to be cuddled. She was hot and her nose all stuffy and a croaky throat. She also refused to take Calpol and I didn't really want to force it down her. So I just took her into my own bed and put on a film and after her rolling around for ages trying to get comfy she finally fell asleep.

Sunday night was a hard one. She would constantly wake up and just cry and cry. Lily has always been easy to settle but not this night and Ive never heard her cry so much. Not even cuddles were working. The only thing that helped was plenty of milk and a bottle of that would send her back off to sleep.

The next day she wouldn't eat and just spent the morning cuddled on the sofa with me. Which is not like her at all. All I could get her to eat yesterday was some chocolate and some cereal and then later she ate a small amount of rice. Better than nothing right? As long as she was drinking water and milk then I was happy that she was getting something.

I think Lily is finally on the mend now. She spend last night in my bed again but slept a lot better with no tears. She is still very snotty and I keep feeling little wet fingers grab hold of my leg which I know full well is a handful of snot. She is still not eating which worries me a little, but she is currently napping and so when she wakes Im hoping she will want some food.

I think illness is one time which really shows you how much your children need you and also what you will do for them, like have no sleep and wipe a runny nose with your fingers because its about to go in their mouth and you don't have a tissue nearby. Eww haha

Fingers crossed she will be better soon.


  1. oh bless her- it is hard because she doesn't understand why she feels rough and it is hard as a parent to know exactly what is best to do for them.hope she feels better soon

  2. Aww! Bless her! I am glad she's feeling a little better now. I hope she's 100% soon x

  3. It's so hard when they're ill, isn't it? I hope she's feeling better today xx

  4. Aww bless her - hope she wasn't feeling too rough xx

  5. Get better soon lily
    I m sure you are glad is usually so healthy

  6. Get better soon lily
    I m sure you are glad is usually so healthy