Friday, 29 April 2016

Mummy and Me April

This month its a double Mummy and Me as its not only me and Lily in the photograph, my mum is in the picture to.

When I was pregnant with Lily me and my mum posted at this exact location in Brighton and last weekend we went back there for a day out and so I decided we should pose at the same place only this time Lily would be out my tummy. 

I don't get to see my mum often as she lives away from me. So these are pretty special Mummy and Me photographs. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bathing the Baby Activity

Lately Lily has ben really interested in her dolls which she calls "Baby". She is getting really good at giving the baby a bottle and rocking the baby and giving it a blanket. So I thought it would be a nice activity to bath the baby.

Lily enjoys bath time and when she is in the tub she will take her cloths and wash things and wash herself. So I thought she would love this activity. 

I bought her a plastic bathtub and then a plastic doll that came with a towel which only cost me £5. Perfect for getting wet. 

This activity is great to do with Lily's age onwards, its brilliant for the imagination and knowledge and understanding of the world. You can also teach them all the things you do in the bath. If they don't already know that is.

I set up the tub filled with bubbles and placed the baby next to it with its towel. I tried to encourage Lily to put the baby in the water but she wasn't having any of it. So I placed the baby in the water for her. I showed Lily how to wash the baby and tried to give her the cloth but she backed away almost like she didn't like the water. I put some water on Lily's hand to show her its just water, but she didn't like that and held out her hand to be dried. So for us the activity was a miss. But maybe when she is older she may like it and I will re visit it. 

For now, here are some images of the activity. Maybe your child may enjoy it a little more than Lily did. 

If anyone does this activity I would love to know what your child though of it. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Japanese Nappy Moony Review and Giveaway

I had read and heard all about the fantastic nappies by Japanese Nappies and so when they got in contact and asked if we would like to try them we were most definitely not going to say no. All they needed to know was girl or boy and Lily's size and they were on there way. 

I have never been to bothered about which brand of nappy we use and have used quite a few and some I've liked and some I've disliked so this will be a great help when it comes to reviewing the nappies. Important factors for me when choosing a nappy would be how they fit and whether they leak or not and price. 
A huge pack of 44 nappies arrived a few days later. It was quite exciting to be using a new brand of nappies after having used the same one for so long. 

I was sent the Moony pull up nappies. 

I opened the packet and my first initial thought was how soft they were to touch. They have a real silky feel to them and they were definitely the softest nappies I had ever felt. They were also really stretchy and looked like they would be quite nice to wear. The design was also really nice. It was pink and orange and it had Winnie the Pooh characters on though I must admit this is not something Lily takes much notice off. For me though I do quite like seeing her in pink nappies as her current brand is a blue design. 
The nappy also had handy yellow lines that are indicators to show when the nappy is wet and turns blue when it is. I'm not sure the yellow lines are something I would use now as I'm so used to just feeling when the nappy is wet. But for a new mum these could be a great help to know when to change a nappy.

When it came to putting them on, I did actually reach for the nappy pack to see which way they went. With designs being on the front and back it wasn't to clear to me. As the pack was all written in Japanese I went by the photograph and put the correct pattern to the front. I noticed that the nappy had a little plastic tab on the back and to begin with wasn't quite sure what it was for. My guess was to close the nappy up after it was used. If that's not what it was for then that what I have been doing with it and found a useful purpose for it. 

So we have been using these nappies for a week now and I must say I really do like them. Lily has never wore pull ups before so for my first try of pull ups it was definitely a positive one. The fact that they are so stretchy meant that they are easy to get on and off when it comes to using a potty but the sides also rip so then you can change her laying down and makes it easier for when they have done a poo.

I can't ask Lily as she is to young to tell me but my guess is that she found them very comfortable. With her usual brand at times I do find her pulling at her nappy like its annoying her but with these she hasn't done that once. The stretchiness means that they are great for her to be able to move around in. 

I also really liked the fact that they looked really neat under clothing and they weren't bulky and didn't sag down. You could barely tell she was wearing a nappy it looked that neat. 

I can happily report that there hasn't been a single leak either. Which is definitely a plus. These really are the nicest nappies I have tried. 

I would love to buy these on a regular basis as it ticks all the boxes for me. All apart from one. Affordability. To me they are to expensive for my budget at just over £20 a pack. We go through a pack of 44 in about 10 days and so that's £60 on nappies a month and we wouldn't be able to afford it. Which is a shame. 

