Thursday 7 July 2016

Kisses from Lily

Lily has been blowing kisses and kissing her dollies for a while now. But whenever I wanted a kiss, instead of kissing me she would just offer me her forehead for me to kiss her. 

It was a few weeks ago that Lily did something that actually made me well up. She gave me a BIG kiss on the lips. I was visiting family and was pretending to go to sleep. A game that I often play with Lily as she finds it hilarious to wake me up. A family member said to Lily. Aww give mummy a goodnight kiss. I didn't expect to get one as Lily never had given me a kiss before but she grabbed hold of my cheeks and placed a right sloppy smacker on my lips going mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as she did it. I didn't think something like that would be such a big deal but it really was a special moment that brought happy tears to my eyes. 

Anyhow, Lily hasn't stopped with the kisses but she will not often give me one if I ask for it. Instead she decides to come and give me one at the most inappropriate or random times. 

Firstly I was at the desk at Topshop talking to a sales assistant, and mid sentence Lily decides to grab my face and plant the longest kiss on me ever, stopping me from talking to the assistant for a moment. 

Then the other day at the park I was chatting to a lady I met and Lily decided it was kisses time and kept running over and interrupting what I was saying by doing more really long kisses. Which the lady found adorable and funny and laughed which only encouraged Lily more. 

Don't get me wrong I do love these kisses to bits, and I'm quite happy to show public displays of affection with my daughter for everyone to see.

But I do find her timing amusing. 

Then yesterday was her funniest. I always leave the toilet door slightly open so I can keep a eye on her. So I'm sat on the toilet and Lily bursts through the door and runs to me and goes mmmmmmmm and gives me a big kiss. Haha. Bless her that she is so lovely. But she could of waited until I had got off the toilet.

Its all good though, and I look forward to seeing when and where will be the next time I get a big kiss.

Do you remember when your child gave you your first kiss? 


  1. That's lovely
    So cute she wants to kiss you whilst you are on the toilet xx

  2. That's lovely
    So cute she wants to kiss you whilst you are on the toilet xx

  3. Yes, it made me all emotional and teary eyed too! It's lovely when they show they love you isn't it. Makes the hard days that bit better :)

  4. Such a cute photo, it needs printing and framing!

  5. They are really funny at this age
    Just watching a little boy kissing his dad's bottom

  6. It's amazing when they show you love and affection without being asked its real heart melt 💗💗