Thursday 30 June 2016

Mummy and Me - June

Its funny how one month I never seem to have many photographs of me and Lily and another month I have loads. This month has been one where I have loads to choose from and its been quite tricky to choose which ones. 

So here are 2 of my favourites. 

This one was taken at the start of the month at the Zoo. Always been a huge giraffe fan so was great to have my photograph with Lily in front of these. Was also my favourite day of this month. Lovely family day out. 

Then this one is from the end of the month. Taken last week at my Nieces 3rd birthday on the bouncy castle. More of a selfie this one but I love it as we were having loads of fun rolling around the bouncy castle. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Growing our own Cress.

Last week I thought I would try something that I had never done before. Grow some cress! I thought it would be a nice activity to get Lily to help with. 
I had no idea how it would come out but thought I would give it a go and so read up on how to do it.

It was quite simple. 

All you need are seeds, a container, and cotton wool and water from the tap. 

I let Lily place the cotton wool into the glass container that I found and I pressed it down and then added a little water to dampen it. 

Then all you do is add the seeds. Which I let Lily do, and then I spaced them out a little more around the container. 

And then just place in a spot that gets light and wait. 

A few days later we saw a little progress and it has already started go grow a decent amount. Each day I would just add a trickle of water to the container. A few hadn't sprouted which is the brown that you can see. 

And then just over a week later we had a fully grown cress plant. Lily didn't really understand that we had made it grow but was interested to see the plant. We only used a few seeds and have loads more left so we can make more. 

I think next time we may try and be a little more creative and use a decorated yogurt pot and draw a face on the pot. So then the cress acts as hair!

Very easy and fun activity to do with your children teaching them about gardening and the science of growing a plant.

Have you ever made your own cress?

Monday 27 June 2016

The Oxo Tot 2in1 Go Potty - Review for National Potty Training Month

This month has been National Potty Training Month and so was the perfect time for Oxo tot to send me there 2 in 1 Go Potty to test out. 

Lily has only just started potty training so its very hit and miss to when she will use one, but I'm happy to say she did use the Oxo Tot Potty a few times while we have been away visiting family. 

So let me tell you about the potty. 

As described in the title, this potty is to be all about potty training on the go and its designed to be a lightweight, easy travel potty that can be taken anywhere with you without taking up a huge amount of space. 

The potty has a clever design that means it can fold down so flat and slip into a bag and lay at the bottom of the pram taking up no space. I found this so brilliant. Im always finding that my pram gets full of things I need to take with me and especially when traveling to my parents up north, and so for it to lay flat at the bottom of my pram and to take up barely any space was a huge plus for me. The potty comes with a plastic drawstring bag that you can keep it in. 

So a little more about how the potty works.

The potty simply folds out by pressing two buttons on the legs. Its really easy to fold out and when it is up, it is really sturdy. The plastic is of a really good quality and has such a smooth finish. When the Potty is up you then attach a plastic bag to the potty and pop the sides of the bag into the holes to secure it. The plastic bags that come with it all have a liner at the bottom. The plastic of the bag is thick and nice and smooth so doesn't seem uncomfortable to sit on. After you have used these up you can purchase more from Oxo tot or Amazon or you could plastic bags from a shop. I would probably recommend looking for bags that are of a decent plastic though, ones that are friendly to our babies bottoms.  

We used the potty 3 times in total and each time the bag stayed in place and the waste was collected nicely in it. No mess. She did 2 poo's on this potty and a wee. With the poo I have to admit that both 2 times were easily emptied down the toilet before I disposed of the plastic bag, and Im glad because I was at my grandparents house and I must admit, handing them a bag of poo to put in the bin I felt a little funny about. As for the wee, the pad that was at the bottom soaked it all up and thats why I would definetly recommend using bags that have a pad in. Though I have to say having to pay around £13 for them makes me cringe a little, as one of the reasons you want them out of nappies is to save costs and £13 every month or 2 can be quite expensive for a parent. It would all depend on how fast you went through them, and how long you needed to use them for. (Price is found on amazon for 30 bags) 

One more thing I did like about the potty was the shape of the seat. It looked so much more comfortable that normal potties that can look like they dig into the legs. I must admit Lily usually has a red mark from her usual potty but didn't get that with this seat. The seat rounds to the shape of her bottom and is a perfect little seat and Lily was perfectly happy to sit on it. I actually wish that Oxo Tot did a normal potty in the shape and design of this but with the bottom attached to it. I would happily buy one for Lily just to know she was that little more comfortable. 

