Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lily and her Potty - Update.

So Lily has had her potty for just over a week now and I really wasn't expecting to be doing a update so soon. 

She has taken to it really well and will quite happily sit on it for a decent amount of time. 

Now I started putting Lily on the potty on the monday and tuesday night she did her first wee. I was so impressed with her and made a big deal out of it and showed it her in the potty and clapped. I put this down to a co-incidence and just good timing but it was definetly a start. 

We now make it our morning thing to do. Lily usually comes into my bed as soon as she wakes up and has a bottle of milk. When she has finished and I've finally woken up I will say to her come on lets go for a wee. She will head straight for the bathroom. She knows exactly where to go for a wee. She stands in front of her potty and looks at it as she knows she has her nappy off to sit on it so she waits for me to take it off. I usually sit her down on it and will then sit on the toilet myself. Sometimes just on the lid as this encourages her to sit down. I usually have some bath toys next to her so she has something to entertain her. 

As Lily has had her bottle of milk, most mornings she has now done a wee on the potty. I'm really impressed that she has done so many already. She has also done a few through out the daytimes to. 

Lily is far from being potty trained though and I expect it to take some time which I'm happily prepared for, and I don't plan to ditch nappies or go any further with the potty training yet. Im just happy she is getting used to it and to what one is and what to do there and I'm just going to let it progress naturally. She is learning as after she has sat there she will always stand up and turn around to look to see if she has done anything. 

Ive started to reward her now with a sticker to show her how much of a good thing it is to do something on the potty. Though the stickers all say different things they are all I had in the house for her. But she can't read so doesn't know or care. 

Now as for poo. Im pleased to say that already in her first week she has also done a poo! Hurrah for poo!! She knows when she is about to do one and will rub her bottom and say the word poo when she is feeling one coming. This happened last week and so I said come on, lets go on your potty. We sat there and talked and played with her toys and she just happily did one. Im now going to try and keep a look out for the signs and the more times I can get her on the potty to do it the better. 

She has a few times run towards the bathroom shouting poo and I've put her on the potty and she hasn't done one but at least she is heading to the potty when she is having that feeling.

Im so impressed with her and In my opinion I'm doing the best thing by my child. Though she is just under 18 months she is quite happy to use the potty and so I'm not going to discourage that. All children are different and so may not be ready to go on the potty at her age, but you never know until you try and I've tried and found out she will do.

My next update will probably be when we start to actually potty train fully which I have no idea when that will be. We shall just have to wait and see. 


  1. Lily's doing really well
    Looks like your having a dream potty training experience

  2. Lily's doing really well
    Looks like your having a dream potty training experience

  3. potty training can take longer for some children little lily is doing very very well I,ve had four all took different times to potty train, just persevere encourage and praise I found all of these to work ,