If you would want to buy some of these nappies though you can find out more on the Japanese Nappies Website. If you would love to give them a try first then here is your chance, as we have a pack to give away from them. Enter below on the Gleam app. 

Win a pack of Moony Nappies

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Arrival of the Potty

Lily and I headed to Mothercare the other day to pick out a potty. Although I'm not thinking of potty training Lily yet, I feel its important for her to get used to seeing a potty and to start to learn what one is and what you use it for. 
Lily spotted a Peppa potty and shouted Peppa so I knew that this was the potty for her. We bought it and brought it home and placed it in the bathroom for her. 

Lately Lily has been taking a real interest in the toilet. I usually take her in the bathroom when I go, and when I tell her mummy needs a wee wee (sorry about the TMI) she points to the bathroom. So she is starting to learn that's where you need to go to use the toilet. She generally is quite impressed by what I'm doing and applauds me and then again applauds when the toilet is flushed. I can't say I remember being applauded for using the toilet until now, its quite funny actually. She is also telling me if she has done a poo so is really starting to understand the things she is doing. 

Now I was potty trained by 18 months and my parents sat me on a potty for the first time at a year old. Which to a lot of mums now is quite early. Times have changed I guess. I won't be forcing Lily to sit on a potty or taking her out of nappy's any time soon but yesterday while I did a wee I let her sit on her potty with no nappy on. She was quite happy to do so and I don't see anything wrong with getting her used to it. I would like to start potty training Lily at 2 years old but if it happens sooner than that I won't be complaining. 

I do understand that a lot wait until there child is a lot older and a lot would say I'm starting to early but each to their own and I don't think there is a wrong way to potty train. My biggest bit of advice is to not worry about others and do it the way you want to. 

How old were your children when you first introduced them to the potty? 

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Wonderful Weekend

My Weekend started a day earlier for me and started on Friday when my parents came to stay for the weekend. I go up north to see them a lot but I love it when they come to visit as they get to do things we do here and see what Lily is like at home. They visit a couple of times a year so its always a really good weekend and I don't want them to leave. 

Writing this now and feeling sad as they have just left and my house feels really empty. 

But let me tell you about the great weekend we had. 

Friday we took Lily to our local soft play. Mum and dad love coming here as they miss out on taking Lily to places like this and both love running round and playing with her. Last time we went to soft play with my mum and dad was November so they can see a big improvement on how Lily moves around now and can climb on all the soft play equipment around the room. Lily is obsessed with walking up and down steps and so was walking up and down them to and from my mum and dad. 

I then got this brilliant photograph of my mum and dad and Lily on the bouncy castle. I love this photo, think I may have to get it printed. 

Saturday we had some family visit from Chelmsford. Lily was really shy and after only a hours nap was really quite grumpy. We headed out to lunch where lily had a big plate of fish goujons and peas and mash. The plate was huge compared to her but she loved it and sat munching away on it. She obviously didn't eat it all but she ate quite a bit. I love watching her eat a good meal. 

We then went around the shops and my mum, Lily's nan, treated Lily to a new toy. 

Later that night we let my mum and dad babysit and went out to watch a film. We watched the new huntsman film. It was really good. It was really nice to be out and about enjoying time with my partner. Wish we could do it more often but we struggle to get a baby sitter. 

Sunday we all headed to Brighton for the day. Last time we went here, Lily was in my tummy so it was nice to go back and take Lily. She loved it. She was running around everywhere and loved watching all the rides and hearing all the music. She loves a good public boogie! We also found Peppa and Iggle Piggle which made her very happy. One thing she was totally obsessed with was the seagulls. Every time one stopped near us we had to stop and wave at it. So cute. We had such a lovely day out. 

What did you do this weekend? Anything nice? 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mummy.. Share!

I remember the days where I could open up a chocolate bar at anytime, drink a cup of tea to myself, enjoy dinner without little fingers going into it. Those days are now gone. 

Lily has always been one for wanting what ever I was having, but now she is even worse for it. I can't seem to have anything without her wanting some of it, even though she doesn't like what I'm eating most the time. 

Here are 5 things I can no longer enjoy to myself. 