I have one last thing to tell you about the 2 in 1 Go potty. It also acts as a toilet seat for when your little one is ready to use the toilet. This could be for when at home or for when out and about as most places don't have child sized toilets. Simply press the buttons on the legs and it folds out and can be placed onto the toilet. We haven't tested this part out yet as Lily is a little young to sit on the toilet and I don't want to push her by doing something she isn't ready for.

Here is a image from the Oxo Tot website that demonstrates how it can be used on the toilet. 

The potty is £20 and comes with the travel bag for storage and 3 plastic bags with liners. You can buy it from the Oxo tot website. I think the original price for the potty is well worth it for how handy and convenient it is, and the good quality that it is. But I think that to need to buy bags with the liners in, having to spend around £13 a time, suddenly makes the potty so much more expensive.

I wouldn't let that factor stop me from buying it though, as instead I may just get my thinking cap on and shop around to see what I can find to use instead.

Now, How would you like the chance to win one? I currently have a competition for a chance to win this potty. Simply head HERE and enter. 

What do you think about this potty? Would you buy it? 

Friday 24 June 2016

Interview with Sarah Beeson MBE - Award Winning Health Visitor

Just over a month ago you may have seen a competition and review I did of a book called Happy Baby, Happy Family by Sarah Beeson. If you didn't you can see it here. I asked people on the competition and over social media if they would like to ask sarah any questions for an up coming interview with her. I chose 8 questions. One was the winner of the book's question, and also asked 2 of my own. 

Sarah Beeson is an award winning health visitor who has more than 40 years of experience. In 2006 she was awarded a MBE by Queen Elizabeth II. She works around the Staffordshire and London area giving advice to parents and working along side magazines such as Prima Baby Magazine. 

I have met sarah before and got great advice from her and so I was delighted that I was getting to ask her some more questions and also ask her some from my readers. 

What I love about Sarah's advice is that she is really wanting to help people and make parenting easier for us all. Everybody encounters parenting problems and has questions. Even me and other parental bloggers who write about childcare on a daily basis. Sarah and I was speaking about how important it is to know that its perfectly fine and perfectly normal to not know everything. This is why I though this interview was a brilliant idea. Not only giving people some answers to some questions but outlining some common concerns from parents.

Another thing that I think is great about Sarah, is that although sometimes help is needed, she also believes in mothers following their own instinct and also doing things the way they feel best. Its so common to not know what to do when you have lots of people telling you different ways you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be doing things. But when speaking to Sarah I was given the impression it was important to her to let parents know they should do things the way they are happy with and in their own time.

I hope you enjoy reading the following interview and hope it helps some of my readers out with a few problems. 

The Interview 

My Question - Lily still has One - Two feeds in the middle of the night. I have no idea how I’m going to stop her from having them with out her having a major breakdown. She is so used to me going in and just giving it her and even points to where I sit to feed her if I try to cuddle her instead. Any suggestions about the best way of weaning from them last feeds? 

"I think its fine to be still feeding Lily in the middle of the night if she wants it. There could be many reasons for her to be waking up. Could be teething, could be hungry, she could be disrupted by noise. But if a feed is what settles her then I don’t see that being a issue. 
But if you are wanting to get her to sleep better and not wake up for those feeds I would suggest looking at what she eats. Its important for her to have all 4 food groups a day. With 3 servings of milk, 3 servings of protein and 3 servings of carbs. Each meal should have some type of protein and carbs in it. You could start to introduce eggs or sausage in the morning for her breakfast. I would also suggest that she has a supper before bed. Cereal is a good one to try, or try toast or cheese scones if she is a big fan of cheese." 

My Question  - I really struggle to get Lily to drink much water. She will only have 1 sippy cup a day and would like her to drink more but she isn’t interested, and most the time will hit it away from me. Ive tried putting a little juice in the bottom but she is still doing the same as she does with water.  Any tips? 

"I would change up how she drinks to make it more interesting for her. This could be with using different sippy cups each day. You could start to let her practice using a cup and she also may enjoy drinking with a straw from a cup of water. 
Another fun thing you could do is set up a little tea party with water, let her pour her own water in the cup and by her doing it herself she will be encouraged to drink it. Especially if she is very independent."

My grandson will only fall asleep in my daughters arms before being transferred to bed.. he is 9 months old. Is it possible to rectify this?

