Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Mummy Tag

I was tagged by Rebecca at Mum of a Premature Baby to get involved with The Mummy Tag. I loved reading Rebecca's post and so I'm very happy to join in and submit my own. Thank you for nominating me. 

1. Are you a working mum or a stay at home mum? 
Im a stay at home mum, though before Lily I worked from home a lot to. You may still find me doing the odd photography job between blogging and taking care of Lily. Im booked to photograph a Wedding in september and really looking forward to it. 

2. Would you have it any other way? 
No, I planned to be at home with Lily before getting pregnant and I would hate to be missing out on these years just for work. We work most our lives and our children spend a lot of time away from us in school and then even eventually leave home and so I cherish and make the most of being able to spend time with her and play with her and teach her. 

3. Do you Co-Sleep? 
No, and I rarely have. As a small baby Lily always went into her crib or cot, no matter how much she kept me awake I never could sleep if she was in bed with us. The only time she has slept in bed with me is when staying over at my parents. The double bed is against the wall and she is old enough now to lay next to me and sleep there.

4. What is the one must have item for your baby?
I think for Lily it has always been her Mam Soothers. She is good with them and doesn't need them all the time but they do help soothe her at night or when she is tired or upset. Also her bouncer I got her has been used so much. Its one that you can sit upright for when they are older and so turns into a little chair. Ive used it from birth and she still loves to sit on it now and read books or watch Tv. 

5. How many Kids do you plan on having? 
I most definetly must have another one. I would love Lily to have a little brother or sister. I may stop there or I may want another. If I had another girl then I would really want to try for a boy. Ive always pictured myself with 3 children. Convincing the other half to have another one after 2 may be the problem though. 

6. Date nights, how often do you have them?  
Since Lily has been born I can count them on the back of my hand. I think we are looking at 5 or 6 times in the last 18 months. We are definetly due another date night. We didn't do anything for valentines. But knowing us the next one will be when we go on holiday in July as my parents are coming to and they will babysit Lily one of the nights so we can go out for a meal. Im really looking forward to that actually. 

7. You Childs Favourite Show? 
It has to be Bing and Peppa Pig. Mostly Bing at the moment, she wakes up and sometimes the first thing she says to me is Bing as she wants to go watch it. Im quite happy with her liking Bing though. I don't mind it as a show and prefer it to Peppa Pig.  

8. Name one thing you bought before having the baby and never used? 
Theres a few things. A baby carrier is one. Luckily it only cost me £5 as it was second hand. (though in perfect condition). Then there was the swaddle, I actually got gifted this but due to me hurting my arm in labour I struggled to even pick her up never mind swaddle her. Then pram shoes, so many cute little pram shoes that were either so difficult to get on they just didn't, or just got kicked off so what was the point in putting them on. 

9. Your child's favourite Food? 
Cheese!!! She loves it. No matter what I can always count on being able to give her cheese to eat. I swear she would choose it over chocolate. Not tested that one out. Maybe I should?

10. How many cars does your family have? 
None, I really wish that my partner did drive though. He will have to eventually. It would make life a lot easier at times. 

11. Weight Gain, Before pregnancy? During? After and Now? 
I was so skinny before I had Lily, size 6-8 and I had a REALLY toned physique. During pregnancy I didn't put a huge amount on. I had a huge bump and my bum and boobs definetly got a lot bigger but you could also still see my ribs when I stretched. After pregnancy I definetly had more weight to me than before but nothing major. NOW I've put on weight. I blame lack of sleep making me tired and crave chocolate and sugars. Not to mention I'm not doing the things that kept me toned in the first place. I tried on a pair of shorts that fit me last summer when Lily was 7 months, and they don't fit me now! To small! I really need to try and get back to my old size.

12. Dream Holiday with your kids? 

I would love to take them to disney world or even land. I mean Its something all children want to do. Though I imagine its expensive. But I was always happy going on holiday where ever we went as a child and so I would hope Lily would be the same. 

13. Dream Holiday without your kids? 
I like adventure. I would love to go to Rome and visit all the history. But I do think children would enjoy that to. I can't really think of a place I wouldn't want to take Lily (or future children) with me. 

14. How has your life changed since having kids? 
There has been huge changes. Firstly I don't see my old friends as much, some of them I used to see so regular and they used to be in contact with me all the time but since having Lily, Its sad, but I've come to realise that the only reason I really saw them is because I was going to the same place as them, same event or sometimes I think it was because I always made the effort to visit them. Now I struggle to make the effort because I don't like dragging Lily all over London. So I really don't get to see friends as much as I would like. Then there is not working or being as creative. I used to put on fashion shows, sometimes off my own back and did them for fun and publicity and sometimes charity. I look back at the me doing that and I've so changed and become a mummy now. I do miss it now and sometimes wish I had the time to do it again. On more thing that has changed and I find really funny is that you suddenly aren't the one that everyone wants to see, they are mostly wanting to see Lily (though I don't blame them.) My Birthday get together this year, she got gifts brought to her instead of me haha. But I don't mind, I'm always more excited about Lily getting things than I am for myself and I end up spending most of my money on her instead of me.

15. Finish the sentence "It makes my heart melt when..." When she calls out Mummy or runs to me shouting mummy and is so happy to see me. I also love how she calls out for Daddy when he not here and gets excited when he gets home. She is also so loving, once I curled up on the couch and said "mummy's going to sleep" and she came over and put a blanket over me. 

16. Where do you shop for your kids? 
I buy a little bit from everywhere really. She has clothes from Asda, H&M, Mothercare and I have treated her to some Baby Gap when it is in the Sales. I love Next clothing but don't shop there often because its so expensive.

17. Favourite Makeup and Skin products?
I hardly ever wear makeup, the only time I may do is when I'm going for a night out which we have already established isn't often. As for skin products I shop at The Body Shop. I think there prices are in between cheap and pricey but I've never had a problem with their products and they have always done a great job. 

18. Huggies or Pampers?I don't really have a preference. I have used both and still do from time to time but I normally use Morrisons own brand. 

19. Have you always wanted kids? 
Oh yes, ever since I played with dolls I knew I wanted kids. Growing up I would always help look after other peoples babies in the family and I remember taking those pretend babies that wake you in the night home from highschool. Ive been wanting to have kids properly since about 20 years old but was just waiting for the right partner to have them with. 

20. Best part of being a mum? 
The best part of being a mum is being a mum! Its providing that unconditional love and always gaining it in return. Its being there for Lily no matter what. To comfort her, teach her, have fun with her. Its having a mini best friend who always wants to be with you, have fun with you, have cuddles with you. I Love being a mum and I don't even care that I get no sleep or time to myself because I wouldn't change being a mum for the world. 

Now that you have read about me I would like to Tag and nominate Ami at My Mummy Spam to come and join in with The Mummy Tag. 


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  3. Great blog love reading it
    Can't wait until next one

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  10. What a lovely post! I love reading about people's lives and experiences z

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