1. Chocolate - Lily knows exactly what this stuff is now and how it tastes so amazing! I really don't like her having too much chocolate but I must admit I am a bit of a chocoholic and crave it a lot. I was really hungry the other day and was trying to sneak a Twix into my mouth without her seeing but though I completely hid it, she somehow knew and was pointing to my mouth making the noise she makes when she wants something. BUSTED and lily gets a small piece of my chocolate. 

2. Pasta with Cheese - So the other day Lily had finished her dinner and I sat down to eat mine. I had pasta bake with tons of grated cheese on it. So Lily comes and sits next to me and suddenly I have fingers in my food and all my cheese is getting stolen from the top of it.  Bye bye cheesy pasta, Hello just pasta. Wow this little lady can eat cheese!

3. Olives - I really love my chopped black olives and now that I have introduced them to Lily there is no going back. She LOVES them. We had a picnic the other day and I did a nice big tub full of them for us to share. Share is a funny word as Lily was quickly eating most of them and I had to try and get some before they were all gone. 

4. Tea and biscuits - Lily doesn't even like tea, but she always wants mine if I'm drinking it. Which means firstly I can never drink it hot as usually she tries to climb all over me to get to it, and then secondly I can never drink it in peace as she is constantly pointing to the cup and making her 'I want' noise until I give in and put the cup to her mouth. She doesn't even drink it but she just wants me to offer it her. As for the biscuits its lucky that my favourite ones are rich tea or malted milk as in the morning when I have my cup of tea. If Lily sees me having one then she must also have one to. I usually snap my biscuit in half and give half to her but the other day the cheeky little monkey decided she wanted both pieces and took both biscuits out of each hand I was holding them in and happily wandered of leaving me sat there with nothing. Note to self, snap biscuit out of little hands reach!

5. Sweet treats like cake or cream - So the other day I decided to treat myself to cake and tea from Patisserie Valerie. Lily was fast asleep in the pram so I thought perfect. I can enjoy this in peace and take a little break. I ordered a lovely fruit tart that came with lots of cream. Just as it was placed on my table and I picked up my fork to start digging in, her little eyes opened and she was awake. It as if she knew she was missing out on something good. The pointing and the 'I want' noise kicks in and she ends up getting some of my cream from my tart. 

I think sharing with our children shows the amount of love we have for them. I doubt I would happily share these 5 things with other people so easily. I do think I will have to start eating my chocolate in the bathroom from now on though haha. 

What do you end up having to share with your little ones? 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Lily's Sleep Update

This will be a nice short and sweet post tonight. 

If you have been following my blog you may have read about how Lily has never slept through or given me many hours sleep without waking me. Her sleep pattern which you can read about here, has always been her waking me every three hours and at one point it was every hour. But this morning I woke up to find she gave me a whole 6 and half hours straight sleep! She would have slept longer but I had to wake her to go to play group. 

She is still waking between 11 and 12 and then lately seems to wake about 1am, 1.30am but last night showed some improvement and after waking at 1.30am she then slept until 8am! 

Its crazy to be so happy to be getting 6 and a half hours but that's the most I've had straight since she was about 7-8 months old. 

I'm not sure when she will start sleeping through, and not sure what will get her to finally sleep through but as long as I keep seeing improvement then I'm happy. I have had some parents tell me there child started sleeping through around 18 months old so who knows, I may only have one more month left of getting woken.. (I'm not getting my hopes up)

Would love to know what age your child slept through? 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Scoff Box Review and Giveaway

My Sweet tooth has been very happy this week because my Scoff Box that I had been sent to review turned up. 

The boxes are a monthly subscription retro sweet box that is sent to you from the company scoff club. They send a different box filled with different tasting sweets each month. They are great for kids and adults as the sweets will be a blast from the past of what you used to eat. 

I do love my sweets and chocolate and I'm a big kid when it comes to them. My parents used to always give me 20p to spend after school and I would head to the shop and fill my bag with penny sweets. When I started to open the box I was very excited and wondered which sweets I would be getting. 
The sweets were nicely wrapped in a lovely bright yellow tissue paper with a sticker closing it up saying. Enjoy your scoff. 