"If the parent is quite happy to have the baby fall asleep on them then I think its fine. But make sure that you give him 10-15 min sleep before you move him into his bed. This will make sure he is in a deep enough sleep to be lowered with out waking up.
If the parent is ready to start having the baby fall asleep in his bed then I would suggest a bedtime routine starting to come into place. Having some relax time with mummy before getting put down to sleep will stop that need to be cuddled to sleep. Some nice ways to do this would be to read some stories and sing some soothing songs.
Making sure that the baby is in a relaxing environment also helps. You can buy things that put lights around the room or play lullaby’s and these are always worth a try. It may take a few weeks for this to start to work." 

When my son was very young he never wanted to be put down which of course made things difficult when I had things to do around the house. He also didn't like being in his swing, swaddled or worn so I had to carry him in my arms at all times. Are there any tips that could help me with this if the next time around we have the same problem?

"I would suggest trying to vary what the baby sits in/lays on. The baby may be happy to spend 15 min in a swing, and then 15 min laid onto a matt, then another 15 min sat in a ring. Little distractions like toys or lights you can put around the room may also entertain the baby for longer if you vary what they look at.
You could also try white noise. You can buy thing that will play this sound or some babies enjoy the sound of the washing machine or vacuum.
If the baby gets upset you can use the Up, Down technique to relax the baby before moving him/her onto another activity. Or try the Breathing Exercise. (You can read both technique at the bottom of this post)"

I'd love some advice on caring for teeth? - Especially when you can't even get them to open their mouth for you to see what's happening in there.

"Firstly when the baby/child is quite young its important not to panic to much about brushing them perfectly. As you said at times it can be very tricky to get to there teeth especially if they are reluctant. As long as the baby/child isn’t having to many sugary drinks then there teeth will be fine with just a daily attempt at brushing them twice a day.
You can now buy little electric toothbrushes for babies and these really help with getting the teeth clean. Or if the baby is quite young you can buy little brushes that go on the end of your finger and usually this is a easy way to brush as you can feel what you are doing."

I would love advice on getting a baby to sleep through the night. My granddaughter is 1 year old, and never sleeps for more than a couple of hours at a stretch. She goes to sleep without too much fuss, but then wakes and takes a couple of hours to get back to sleep again, during which time she insists on being held.

"Its always good to look at why she may be waking up? Is she comfortable? Maybe she is in pain? Usually babies feel the pain more in the night than in the day and may not show any symptoms of pain in the day but be effected by it at night. You could always book a check up with a Dr, just to double check this and rule it out.
Then you could look at her diet. Is she getting enough food? She is now needing 3 meals a day and 2 of them need to be 2 courses. Also snacks through out the day and a supper could always help. Refer to the first question to see about some types of food you could offer.
Its important you make sure that you don’t replace the intake of food with to much milk. Take a look at how much milk she is having and you could drop some of that and replace with a solid food. 
As for her taking a couple of hours to get back to sleep. Try The Breathing Exercise. (You can find this at the bottom of the post)" 

I would like to ask how would she suppose we transition from being swaddled to sleep to just being in her sleep sac ?

"You can move your baby into a sleep sac either when you feel ready or when your baby can wriggle out of the swaddle. In summer it may be better to use a thin blanket with the baby which you can tuck in snug. You may find that now your baby is a little older they may want to have a little more room to move around than they would if in a swaddle and so they may like that they have been moved over to a sleep sac." 

At what stage should you worry if your baby doesn't want to sit unaided but is happily crawling and rolling freely?

"My first question would be is your baby long? Longer babies can sometimes take a little bit more time to reach milestones like sitting. One way you can help with this is by sitting on the floor with your legs in a V shape and place your baby sat between your legs resting their back against your body. Do this daily for a few weeks. If you notice that there is still no improvement then I would suggest getting a referral to a physio. Its best to go to your health visitor to ask for this referral."

How do you wean a fussy baby?

"Variety is the key with fussy babies. There is so many foods to try and so don’t be afraid to offer lots of different types of food. Your baby may enjoy softer foods or ones that they can chew on. If your baby refuses the food to begin with I would try it again another day as one day they may not want it but another you may find they will.
You could also let your baby try and feed themselves and so eat in there own time. Place different foods down and let them explore.
Sometimes its best to let them get on with it and not panic or worry to much if they aren't eating it all. The more of a big deal you make of it. The more they may not want to eat it. For lots of weaning ideas you can always go and visit the Annabel Karmel website."

How would you recommend going from co-sleeping to own cot? 15 month old. Should I now wait until he can understand me explaining?

"If you are happy to wait you could wait but I would recommend getting him sleeping in his own bed by 2 year old. If the cot is in your room to begin with, this would make a easier transition to him sleeping on his own. But if he isn’t then try and make sure as many nap times as you can are in the cot.
A routine before bed and story time with mummy may help as he gets that all needed cuddle time before bed and then learns its now time to go into his own bed and sleep. Making the bedroom inviting and cosy for him will also help, showing him that its his own space. He may not go the full night in his own bed straight away and its a good idea to do it gradually rather than expect him to manage the full night alone.
If you still struggle after a while then feel free to get in touch with me via social media." 

Here are the following techniques I mentioned in some of the answers. 

THE UP and DOWN technique
The Up-Down Technique is a really good way to help calm your baby and stop them from crying when they get really worked up or are not very relaxed at bedtime. It mimics what a baby would have felt while being in the womb. Below are the following steps to do the Up and Down technique. 

The steps below are taken from the book Happy Baby, Happy Family which is by Sarah Beeson herself.

Stand up. Hold your baby with one hand under their bottom, placing your thumb and forefinger gentry round their thigh and resting the babies head in the palm of your other hand. When your little one feels secure, move them up and down slightly away from your body, using a rapid up and down motion. 
Your baby may start crying again when you have stopped but may be a lot calmer now to maybe sleep or feed or relax. 

The Breathing Exercise  

I have used this exercise myself and would fully recommend it for calming down yourself and your baby. 

The steps below are taken from the book Happy Baby, Happy Family which is by Sarah Beeson herself.

Holding your baby against your chest with their head on your shoulder, gently sway and take a deep breath, filling your chest so the air pushes out of your stomach, and then exhale pushing the air out and the abdomen in. Repeat at least ten times dropping your shoulders down and away from your ears and closing your eyes if you want to. As your body begins to relax, so will your baby. 

If you find all this information interesting and helpful, and you want to read more from Sarah Beeson. Head here to buy the book Happy Baby, Happy Family.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Party fun!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a huge amount in the last few days. I do try and write a little something for you on a daily basis but I'm afraid I had to leave my blogging for a day. All for good reason though. Ive been to visit family to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday. 

It was yesterday and she had a huge garden party with a bouncy castle. Lily really loved it. She really enjoys being around her older cousin and other older children and also we don't have a garden so she really enjoyed playing out in it.
The bouncy castle was a HUGE hit with her and she was loving jumping up and down on it, rolling around and watching the bigger kids jumping up and down. She found that hilarious to watch and let everyone know by letting out loud giggles. Not only that but I loved putting her in a cute dress and loved watching her attempt to use all the bigger kids toys like the scooters. 

It did completely mess up her sleeping and eating though. The last 3 nights she hasn't gone to bed until 10pm and yesterday she barely ate anything all day. Just nibbled on food. Today though she was so so so tired and had a 2 and half hour nap. She just fell asleep on me on the sofa and she never does that anymore. I even managed to sneak away from under her and she didn't wake up. Thats when you know she is definetly needing her sleep.

Anyway, I think I will tell most of the party fun in picture form. As I did get some really lovely photographs. 

Hope you enjoy looking at them. 

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Not a Moment to be Missed

For every time you wake me up...and I have to get up out of bed... and you keep me awake and keep me with you... 

 I always look and you and think, your only small once, I may be tired but it means I get to spend a few more moments holding you and looking at you. 

Your going to grow up fast and theres not a a moment to be missed!

Monday 20 June 2016

Build and Spin Ocean Wonders Set by Learning Resources - Our Review.

Ive always been such a big fan of Learning Resources toys and Lily already owns one or two sets from them. Ive always found their toys to be of such high quality and always educational as well as fun.

When Learning Resources asked me to review one of there Early Years toys I jumped at the opportunity. I had a choice of 3 toys and I chose the Build and Spin Ocean Wonders Set. Lily has always loved her sea creatures and this was unlike any toy she already owned so it was a great opportunity to try her with something new. 

The toy is aimed at children 2 plus and has so much to offer when it comes to learning.
By building the clever gear system together the children learn all about cause and effect while improving there hand and eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. The colourful sea creature encourage creative thinking as they build an underwater scene. The pieces can be mixed and matched so the combinations of colours and patterns vary which helps keep the children interested in the toy. 

The toy is really clever and when you spin the creatures or the cog it turns them all. This was the first thing that Lily did when she got her hands on the toy and she was really enjoying spinning them all round. She found this quite easy to do as all the creatures and the cog are all really easy to grip and turn. 