I peeled the sticker off and opened it to reveal a rainbow of colourful sweets. They looked and smelt so delicious and within seconds I was having a good route through to see what there was. There was such a good selection. Watermelon Rockets, Tutti Fruiti Fizzy Cubes, Chocolate Honeycomb, Jelly Babies, Clotted Cream Toffee Bonbons, Eye Poppers Bubblegum and Reeses Pieces. I have to say that they did really well with choice of sweets to send as I love most of those sweets. Only ones I dislike are Reeses Pieces which is okay as my partner loves them, and I wasn't to keen on the sound of Clotted Cream Bonbons.

I opened up some of the bags and put some of the sweets into a bowl to try. First I was dying to try the Watermelon Rockets. They sounded the nicest, and they were! Sour but really sweet and they had a lovely flavour. Then I scoffed down lots of Jelly Babies, and then popped a Fizzy Cube into my mouth. Oh Wow the Fizzy Cubes are definetly what they describe on the packet, super sour and super fizzy.. just the way I like them. My Tastebuds were happy with them!
I gave the Bonbons a try but as expected I wasn't to keen, never been a big toffee fan but thats just my personal preference.

I was also super happy to see Honeycomb in there. Its one of my favourites and always reminds me of the craft fair that happened once a year at my local church. I would always go and always come away with some honeycomb. Delicious.

I think the scoff boxes are a brilliant idea although for me I don't actually scoff my sweets to fast and not all of it would be gone by a months end. Though I would be very happy to have a monthly supply of my favourites such as honeycomb. One thing I think that could be added if you had a subscription is something on the website where you can tick which things in the box you enjoyed or didn't. So if you didn't like bonbons you wouldn't get sent them again. 

You can subscribe to the Scoff Club for £12.99 a month or take up a 3 months subscription or 6 months subscription for £34.99 or £69.99. 

Head here to take a better look or sign up now. 

Now that I have your tastebuds tingling you can enter below to win a box that will be sent straight to your door. Enter below on the Gleam app to have a chance to win! 

Win a Scoff Box

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All unfinished entries will be disqualified

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mad about Peppa!

Now I know I'm not alone when it comes to this. But my Lily is suddenly MAD about Peppa pig and I feel its only going to get worse. 

It started a few months ago when I noticed her not move for a entire episode and I thought to myself, Wow, she must be enjoying this. So one morning when she woke up at 7am, I got her up and popped her in my bed with me and put on Amazon Prime and put on a series. She sat there happily drinking her milk and was glued to watching it. 

Now, I think I may have helped with her new love of Peppa as this has now become part of our morning routine and we always watch at least one episode when we get up in the mornings. 

Lily can't talk much yet but has already started coming to me with the Dvd in her hand saying Peppa Peppa... I've been saying Cat to her for months on end and she doesn't learn that, but yet Peppa she now knows. 

For the moment, Peppa doesn't get on my nerves to much and I always think, if it keeps her happy then I'm happy. But I must admit that tune that is played through out the episode is always stuck in my head. 

But I give it a few more months when Peppa is everywhere in my home and maybe I will have a different opinion. Haha

Does your child have anything that they are mad on? 

Are you happy with it or does it drive you crazy? 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

10 Things you should never throw out if you have Children

I'm one of those people who is a borderline hoarder when it comes to not wanting to chuck things out. I always look at things and think of a great use for them. Luckily I don't keep everything or my house would be a tip! But here are a few things I do keep because they are just really handy if you have children. Especially if you love arts and crafts. 

1. Toilet Rolls - I have a small tower being built in the bathroom at the moment, and its not because I'm to lazy to put them in the bin but because they are so great for crafts! You can make rockets out of them, castles, they make great chimneys for houses. The list is endless to what you can make out of them. 

2. Coloured Tissue Paper - When I've had certain items delivered in the post, or been given a gift in a gift bag, sometimes they have come wrapped with nice coloured tissue paper. I always store this into my art box, and we have always made such lovely things with them such as flowers and pictures. It saves you money as then you no longer need to head to the shop to by some. 

3. Bottles - Empty plastic bottles are also another good one. Firstly you can use these for crafts, make them into a rocket, cars or anything you can think of. Secondly the lids make great windows with them being round. Thirdly you can make sensory bottles out of them. (See here for a example)

4. Cereal Boxes - These are great to build out of or simply chop up and paint on or drawn on. Perfect for that day you have run out of coloured card. They are also easy enough to store if you flatten them down. 

5. Old clothing - If its not worth the charity shop, don't just chuck it in the bin. You can cut it up and make great collages out of it. If its baby clothes you can always make a nice picture to frame as a keepsake. We plan to do this soon so keep your eye out for it. 

6. Used takeaway tubs - Obviously wash them first but then they are perfect for storing snacks, pencils, crayons, your cut up material Etc. The list of what you can store is endless and they all neatly can stack on top of each other when put away. 

7. Used jars - Ever opened a packet of sequins and the bags ripped to much and they are falling everywhere and there is no way of now storing them? Well I've started using old coffee jars to store them in. They are perfect and keep all your arty bits neat and tidy. You can also store buttons, that last bit of pasta or rice you saved for crafts, glitter, or that open packet of sweeties that you don't want them to have all at once. 

8. Newspapers - If you are about to do arts and crafts then what better way to protect your floors or work services from glue and paint. I kept forgetting to save them until I recently had a messy paint incident and the newspaper came to the rescue. Also don't forget all the fun you can have with Paper Mache. 

9. Wrapping paper and Cards - I've always been one of them people who neatly opens her gifts and so always managed to keep my paper neat. Wrapping paper is usually so colourful and so perfect to cut up and use to make a picture. Then birthday cards all come with colourful pictures on the front and are again perfect to cut up and you could even use it to make your own personalised card for the next occasion. 

10. Yoghurt Pots - These have several handy jobs. My favourite is using them as paint pots. That way you don't end up with it all mixed together and making a horrible brown colour. Then another great thing to use them for is growing things. They make great starter flower pots perfect to grow herbs in. 

I hope I have given you a few things ideas for the future and I would love to know what things you have saved that you have found handy!

Have you or do you think you will start saving any of the above from now on? 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Baker Days Letterbox Gift Cake Review and Giveaway

I have a huge sweet tooth so I was very excited when I found out I was getting to review a letterbox cake from Baker Days

It was even more exciting that I got to choose what kind of cake I wanted and the design for it. The Baker Days website has so much choice and cakes for all occasions. You can also put a photograph on one if you wanted. We currently don't have any occasion coming up and so I was straight away drawn to the Emoji cakes. 
Again there was a huge choice of Emoji designs and I did struggle to make up my mind, I was tempted to get the Will you Marry Me Cake for a giggle and to scare my partner haha, but decided to be nice and I felt the face with hearts for eyes was the better option.  

I then had to choose what I would like written on my cake. I opted for "To My Family" at the top. And "I Love you Loads" at the bottom. 

I couldn't wait for my cake to arrive. I was excited for the fact that it was just going to be slipped through my letter box as I must admit its not something I have received through my letter box before. 

A few days later it arrived. I opened the box to find it presented in such a nice little tin that said Just for you on the front. I was eager to see my cake so opened the tin and there it was, my personalised design that I had asked for. My daughter giggled at it, and my partner said he loved the design and I was really impressed with it. I knew that it would be a small cake but didn't realise how CUTE the cake would be. I was really happy with it. 

After dinner it came to tasting time. I'm really fussy with cake. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I'm really not to keen. I sliced a tiny slice for myself and one for my partner. Lily won't ever eat cake for some reason and refused some when I offered it her. So? The verdict? It was Delicious! The flavour was just right, sweet but not sickly and not dry. The icing was just the right amount, not to thin and not to thick. This cake is perfect and I could of happily sat there and ate it all at once though I didn't and saved some for the next day. The cake is so good that it really did leave me craving more and as I'm writing about it now my mouth is watering and I could just eat some now. 

I have saved the tin also as its perfect for storing things in. 

This cake is perfect for sharing but also perfect just for one person to have alone. If I received this through my letterbox as a gift for my birthday I would be delighted, it makes such a good little gift! (Hint Hint to anyone reading!!)

The cake costs £14.99 but costs extra if your wanting a different flavour. I think its well worth what it costs and would definitely consider buying one for a future gift. Hopefully Lily will start liking cake by her second birthday as its the perfect size of cake for her little hands. 

So is your mouth watering yet? Maybe I can help with that. Baker Days has kindly offered a chance to win a 5" Letterbox Cake of your choice to personalise and try. To win, enter below on the Gleam app. 

Win a 5" Letterbox Gift Cake from BakerDays

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Oh isn't HE Cute.