Lily just kept spinning and spinning them and I don't think she actually realised it did anything else until I started to pull the creatures from the set. She copied me and also started to pull them off. She struggled slightly as she didn't grasp at first that she has to hold the blue board down to be able to pull them off. She did soon get the hang of that, and started to be able to pull them off. She straight away figured that you could place them back on and so back on the creatures went. I must admit she struggled to push the creatures back on fully and they were sort of balanced on top. But I think in time as her strength grows she will be able to push them on fully. 

As well as the creatures coming off the gears do to. Again I had to show Lily this and she soon got the idea that they could also come off and on. It took a lot of hand and eye co-ordination for her to place them back on by having to aim them into the holes, and she did get frustrated a few times by not getting it in and a few times I had to help her. But she is only 19 months and so its going to be great practice for her and over time will improve her hand and eye co-ordination. 

We thought that the creatures were really cute and colourful. They all have lovely friendly smily faces and I think any child would love them. There is a Whale, Octopus, Fish, Crab, Dolphin and Turtle. There is a Star Fish that I couldn't prize out of Lily's hand at the time of this photo haha. Lily knows what a fish is and a star and would say fish and star as she placed them onto the gears. The plastic is of a really good quality. Sturdy but not to hard to hurt little hands. 

Lily played with the toy for quite a while and I wouldn't say she got bored, but a little over frustrated with not being fully strong enough yet. She did leave the toy for a little while but what was good to see is that she went back to it and gave it another go. I don't consider it a negative that Lily slightly struggles with the toy as it is more a challenge for her and I think as she progresses in age, she will progress with the toy. 

I would recommend this toy for your little one to help them learn and also I would say its a very enjoyable toy. It retails at £16 which I think is well worth the money for the quality and all the learning areas it will help your child progress in. 

To see more about this toy or buy it, head here. 

We are also giving you the chance to win one. Enter on the Gleam app below. 

Win a Kids build and Spin Set From Learning Resources

Saturday 18 June 2016

Book Review - Alphabet with Bella

I recently got sent a copy of The Alphabet with Bella which is written by Lorraine O'Garro. 

The book is a delightful alphabet book which focuses on the character Bella and her alphabet adventures. She explores new places in different countries, tries exotic fruits and see's different animals all while at the same time learning the alphabet. The character is really cute and there are some lovely illustrations of her exploring, dressing up and having fun. 

This book is great for teaching children the alphabet. It is aimed at children from 2 to 5 years of age and encourages them to relate the letter of the alphabet to the picture. But the pictures also teach them a little more by showing new cultures and images about around the world. 

Its really nice to see different images for the letters other than your normal A is for Apple type images. 

The book is really bright and has really big bold colourful letters which attracts the children to learn the letter. The book is great for the children to read alone or be read with parents. The aim of the book is to make learning the alphabet fun. 

Lily really enjoyed looking through the book. She is only 18 months but already is learning her words so it was nice to have some new pictures inside for her to learn. Soon enough we will be able to read this and learn some new letters to. In the meantime she will enjoy the wonderful illustrations and pointing the the things she can see. 

I think as soon as we are learning the Alphabet, this book will really encourage her to learn the letters and it will help her pick it up in no time. 

This book is due to be published on the 21st of June. So keep your eyes out for it to be available soon. 

Friday 17 June 2016

Finger painting Fun

Im really impressed with Lily today and so I feel its something to write a little post about. 

Lily has never been a big fan of painting, she doesn't like the mess and so much to my disappointment I have got it out a few times to do it and she just doesn't want to. Im not going to force her to do it and so I just kept trying on new occasions to encourage her. 

Today I decided to try a new painting activity with her as well as do some paintings for Daddy for Fathers Day. The activity we did I will be blogging about later. But I was really impressed because she sat down and happily had a really good go about it. She made 5 paintings and I normally get about half a paper from her. So this is a real improvement and Im so excited to be able to try and do new painting activities on a more regular basis now. 

But then for her last painting she did something that really shocked me. Stuck her finger in the paint. Lily hates her hands getting messy so for her to do that it was a big step towards more messy fun! She dabbed her finger on the paper and realised it made a mark and then did more.. and more. Lily was finger painting and I could not believe it!

She didn't complain once about the paint on her fingers. 

So here is Lily's first ever Finger Painting at 18 months old. 

Thursday 16 June 2016

Me and my Shadow

Today we went to play group as we normally do on a thursday morning. The play group starts at 9.30 until 11am and Lily really enjoys going. It has painting, cars and bikes, a play kitchen, soft play section and loads more. It usually has between 10-15 children there ranging from babies to 3 year olds. So its not a mega busy play group. 