This is a subject that has always got me really annoyed. Just like a lot of babies, Lily was born with hardly any hair on her head. I didn't mind, It will grow I thought. 

Lily is now 16 months old and her hair is only just starting to come through, but is still very short. She has a little tuft of it at the back that can be visible close up. Her hair is REALLY blonde and fair and so this also doesn't help when it comes to her having no hair. 

The amount of hair has never bothered me as I know it will grow and to me she is still so pretty and beautiful. But the thing that has always annoyed me is her getting called HE. Its happened ever since she was born and its getting more and more annoying by the day. 

When she was little and someone used to say he, I was always so shy to speak up and correct them, they were only a stranger so I would just walk away. But I have a unisex coloured pram in teal and Lily has always had pink blankets in there so I always wondered why she got He so much. When she was really little it didn't bug me as much because I know newborns with there cute scrunched up little faces can be a little bit tricky to figure out. But now she has character and little girly eyes with pretty eye lashes. 

The latest one that really got to me was a lady who leaned into the pram and was like "doesn't he has such lovely blue eyes". She was wearing her red coat which isn't particularly boyish and it has bows on it. I said "yes, SHE does have lovely blue eyes" She completely ignored me she carried on calling Lily a boy. Now I don't care any more about being abrupt and I simply go "GIRL" which then I get apologies and always the excuse that she has no hair. 

Then yesterday we were out and about and Lily was in her pram, she had her jeans on and green hoodie and was wearing purple trainers and had her pink dummy in. But still she got "what a lovely little boy" .... "GIRL!!!!!!"

She had a pink dummy in!!! PINK!
I Love this photo I took to show you what she was wearing, the look on her face is almost like "who you calling boy?" 

I guess I could put dresses on her more often, or plaster her in pink but that's not what I want to do. I refuse to do it. I want Lily to wear all colours and jeans and leggings are way more practical for running around in. So I guess for now I shall just have to keep correcting people. 

Does your child get called the wrong sex? How do you deal with it? 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My First Guest Post

I am delighted to write that I've written my first guest post that has been published today over on the Parental Choice Website. 

Please head across there to read all about Lily's Food Journey

Parental choice  - Lily's Food Journey 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Our Day out to Deen City Farm

Today in Surrey we had the nicest day we have had so far all year. The sun was shinning non stop and so we decided to head out for the day.

My friend suggested we headed to a near by farm called Deen City Farm. It was only a half a hour bus ride away and so we decided it would be a great place to visit. 

We got there and ate our packed lunch in the little garden. There was cute little children sized picnic benches for Lily to sit on. 

Lily has never been to a farm before so seeing some of these animals was a first for her. First was the horses, she has seen a horse before but not running round like these were. She was very impressed with them. 

Then there was two animals she was quite familiar with, Guinea Pigs and Birds. My mum has three guinea pigs and my neighbour has a bird. She was delighted to see the guinea pigs and crouched to the hutch and pointed to them. There was also a owl hidden away in its little house. I was surprised Lily could see it but she pointed to it and got very excited. 

It also had ducks and geese, who kindly decided to show a quick display of affection to each other just as we were watching. Ahem. If you know what I mean. It is spring after all haha. Luckily Lily is to young to know what was going on. 

We then got to the fields where Lily could see cows, sheep, pigs and goats. I pointed the pig out and made snorting sounds to Lily and that was it, for the next 10 minutes as we stood by the pigs lily was making her own little snorting sound. It was very cute. 

Lily was a little weary of the goats and sheep with them being a little large. They kept sticking there head through the fences and she would run away, but I did encourage her to stay and see them for a short time and stroked them to show her that they were friendly. 

One great thing about visiting a farm at spring time is the lambs. They are just adorable and so bouncy. I haven't stroked a lamb for years and so it was so nice to give them some attention and they were so soft to stroke. 

Our last stop was to see the turkey and chickens. My friend was saying gobble gobble gobble for the turkey and Lily copied her and said gobble. She was quite impressed with the extremely large turkey. 

The farm has a really lovely park for the children to play on and Lily really enjoyed driving the pretend tractor that there was. 

Would you believe that this amazing farm is FREE for everyone to visit although they have a donation box for people to put money in to go towards the park. 

We can't wait to go back to visit again. Who knows, maybe there will be ducklings next time we visit!