One of the reasons I always try and make sure I take her to play group is because of how clingy she is to me. I would of expected Lily to be running around everywhere and playing with everything but she doesn't. If I let her then she would happily just cling to my leg the entire time. So of corse I encourage her to play with the toys. 

Im perfectly happy spending the time at play group playing with Lily, but she does get a lot of play time with me at home and I would hope that this would be a place she would be a little more independent. I feel its important to spend time playing with your children but also giving them a chance to learn to play alone or with other children. I look around the room at the other children and I know I shouldn't compare but they are all running/crawling around playing and there parents taking a little break, having a cup of tea and a chat. Which as you know, we all need as parents from time to time. 

There was one point today that Lily was happily playing with the kitchen and to begin with I was stood behind her. Saying to myself.. "she is happily playing" I took a few steps back to talk to my friend who runs the play group and Lily dropped her toys and ran to me. So if I actually want Lily to make the most of playgroup then it looks like I need to be standing right next to her for her to play. 

She will point to toys she wants to play with, and so i say "okay, go on then.. go and play with it" but she won't move until I have held her hand and walked over to it with her. 

Then there is the stranger danger thing still happening. Another parent will try and interact with her and she winges (sometimes cries) and buries her head into me. I always have to explain its nothing personal, just that she is shy. Then if other children approach her you would think it was a four eyed monster approaching her. She wont have anything to do with them and runs to me to be picked up. The only child she is slightly ok with is my friends 3 year old daughter as they have met loads of times. 

Ive started trying to not pick her up at playgroup now when she signals me to, and instead I hold her hand and try and encourage her to not run away from things.

She usually (and typically) relaxes near the end of playgroup for song time and will be up dancing and playing instruments. But then its home time just as she starts to settle. 

Im hoping that this is just a phase and when she is older she may play more independently.  

Has anyone else has had there children act like this at Lily's age? (18 months) 

How did you deal with it? 

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Fathers Day Gift Guide - A chance to Win a Top Dvd Bundle

I don't think its just me when it comes to trying to think of good ideas for fathers day gifts. When you have bought one box of chocolates you have bought them all and I always hate buying the same gifts for fathers day. 
But as a family of DVD lovers, one gift that you just can't go wrong with is a DVD. 

As the family grows we have my dad to buy for and my partners dad to buy for and now we have had Lily, we have Grandad gifts to buy for to. Then obviously I must find a gift from Lily to my partner for fathers day. One good thing about a DVD is that there always new ones out each year and with so many fathers to treat we are spoilt for choice when it comes to fathers day. 

The dads in the family are generally a big fan of the action/Sci-Fi type films and currently Warner Bros have some great new releases that are just perfect for fathers day. 

You have a great choice of  - 

Mad Max Fury Road 
San Andreas
American Sniper
Black Mass

My Partner Chris is really excited to be receiving these on DVD as he loves these films, though I may have to try and steal some for other fathers in the family to. 

If you feel that these would be great gifts for fathers day, You can pick up these DVDs from

I now have a DVD bundle for you to win with a Twitter Competition. Please make sure you enter with the Gleam app below. 

Win a Fathers Day DVD Bundle Landing Page (Automatic)

Monday 13 June 2016

National Potty Training Month Giveaway with OxoTot

Did you know that its National Potty Training Month this month?

Lily has been doing really well with her Potty Training. She will always happily sit on the potty and in the last 2 months has only done 1 or 2 poo's in the nappy, the rest are all in the potty. She always tells me when she needs to go to do one and the few times she hasn't has been because she was really distracted (new toys generally) or because she was sleeping.  She is only 18 months so we are not going full throttle with it yet but its great that she is getting so used to using it.

Did you know that OxoTot do a really handy travel potty?

Its called the 2 in 1 Go Potty and costs £20.00

It folds up so you can easily take it anywhere with you and also can be used as a potty seat to put on toilets.

OxoTot would really love to promote that this month it is National Potty Training Month and so would love you to enter this giveaway to spread the word also and have a chance to win your very own 2 in 1 Go Potty!

Also Oxo Tot Kindly sent me a 2 in 1 Go potty to try out and so keep your eye on for a review in the next 2 weeks! I will be placing the link into the competition so if you come back each day you will have the chance to gain more entries into the competition!

Good luck and Happy Potty Training!

Win a OxoTot 2 in 1 Potty